Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend Over Text (2021 Updated Version Read Free)

Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend Over Text: Kate and Bella are sitting together in the school canteen and chatting about their holiday plan. Both are best friends and they share everything happens in their life.

Bella happily informs Kate that she will be having dinner with her new boyfriend tonight. And the interesting thing is that Kate has known her new boyfriend for a long time.

Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend Over Text

But Kate is very surprised to think that she doesn’t know any other boy except Justin. And Justin is her boyfriend, they’ve been in a relationship for a long time, even though it’s a secret.

Kate: I won’t talk to you, you’re telling me about your new boyfriend now, you haven’t told me so far!

Bella: I am very sorry my dear friend, but I did not know that he would accept my proposal, but this morning he replied that he will go to dinner with me, so it can be assumed that she likes me.

Kate: Of course he will, there is no boy in this city who can reject my friend’s love. By the way, Who is that lucky boy who has won my friend’s heart?

Bella: I told you before that you know him very well, now you tell me who that boy could be.

stories to tell your girlfriend over text
stories to tell your girlfriend over text

My best friend loves my boyfriend

Now Kate is too much worried, Bella’s new boyfriend can’t be Justin, because he’s not like the other boys. On the other hand, she doesn’t know any other boy except Justin, and Kate also doesn’t have any brothers or cousins.

Bella: Where did you get lost, Kate? Ok, Let me finish your confusion, your best friend Justin is my new boyfriend, I am so excited about today’s dinner with him.

Kate: Justin!

Bella: Yes… Justin… My dream boy… Can you give me some tips about Justin’s choice, everything about what Justin likes, you know, after all, he’s a very old friend of yours.

Kate: Sure! Why not! He likes yellow tops and black jeans, and never forget to wear earrings.

Bella: Aren’t you happy to hear about me and Justin? You seem indifferent.

Kate: I am very happy, may your relationship last forever, have a nice date night my dear friend.

Bella: I hope everything will be fine and he will come, I have to get ready as you told me that he likes black jeans and yellow tops, I don’t have, Let’s go shopping.

Kate: Not today, sorry, I have to go home early to meet my relative.

Bella: Ok, no problem, bye dear, see you soon.

Misunderstanding with girlfriend

Then Bella left to go shopping and Kate is crying. She has been trying to hide her tears for so long, but after Bella left, it is no longer possible for her. Kate thought she would spend the rest of her life with Justin, but…

At that moment, Justin comes and hugs Kate from behind. Kate realizes he’s not other than Justin, because she can feel his touch. Kate shouts,

Kate: How did dare to touch me, Mr. Justin? I don’t want to see your face, and never try to contact me.

Justin: Are you ok Kate? I am Justin… your…

Kate left without hearing anything, and Justin wonders what happened suddenly for which Kate misbehave with him. He had quarreled with Kate many times before, but she never misbehaved like today.

Upset for my Boyfriend

Kate is sitting alone in their backyard, so her mother came to accompany her with two cups of coffee. She noticed that her daughter was very upset today, she asks,

Kate’s Mother: Is everything ok my dear, you are looking upset for so long?

Kate: Nothing mom, nice coffee, thank you.

Kate’s Mother: Did you quarrel with Justin again?

Kate: Can we talk about anything else other than Justin?

Kate’s Mother: Of course my dear, by the way, I am going to meet up with one of my old friends at night and you are going with me. Please don’t say that you will not go.

Kate: But mom…

Kate’s Mother: Please… Kate…

Kate: Ok…

Kate’s Mother: That’s like my girl, be prepared before 7:30 pm.

Innocent boyfriend

At night Kate goes to dinner with her mother, and there she meets Bella and her older sister. At first, Kate was irritated after she saw Bella, but when she noticed that Justin was not with Bella, she was very surprised.

Bella: Hello auntie, how are you?

Kate’s Mother: Fine my dear, what about your mother’s condition now?

Bella: She is fine now, but auntie do you know how many times I have called Kate today? Why her phone was off, do you know?

Kate’s Mother: Ask her, she is sitting there. (Pointing Kate)

Bella: Oh Kate! Where have you been And why is your mobile off? I called you many times, luckily my sister agreed to come with me, otherwise, otherwise, I would have had to come alone.

Kate: Why! Why would you come alone, Justin was supposed to come with you.

Bella: It’s a long story, in short, Justin likes another girl and he rejected me directly.

Kate: But you told me that he replied that he will go to dinner with you.

Bella: Actually, his younger brother replied to me mischievously, and Justin was asleep at the time. But when he woke up and checked his cell phone, he realized that his younger brother had replied to my messages on his behalf.

Kate: Bella… I have to go now, please sorry, but I have to go, see you soon at school.

Bella: Kate… Kate… This girl is behaving like crazy today.

Apologize to my boyfriend

Kate got out of the restaurant and took a taxi straight to Justin’s home. Seeing Kate so late at night, Justin’s mother askes him if everything is OK, if there is any problem in their house.

She replies that everything is fine at home, everyone is fine, they have to submit an assignment to their school yesterday, she has come here to talk to Justin about that.

Justin is shocked to see Kate in his room.

Justin: Kate! You here! Is everything ok? Are auntie and uncle ok?

Kate: Everyone is ok except me.

Justin: What happened? Can you please tell me what happened…

Kate hugs Justin and starts crying.

Kate: I am sorry, I was wrong, I misbehaved with you, I am so bad and you are so good, please forgive me. I thought you are going to dinner with Bella, I love you so much, It’s not possible for me to live without you a single day.

Justin: It’s ok my dear, and thanks to auntie, she managed everything.

Kate: Mom managed everything, means!

Justin: Call her and ask about it.

Crazy lover

(Kate calling her mother)

Kate: Hello, mom…

Kate’s Mother: You left without informing me.

Kate: Sorry mom, actually.

Kate’s Mother: Let me explain, Justin called me and told me about your strange behavior, also the possible reason. I planned and arranged for the two of you to meet, but I noticed that Bella posted a picture with her sister with the caption, “Enjoying rejection party with my sister”. You know what happened then.

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