Sample Letter To Husband About Being Unhappy – 7+ Unique Collection

Are you interested to read some sample letter to husband about being unhappy? We will recommend you to read this article because only here you will get some unique messages for your life partner.

You may ask why these letters best. Becasue it will allow you to express your feelings to your husband. Sometimes you may notice that a whole paragraph can’t explain what you want to tell.

But some lines can easily explain your unhappiness if those lines are well written. We have tried to maintain the quality but also tried to keep it short because nobody likes to read a large text.

Sample Letter To Husband About Being Unhappy

Here you will find many types of messages depending on the situation and your mood.

sample letter to husband about being unhappy
sample letter to husband about being unhappy

(1) His rough behavior

I don’t know how much you enjoy hurting me. If you knew how much I was hurt by your behavior, never treat me like that.

As your wife, it’s my duty to take care of you, that’s why I have done everything for you as I do on a normal day.

Your food is ready, so you don’t need to go into the kitchen for cooking. Let me know if anything is needed, don’t call me otherwise. I want to be a little alone for some time.

Have a nice time

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(2) I have hurt Him

When you get hurt, I get hurt too. I know I made a mistake and I am sorry for that. Sorry for hurting you without realizing the truth.

Do you know that I am suffering more than you are suffering now? That is my punishment and I accepted it.

Can you please forgive your stupid wife? She will never do anything that will make you angry. A big Sorry from your wife who can’t live without your affection.

Hug me if you have forgiven me.

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(3) He doesn’t love me

A marital relationship can’t survive without the effort of the couple. The more I am trying to win your heart, the more you are moving away from me.

I just wanna know the reason why you don’t love me, nothing else. If you think you can live happily without me they do it.

I can set you free if you want but you have to tell me why you are doing this to me. I wanted to share my thoughts with you, who is my husband and I have done it.

Make me happy or leave me unhappy.

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(4) Want to save my relation

I’ve always tried to keep you happy. Maybe I didn’t succeed and that’s why you’re thinking of leaving me today. You are even thinking of divorce.

After all these years with me, if you think you can live without me for the rest of your life, I have nothing more to tell you.

If the slightest amount of love for me exists in your heart, please don’t leave me alone. It is impossible for me to survive in this world without you.

Come back if you love me.

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(5) Don’t know the reason

I don’t know what I am going to write but I think it’s a better time to share my feeling with you. For some time now I have been feeling very unhappy.

Really I don’t know the reason for my sadness and I also don’t know how can I change my mood.

Maybe you can do some magic to make me happy. It’s my humble request to my caring husband to do something special for her wife.

Your unhappy wife

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(6) Passing a hard time

Today we are not destitute. My love for you is still alive and that love will be our strength, will be the companion to walk the path of the future.

I know that we are passing a hard time but never forget that your wife will always be with you. Don’t worry my dear, you are not alone.

When you are upset, how your wife can be happy? Together we will start from the beginning. Can you please make my day special? Just be happy, that will make my day special.

Smile, please

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(7) Husband flirts with another woman

It’s not ok when you are going out with your wife, but flirting with another woman. You may don’t know how it feels when the person you love is showing interest in others in front of you.

If you did it to make me jealous then I am telling you that you were unsuccessful. Your behavior didn’t make me jealous, that has made me angry.

You have no idea how much you have hurt me. Thank you so much to make my day very special with my tears.

Enjoy your time.

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When you are telling your husband you are not happy with him or for his behavior then you must be very careful.

Becasue one single mistake can destroy your lovely married life so you should also check sample letter to husband to save marriage. Otherwise, your letter to husband about feelings will not be complete.

If you have decided, I will write anything that in my mind in the letter to my uncaring husband then it’s will not be your wise decision. Here we will teach you how you can write emotional letter to husband.

It’s time to write a letter to my husband during difficult times so that he can feel what’s going on inside my mind. Let’s read some best collections of letter to husband about feeling unloved and unappreciated.

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