Romantic Dream Story To Tell Your Girlfriend (2021 Best Collection)

Romantic Dream Story To Tell Your Girlfriend: Opening my eyes slowly, noticing that I am laying on a sea beach. There is also a girl next to me who is still asleep.

I notice that the girl next to me is my girlfriend Tora! But how did we get here and how did we get together at this beach!

I have been trying to wake her up for a long time, but she is not responding. Is she ok! She ends up my fear by opening her eyes, but looking at me mysteriously.

Romantic Dream Story To Tell Your Girlfriend

Tora: What are we doing here on the beach together!

Me: Don’t ask anything.

Tora: At night I slept in my bedroom and now I see you in front of me and I am on an unknown beach. Is it a reality?

Me: Please don’t ask me anything because I have more questions than you. After opening my eyes I have seen you beside me and now both of us don’t know how we have come here.

Tora: Feeling romantic, don’t you?

Me: What?

romantic dream story to tell your girlfriend
romantic dream story to tell your girlfriend

Alone with girlfriend on the beach

Tore: No man without you and me, nobody will disturb us, we can spend a peaceful life and also no girl will come here to steal you from me, looking like my dream is fulfilled.

Me: Stop, my dear crazy Tora! Make sure that we will be alive here, then we will think about the peaceful life, you are talking about.

Tora: Don’t worry, haven’t you seen how the actor stays alone with the actress in a lonely place? We will be ok here are, you will catch fish and I will cook it for you.

Funny moment

Me: Tora! Look behind! Tora, run!

Tora: I know you are trying to make me afraid but I am not.

Me: My dear please run!

(I am pulling Tora’s hand. She looks back to see what’s going on.)

Tora: Snake! Run! Run!

A snake coming to us

Both of us running on an open sea beach to save our life from a dangerous-looking snake.

After running some time, I look back and see that the snake is not there. But Tora is not looking back to verify the truth of my words, she is just running and running.

Me: Wait, Tora! The snake has gone, wait, please.

Tora: No… Snake… Run…

I can’t run anymore, sitting on the ground. Tora looks back when she noticed that I am not running with her. When she realized that the snake doesn’t really exist, she comes back to me.

Tora: I never knew there were snakes on the beach.

Me: Not just snakes, there is much more.

Tora: Let’s get out from here, otherwise, we won’t be able to survive.

Me: Don’t you wanna spend your romantic life here?

Tora: Please, sorry, this place is just ineligible to live. Please do something.

Me: I don’t know how we will go back to our home, but now we have to make a tent. The sun is going down, we also need fire.

Our romantic night

Then the two of us gather the leaves of the dried tree. I rub two stones like primitive people and lit fire. It takes only 43 minutes. Anyway, I have a watch in my hand, so I am using it.

We are sitting hugging each other, thinking about what to do next.

Me: Dear, are you hungry?

Tora: It’s ok, where you will get food here? Sorry for my excitement but now I know the difference between movie life and reality.

Me: It’s ok my dear, I will try to find some food in the morning, it’s will not be safe to search for food at night.

Tora: Hm! Can I sleep in your lap for some time?

Me: Does it need to be asked? I am your, sleep peacefully, I am here with you.

Tora: No! We will take turns sleeping! I won’t let you stay awake all night. Promise first that you will wake me up in the last half of the night.

Me: I can! Don’t worry Tora.

Tora: No! 50! 50! And this is final, ok?

Me: Ok! Ok! Now close your eyes.

She closes her eyes and sleeping like e little girl. I know she is hungry but I can’t manage food this time for her, feeling helpless. Half of the night passed, thinking about what to do tomorrow morning.

No toilet on the beach

Suddenly Tora wakes up.

Me: Do you need anything?

Tora: Yes, toilet…

Me: Umm…

Tora: What! Please do something quickly!

Me: The whole beach is open my dear.

Tora: No… Please… I can’t…

Me: No other options, complete it.

Now Tora is realizing the filmy life and reality. But it’s making me sad and also unprepared because I am in front of Tora and there is no boundary in our beach toilet.

You can understand the situation, let’s skip explaining it. Then my lovely girlfriend forced me to sleep. Maybe you will hardly find a boyfriend how can dominate his girlfriend.

First Morning with her

I wake up in the morning and see that Tora had collected coconut. Since it is not possible to drink sea water, I am also thirsty, I drank the coconut water in front of me before I could think of anything.

Me: Sorry, I finished it.

Tora: That was for you, baby, it’s time to sea beach special breakfast.

Me: Where did you collect so many coconuts?

Tora: All of these coconuts were on the beach, last night we didn’t notice that there were so many coconuts around us. If I could understand, we wouldn’t have to go without food at night.

Me: For the first time you made breakfast for me.

Tora: And I will do it every day after our marriage.

Then Tora came up to me and hugs me, She is going to kiss me and then the alarm clock starts ringing……

Oh! My dream!

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