Scary Bedtime Story For Girlfriend (New Collection Of 2021)

Scary Bedtime Story For Girlfriend: Today the girl was standing in the yard and looking at me again and again. I have never seen such a beautiful girl before. The girl’s eyes are not like the eyes of ordinary people like us.

I will not lie, I fell in love with the girl but I am new to this area, so I dare not talk to the girl. But the way the girl looks at me every day, it seems that the girl likes me too.

Scary Bedtime Story For Girlfriend

Yesterday is a holiday and I am thinking about going to the girl’s house. As it is a holiday, everyone in her family will be at home, will get a chance to meet them.

But I have to make an excuse so that not everyone understands that I will go to their house for the girl.

scary bedtime story for girlfriend
scary bedtime story for girlfriend

Waiting for the morning

I can’t sleep, I wonder when it will be morning and when I will go to the girl’s house. The house next to mine, as a neighbor I needed to get to know them beforehand.

But from the day I first came to this house, I see the girl walks in the yard every day. I noticed from the first day that the girl looks at me and smile.

Her smile is so beautiful that I fell in love with her at first sight, but her eyes are very strange. Looking into her eyes, it seems that many secrets are hidden.

There are only 3 houses in this area, my house and two houses next to mine. The girl’s house, and my friend’s house. Now my friend is visiting his relative’s house.

The day I came to this new house, the same day my friend went to visit his relative’s house, so I did not meet him after coming here.

Got it! Got an excuse! Since I’m new to the area, and one of my neighbors is not present, I can go to the girl’s house to find out more about the area!

They are also my neighbors! Then I will go to the girl’s house to know the details about this area. I will get an opportunity to meet them, as well as the opportunity to talk to the girl, which is my real purpose.

I can’t sleep tonight, because I’m looking forward to the morning! Sitting in the yard and drinking a cup of coffee will not be a bad idea!

The girl in the yeard

I made coffee and go to the backyard. I notice the girl is walking in their backyard! What is the girl doing in the yard so late at night!

My curiosity is making me crazy. I go out of my house and go in front of the girl’s house.

Now I am in front of the girl’s house. Looks like she’s coming to talk to me! I’m so lucky! No need to wait until morning!

Conversation with the mysterious girl

Girl: Are you new here?

Me: Yes, it’s been a few days since I came here, the house next to yours is mine. You can say your neighbor.

Girl: Ha ha ha! Neighbor …

Me: You’re smiling! Did I say anything funny!

Girl: No! No! Not so much. I thought you’d say you’re my friend, not my neighbor.

Me: Friend! But this is my first talk with you.

Girl: You’re talking for the first time, but you’ve seen me before. I see you every day.

Me: Yes! You are right. Talking to you doesn’t seem like I’m talking to you for the first time. It seems that we have talked many times before.

Girl: You can come in and talk if you want.

Me: Of course! I thought I would come to your house yesterday morning. But when I came to have coffee in the yard, I noticed that you are walking. I came here with curiosity to see you in the yard so late at night.

Girl: I walk in the yard almost every day at night, when I can’t sleep.

Me: Really! I also have this habit.

Inside the girl’s house

Talking to the girl, I go inside their house. The house is very beautiful, as seen from the outside, the interior is much more beautiful than that.

Me: Your house is very nice, tidy.

Girl: Thank you!

We are alone now

Me: I can’t see anyone else at home, everyone must be sleeping in their room.

Girl: No one, I live alone in this house.

Me: What! You are alone!

Girl: Calm down! One of my relatives is sick, everyone in my family has gone to meet him. Right now I’m home alone.

Me: Oh! Aren’t you afraid to be alone?

Girl: Where am I alone? You are with me.

Me: Yes, of course!

Girl: Will you be with me tonight?

Full night with the girl

Hearing this from the girl, I am floating in the sea of joy. The girl I like, the girl I was waiting to talk to, was the first to talk to me today, and she has told me to stay with her in the empty house! I’m really lucky!

(I still have the coffee cup in my hand.)

Girl: Your coffee is cold now. I’m making a new coffee for you. Please have a sit. We will spend tonight together. I am making coffee for two.

Me: Sure, and thank you for being my friend so quickly.

Girl: I am just your one-night friend.

Me: One-night friend!

Girl: Ha ha ha. Nothing my love.

Me: Your smile is most beautiful but your eyes are mysterious.

Girl: Because my eyes are filled with love for you.

Me: Love!

Girl: Love for a friend. Can’t I love a good friend like you?

Me: Why not! But your eyes are attracting me. Looks like I’m lost in your eyes.

Girl: Tell me before you get lost, what I will do with your coffee, if you get lost.

Me: Ha ha ha. You are not only mysterious but also funny.

Then all night we shared our feelings and, enjoyed a lot.

I did not understand how the night passed. After waking up I see 10 o’clock in the morning. I don’t even know when I fell asleep talking to that girl.

After enjoying the night

However, I should not have slept at the girl’s house. But where did the girl go! I searched all over the house, but nowhere. Maybe in the yard.

But not in the yard! Strange! I have done more strange things than that! I talked so much with the girl all night, but her name was not asked! How did I do it!

My friend Joses is coming to me with a strange face.

Me: When did you get home?

Josef: Last night, but what you are doing in this unmanned house?

Me: What unmanned house! A girl lives here with her family. I spend last night with that girl in this house.

Josef: Nice joke! This is an empty house and nobody lives here.

Me: What! You’re wrong, there was a girl with me in this house last night, and she said she lives here with her family. Not only that, since I came to the new home, every day I had seen that the girl in the yard.

Josef: How it’s possible! There was a family in this house 5 years ago. Their youngest daughter loved a boy. But the girl’s family did not accept that relationship. The girl’s father tried a lot, but the girl didn’t leave her boyfriend.

Me: Then the girl’s father angrily hit her in the eyes with a pen.

Josef: How did you know!

Me: The girl told me last night.

Josef: That girl is no more, she has died! How can the girl be with you last night? I have some pictures of that girl.

(Josef is showing me some of the pictures of that girl.)

Me: Yes! I have send last night with this girl.

Josef: Are you kidding with me! How can you spend a night with a girl who is no more on the earth?

Me: The girl told me that her father damaged her eyes and that’s why her eyes are not looking like ordinary people.

Josef: I am not understanding what you have done last night but this girl’s name is Mayra, she died 5 years ago because of that hit in her eyes by her father.

Me: Then who was with me last night!

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