Sad Romance Books With Sad Endings (100% Free Collection Of 2021)

Sad Romance Books With Sad Endings: Police found a corpse of a young girl who was only 21 from a house, and that news was being broadcasted on a few different media channels all over the country. Mariana’s mother Adele was sitting in front of the TV and watching the news. She felt bad for the poor girl.

Suddenly, Adele’s phone rang. It was an unknown number. She picked up the phone normally, and asked,

Adele: Hello, who is this?

Unknown person: Is Marina’s mother speaking?

Adele: (Got a bit surprised and said) Yes, it is. Has Marina skipped college and got out with her friends again?

Unknown person: We are sorry to say your daughter Marina is no more among us. We’ve recovered her dead body. Please come as soon as you can.

Hearing this the phone felt off of Adele’s grip. Her son Tyler rushed into the room alarmed by the sound of the phone drop to see if there was any trouble. Entering the room he saw her mom sitting on the sofa shredding in tears.

Sad Romance Books With Sad Endings

Tyler could not understand what was happening, why his mum was acting like this. What could go wrong this bad! He was asking her mum again and again. Finally, she pointed towards the Television.

Adele: Marina is no more among us.

Tyler: Why are you kidding with me mum? You and sis pr@nked me a few moments ago, didn’t you?

Adele: (Screamed in agony) Marina is no more among us. My daughter is no more, I am not kidding, police called.

Hering that Tyler lost his consciousness. The poor 13-year-old fellow wasn’t prepared to hear that from her mother. No one ever is. Yesterday they had such a wonderful conversation and Marina said to him that she would get Tyler a special gift.

Marina’s father passed away three years ago. She managed the expenses of the whole family along with her own expenses. How she managed to get all the money was always a big mystery to her mom. But whenever she asked her about it she’d say, “My boyfriend is quite rich, and he gives me a lot of money. Soon he’s going to marry me.” But she never said anything about him in any more detail.

After a few moments, Tyler gained back his consciousness and saw his mom sitting next to him. He asked her,

Adele: Police are calling, again and again, we have to go now.

Saying that Adele moved out with Tyler for the spot. Tyler just could not bear the fact that her sister is no more among them. He wants to know how all of it happened in the first place.

They got to the hospital where Marina’s corpse was held pretty quickly. After going through all the rules and regulations, they got the body from the hospital and buried her.

sad romance books with sad endings
sad romance books with sad endings

Her Boyfriend Did It

The next day, a police officer came to Marina’s place.

Police officer: How long has Marina been d@ting that Industrialist Andrew?

Adee: I don’t know anything about it. But Marina used to bear the expense of this family. And when I asked her how she got all the money, she said that her boyfriend is very rich and they are going to get married very soon. She didn’t tell me anything more than that.

Police officer: Got it, Andrew is her boyfriend that she told you about. We have examined the CCTV footage of that house. The day this incident took place, Andrew and Marina were seen getting inside the house together. And it was midnight when Andrew got out of the house all alone. We recovered Marina’s body in the morning. So, primarily we can say that Andrew is the main suspect here. However, he has power and reputation, and we can’t file any action against him immediately.

Tyler: So, he can just walk away from all these?

Police officer: I can understand your concern, and you are right. But we can’t take any immediate action against him. That might backfire on you and your family, and we really don’t want this to happen.

Saying that the police officer left. Tyler and Adele had to agree with everything unwillingly.

Our Financial Condition

1 whole week passed by. The financial condition got very worse day by day. As Marina wasn’t there to support them, it was next to impossible for them to maintain the expenses anymore.

Nobody ate anything. They had no food on the table that morning. Adele went out searching for work. Tyler wanted to go as well, but nobody will give any work to a 13-year-old kid. That’s against the law of the country. The Govt. is super strict about child labor laws.

Hungry Tyler was waiting for his mum, and suddenly, he heard knocks on the doorstep. He ran for it thinking his mum arrived, but when he opened the door, he saw a stranger. In his hand, there were a few boxes of food.

Tyler: Who are you? My mother is not home.

Unknown person: You are home, and that will do just fine. Help me take the boxes inside, Tyler?

Tyler: (Got surprised) How did you know that my name is Tyler? We didn’t meet before, did we?

Unknown person: This is your first time seeing me, but I’ve seen you over and over. More on this later, now, help me with these boxes.

The Unknown Helper

Then he and Tyler got the boxes inside. These had all the essential food items for daily consumption.

Tyler started eating a cake right away as he was starving very badly. He still didn’t recognize the person. At that point, his mum Adele entered the house. She saw these boxes inside, and all the groceries and food. She asked the stranger,

Adele: I think I saw you somewhere. Did you bring all of this stuff for us? Were you friends with Marina?

Unknown person: That was a lot of questions to answer. I am Andrew.

Hearing that Tyler lost his temper and threw up the cake on the ground. He got up to attack Andrew but Adele stopped him.

Tyler: (Shouting with anger) You are the reason my sister is not with us anymore. We don’t need anything from you. Take everything with you.

That Night With Marina

Andrew: I didn’t do anything Tyler. I loved your sister Marina and I still love her a lot. Don’t you want to know what happened that night? My wife got very sick all of a sudden and she was in the hospital. Marina and I were having some intimate time in my garden. I wanted to go visit my wife, but Marina didn’t let me go. She said, “If you go out right now, you’ll lose me forever.” I tried to convince her a lot saying my wife was pregnant and I needed to be there. She knew everything but she just wasn’t listening to me.

Adele: (Shredding in tears) Then?

Andrew: Actually, Marina wanted me to stay with her that night. She knew that my wife was going to have a baby. But it wasn’t possible for me not to stay beside my wife at that moment. So, I left Marina and went to the hospital. She tried a lot to keep me with her. But it just wasn’t possible for me to leave my wife alone in that situation. Possibly, no one can.

My daughter was born that night. Being a father for the first time, I forgot everything that was happening elsewhere. I didn’t notice that Marina called me on my phone several times and texted me a whole bunch. In her last text, she said, “I saw your daughter on a news channel, and she’s just like you. I wanted to be the mother of your child, but now it’s too late for that. I’m leaving now. Take care of my mum and my brother if you can.”

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