Worst Honeymoon Stories (2023 Year Special After Marriage Love Story)

Worst Honeymoon Stories: 3 days earlier, Zoey got married to Corbin. And now, they went on their honeymoon on a sea beach. Suddenly, they saw a man.

He was kissing a girl. Such romantic scenes are pretty common on beaches, but there was something about this one. Zoey had a feeling that the man was her ex-husband Erick!

Worst Honeymoon Stories

Purely out of utter curiosity Zoey went towards the man. And she was right! It was none other than her ex-husband who was kissing that girl.  

Only 2 weeks have passed since they got divorced. And in that short period, he managed to romance a younger and more beautiful girl. That made Zoey jealous.

To win the imaginary battle, he hugged Corbin and started kissing him on the lips. After a few long seconds, Corbin forcefully escaped the kiss and started breathing heavily.

Zoey: What’s the matter? Is there anything troubling you?

Corbin: Yes, a little. A kiss on the lips for that long had made me lose my breath.

Zoey was already very angry seeing her ex-husband romancing with a better girl. And the kiss was to show off to Erick. But when Corbin said that he could not continue, she got very mad.

worst honeymoon stories
worst honeymoon stories

Funny Kissing Moment In The Sea Beach

Zoey: It’s not even a full minute, and you are out of breath! If you can’t kiss for that long you should’ve married an old grump like yourself rather than marrying a young woman.

After saying that Zoey went back to the hotel while simultaneously looking back to check on her ex-husband. He was still kissing that young girl.

Back in the hotel room, she was wondering if it was a mistake to marry her boss Corbin who is 58 years old. On the other hand, Erick is only 34, and they married 2 years ago. They were having a wonderful time together.

But charmed by Zoey’s beauty who’s 32 now, her boss Corbin proposed to her. She thought at the moment that money is the key to happiness. So, she didn’t think twice to divorce Erick and got married to Corbin just 3 days ago.

But only after a week, she can realize how big of a mistake it was. Not because Corbin wasn’t able to kiss her on the lips for longer. That’s far from the main reason.

In the last 3 days, Zoey understood that Corbin has a lot of cash. He can get any gift for his wife and all the luxury that she wants. But he doesn’t have the strength nor endurance for romance. This is why she was regretting the divorce even more.

However, after a few moments, Corbin came inside the hotel room holding a diamond necklace for his wife to settle things down. And they spend the whole day there.

Couples Are Enjoying Their Honeymoon

After the sunset, Corbin was feeling a bit sick. A doctor came to visit and told Zoey that her husband needs a good rest. During this period, no one is allowed to disturb him. And it was better off for him if she did the same.

After the checkup, she went out on the veranda and thinking, if she wasn’t here with this old man on the honeymoon and was in her own house all by herself, she could enjoy that better. Her husband is sleeping and she is roaming inside the room aimlessly while other couples are doing romance all over the place. What can be more annoying than that on a honeymoon?

While thinking about all that stuff, Zoey noticed that the room besides their room was open. She thought that the room was not booked, and as she was feeling boxed, it won’t be a bad idea to roam a bit more. If anyone from the hotel authorities object, her husband can handle that easily by putting in some money for her.

My Ex-Husband With Another Girl

Once she entered the room, she notices that the room wasn’t empty at all! Erick and the young girl were there. Zoey didn’t expect that at all and she didn’t know how to react. Typically, all the booked rooms are always locked, and that’s why she made a mistake.

Zoey: I am so sorry, it was a mistake on my part.

Erick: It’s hard to say whether it was a mistake or not judging by your behavior.

Zoey: I’m being honest with you Erick. It was nothing but a mistake. If I had known that you two were together here I would’ve never entered the room in the first place.

Erick: How strange! How did you know my name? Do I know you somehow? (He quickly turned towards the girl) Do you know this lady anyhow Riley?

Riley: Yes, I saw her earlier in the morning today. She was with an old man, possibly her father. They are maybe here on an occasion. 

It was clear to Zoey that Riley was insulting her. But she couldn’t figure out how Erick managed to get such a beautiful girl within this short period. And how did he even bear the cost of this super expensive hotel room? However, before anything else could happen, she decided to leave their room.

I Am Leaving My Second Husband

The next morning Corbin got up from the bed seeing her wife holding a paper and sitting next to him.

Corbin: Good morning, my love.

Zoey: Bad morning to you, sir.

Corbin: What? What’s the matter with you?

Zoey: (Gave the paper to Corbin) Take it. Here, I want you to sign here for me.

Corbin: What is that?

Zoey: It’s our divorce paper.

Corbin: What do you mean?

Zoey: I mean, my ex-husband is much better than a rich grumpy old man like you. 

Money Fail & Love Win

Saying that Zoey left the room. She was very sad, and she started to walk on the shore. All of a sudden she saw Riley romancing with another man. And that man was not Erick. She went towards her with extreme curiosity and said,

Zoey: Aren’t you Riley?

Riley: Yes, we met yesterday, and you’ve already forgotten about me?

Zoey: No, I mean what are you doing with this person? You were with Erick last night.

Riley: Yesterday Erick paid me. So, I was with him. Today this man paid me, and so I’m with him.

Zoey: That means Erick paid you!

Riley: Yea.

Hearing that Zoey got super mad. She saw Erick standing pretty close by. She ran towards her and gave him a few punches.

Erick: Stop now. It’s starting to hurt.

Zoey: Today I’ll send you to the hospital. How could you pay a girl to stay with you?

Erick: You did better than me in this field. Broke up our 2 years marriage and married your boss for money? Was that justice?

Zoey burst into tears, there was nothing left for her to say.

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