Cute Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Boyfriend (2021 Year Special Collection)

Cute Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Boyfriend: Nora and Jaxon are both classmates but not friends, one is the enemy of the other. There is not a day that they do not quarrel. Yes, there is, no quarrel between them on the day the school is closed, because the two of them do not meet. … Read more

Romantic Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend (Updated In 2021)

Romantic Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend: Amelia is sitting in the park upset. She is thinking of her old days and trying to convince herself that she can be happy without Johnny. Love does not last in everyone’s life, today their 1-year relationship broke down. Johnny was the first boyfriend of her life and today they … Read more

Scary Bedtime Story For Girlfriend (New Collection Of 2021)

Scary Bedtime Story For Girlfriend: Today the girl was standing in the yard and looking at me again and again. I have never seen such a beautiful girl before. The girl’s eyes are not like the eyes of ordinary people like us. I will not lie, I fell in love with the girl but I … Read more