Sad Stories To Make You Cry (Special Collection Updated In 2021)

Sad Stories To Make You Cry: Dexter took his girlfriend Lilianna shopping for their marriage. Their friend Franklin is waiting for them in front of the shopping mall. He’s going to pay the bills for their shopping today.

They are childhood friends. Franklin is the richest among them. Dexter always likes to spend Franklin’s money from their school life. Even Franklin paid for the engagement he got for Lilianna.

Today, Franklin is going to pay the bills for the shopping and Dexter is super excited about that. He’s driving like a crazy person due to his excitement. Lilianna is telling him to slow down the vehicle, but he’s just not listening. He grabbed his cell phone while driving and called Franklin,

Dexter: Are you at the shopping mall yet?

Franklin: Yes, I’m there for quite a while now. I’m waiting for you two. Where are you?

Dexter: We are almost there. Be prepared. Today I’ll spend all of your money at once.

Franklin: You can’t even empty my bank account in a year. Now focus on driving. It’s not safe to talk over phones and drive at the same time.

Sad Stories To Make You Cry

Franklin wasn’t even done with his sentence when he heard a terribly loud noise on the phone. He could not understand what the sound was! He shouted, “Dexter! Dexter! Are you alright? Why aren’t you saying anything?” But no answers came from that side. The connection was interrupted.

It was almost 2 hours. Franklin is still waiting for Dexter and Lilianna in front of the shopping mall. He’s trying every minute to contact them via his phone. But their phones are switched off. Now, Franklin started to think that they both were pulling a pr@nk on him, and he got quite furious.

Suddenly, Franklin’s phone rang. It was from an unknown contact number.

Unknown Person: Is Franklin on the line?

Franklin: Yes, this is Franklin. Who are you?

Unknown person: I’m calling you from the hospital. There was a car accident and we have 2 patients in our hospital. One is telling us to contact you.

Franklin rushed to the hospital without wasting a moment. When he reached there, doctors said that they were in Operation Theatre. They further said that both are free from any severe risk.

They Are In The Hospital

After a while, a few doctors excitedly went to the operation theatre. Frankin asked them about his friends.

Doctor: Don’t worry. Lilianna and Jaxon should be okay very soon. After a while, they’ll gain their consciousness, but they must stay here at the hospital for at least a week.

Franklin: Jaxon! You’re making a mistake here, doctor. His name is Dexter…

Doctor: But there are 2 patients inside, one is a young lady named Lilianna and one is a kid probably 12 years old, and his parents are calling him Jaxon.

Franklin: Then where’s my friend Dexter?

Doctor: Please, don’t get frustrated. The accident injured 3 people, and one of them passed away on the way to the hospital. And the other two are inside.

Franklin: (In a shock) Can I see the person who’s no more?

Doctor: Yes, of course. But we haven’t been able to identify the corpse. So, if you can help identify him that would be very helpful.

sad stories to make you cry
sad stories to make you cry

He Is My Friend

Then a nurse took Franklin to see the body. He got a shock seeing the body and shouted, “O my friend Dexter, why did you leave me like this?”

Lilianna, on the other hand, gained consciousness in the night. She wasn’t that badly injured. But the accident shook her quite a bit, and she was traumatized by it. So, the doctors decided to keep her unconscious for some time to help her recover from it. 

After she gained consciousness, she became desperate to see Dexter. She was unconscious for a good while then, and it was not good for her to overdose on these drugs at that state. But no one could hold her as she was being very desperate to talk to Dexter. Failing to calm her down, the doctors called Franklin.

On the other side, Franklin buried his friend’s body and did all the formal work. He was crying beside the grave. After receiving the call from the doctors, he rushed to the hospital immediately.

Seeing Franklin, Lilianna grabbed him in her arms and started crying, “Dexter is no more! Everything happened right in front of my eyes. Yet, I could not do anything. Bring Dexter back, please. Bring my Dexter back to me!” After saying that, she fell unconscious again.

The next day, Franklin got permission to visit Lilianna. He went to her cabin and saw her lying down on her bed. She was in tears. Seeing Franklin, she quickly wiped out the tears.

She Explained What Happened

Lilianna: I told him, again and again, to slow down the vehicle. He just didn’t listen to me. Suddenly, a young boy jumped on the road in front of our car. Dexter pulled the steering at the right time and saved the boy. He and I both got hurt a little bit. But I quickly went to the kid and took him to the side of the road where his father was standing. At that time, a truck hit our car from the back and Dexter was in the car. 

Franklin: I talked to this young boy yesterday. He told me everything. His name is Jaxon.

Lilianna: How’s Jaxon feeling now?

Franklin: He’s alright. He is just traumatized by the accident, that’s all. 

Lilianna: Did the doctors say when I can go back home?

Franklin: Doctors told me that it’ll take some time for the scratches to heal up. You’ll have to stay here for 15 more days.

Lilianna: Would you keep my request?

Franklin: Yes, of course. Tell me what you want me to do.

Lilianna: Would you please take me to your home? I don’t want to stay here at this hospital. If you can’t take me to your place, then just put an end to my miseries right here. I just can’t live without Dexter. Without him, there’s nothing left for me in the world.

Franklin: Don’t talk like this! I will definitely take you to my house. Just let me talk to the doctor for once.

We Are Together

Then Franklin talked to the doctors and took Lilianna to his home. But as she wasn’t able to walk by herself, Franklin had to carry her in his arms.

Almost a week passed by. Lilianna sold her old house and bought a new one. She didn’t want to live in her old house anymore.

She keeps sitting in Franklin’s house. No one lives there either. So, when Franklin is out for his work, Lilianna stays alone. However, Franklin is spending extra time in the house these days. Lilianna can’t eat food by herself because of her hand injuries. So, Franklin has to feed her.

15 days have passed since then. Lilianna is in good shape now. However, she is still traumatized by the accident, and it’s not an easy thing to forget her loved one.

Franklin was out for an important meeting, and it was getting a bit late. Lilianna thought that she’s going to clean up the house for him. After all, he did so much for Lilianna.

Franklin went home after a few while. When he came home, he saw that everything was cleaned up perfectly. He knew that Lilianna did all of this. But she was not inside the house. He went to the garden searching for her.

I Love My Friend’s Girlfriend

Lilianna was reading a diary sitting in the garden. Seeing the diary in her hand, Franklin was very shocked. She stopped reading it when she saw Franklin standing there.

Franklin took the diary from her hand. She was reading the page where it was written,

“I loved Lilianna from my school days. But when I heard that Dexter loves him, I could not express my love for her. I kept it a secret. The day Dexter proposed to Lilianna, she called me that night. She said that Dexter proposed to her with a ring, and she said she needs some time for the answer.”

I was very hurt, but I hid my emotions for her and said, “Why do you need time? You love him as well.” Then Lilianna said, “But I love you, Franklin.”

Hearing that, I got so happy. But I could not do this to my dear friend Dexter. So, I told Lilianna, “ But I don’t like you Lilianna. I have someone else in my heart.”

After I said that, she hung up the phone. And she never really talked to me openly ever since then. Dexter and she got in a relationship but she wasn’t happy either. I wanted so badly to ask her, “Why did you go into a relationship with Dexter if you don’t even like him?” I really want to know why she hasn’t visited Dexter’s grave even once after all these days. Even she sold her old house where there were a lot of old memories of Dexter.”

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