Short Love Stories To Read Online For Free (Updated In 2023)

Short Love Stories To Read Online For Free: Last night he tried again and again to touch me. But he could not. Maybe he doesn’t have the courage. Now he is sitting in front of me.

Almost every day I study with Smith. The distance from my house to Smith’s house is about 3 meters. Ha ha ha.

Short Love Stories To Read Online For Free

Actually, he is my neighbor, as well as my college friend. He can’t concentrate on his studies without me. That’s why every night I come to study with him.

After finishing my studies, I sometimes have dinner with Smith or Smith goes to my house with me for dinner.

This has been going on for the last 5 years. Sometimes it seems like there is no difference between Smith and my house. Whatever I do at home, I can do at Smith’s house.

short love stories to read online for free
short love stories to read online for free

About My Lover

But Smith spends more time in our home than in his own. Sometimes it seems like my house is Smith’s own house. He is more independent in my house than in his own.

My parents love Smith as much as they love me. Maybe they love Smith more than me.

His Strange Behavior

Anyway, this guy has been doing weird behavior with me for quite some time. He untied my hair, touched my cheek, and even kissed me a few times.

He kissed my hand. Nowhere else. So I didn’t tell him anything. But since he tried to touch me last night, he seems to be changing a lot.

He stares at me, sits very close, and occasionally tries to touch me.

Our Romantic Conversation

Today he is acting like a good boy. Did nothing to embarrass me. I am also studying in peace.

Smith: May I ask you something?

Me: You are taking permission for asking something. Unbelievable!

Smith: Would you be angry if I gave you a kiss on your cheek?

Me: You know what a slap is?

Smith: Which chapter did we read in class today?

Me: What’s your problem?

Smith: Do I have any problems?

Me: Yes, you have problems. Am I your wife?

Smith: No! Why you are asking this type of question?

Me: Then why do you want to kiss me?

Smith: I only wanted to kiss your cheek once. What is there to be so angry about?

Me: Nothing to be angry about?

First Kiss

Smith is sitting quietly. Looking at the book. I know he’s not reading. Pretending to read.

Me: Only once.

Smith: What once?

Me: You can only kiss me once, then you won’t want to kiss me again.

I haven’t finished saying. Before long, Smith pulls me to him. He hugs me and starts kissing my lips. I also surrender myself to him.

I don’t know why I am allowing Smith. Maybe I also love him, or I wanna fulfill his wishes.

After Kissing

After a while, when I realize that I am making a mistake, I push him away and run to our house.

Now I am in my room thinking about what I have done with Smith.

Trying to convince myself. Sometimes it happens, there is nothing to think about it. But he will know that I love him. No! No!

For many years I have been hiding my feelings in myself that I love him, never revealed. Maybe it will be revealed today for the mistake I made.

Second Conversation

Someone knocking on my door.

Me: Mom! I am busy, can we talk later?

Smith: It’s me! Can I come in?

Me: Have you ever taken permission to come into my room before?

Smith enters the room, sits down next to me. I’m lying in bed.

Me: I am feeling sleepy. Can we talk tomorrow?

Smith: No! I have to say something and today.

Me: Look, Smith! We are just friends and that’s why I allowed you. It doesn’t mean that I love you.

Smith: Did I said that you love me? You know how to hide feelings but I can’t.

Me: What do you mean? What feeling you are talking about?

Smith pulls me to him. This time he is holding me very tightly.

Me: Smith! I will shout!

Smith: Do whatever you want but I will not release you until you say that you love me.

Me: What! Love! What is love?

Smith: Oh! You don’t know what is love! Let me explain.

Second Kiss

He starts kissing me again! I am trying a lot to free myself. But you know what? You can’t deny the person you love. Again I surrender myself.

Sharing Our Feelings

Smith: You think you can hide your feeling from me. When you are spending your valuable time every day with your lover, there is not chance to do this.

Me: But haven’t done anything that gives you any signal.

Smith: Of course, you have done! Do you remember, what you have done with Sujena just because she gave me a rose on valentine’s day?

Me: Sorry.

Smith: For what?

Me: For Sujena.

Smith: Actually I told Sujena to do that because I wanted to make you jealous. But you had beaten so much that she didn’t come to college for a week. Whatever now it’s clear.

Me: Clear what?

Smith: Now it’s clear that my best friend Flora loves me and she will be my future wife.

Me: Don’t say like that.

Smith: Ok my love, now let’s go for dinner. Our parents are waiting for us.

Me: our parents?

Smith: Do you think they don’t know that we love each other?

Me: But!

Smith: Now shut your mouth and let’s go. They are waiting.

I don’t know what will happen this night. But it seems that my dream will come true.

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