Romantic Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend (2021 Year Special)

Romantic Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend: It’s late night. Feeling romantic and missing him badly. I need his warm hug and kiss. But I can’t get it now.

If he had been here, it might have been possible. But there is no such opportunity. If he had come here, I used to hug him in love.

Romantic Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend

Jim: Then do it.

Me: Who! Mom …

Jim: Please don’t shout. I’m Jim! I have come to see you.

Me: You! How did you get into my bedroom? Are you crazy!

Jim: Yes, of course! I’m crazy about not getting your love.

Me: Then go to the psychiatrist, get treatment. Why are you here?

Jim: I’m here for treatment. There is a doctor in this house.

romantic bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend
romantic bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend

He Needs Treatment

Me: Doctor! Here! My father works in a bank and my mother is a housewife. And I’m a college student. There is no doctor here who can treat a mad boyfriend like you.

Jim: You’re enough to treat me.

Me: I’m not a doctor, so how do I treat?

Jim: Heal all my ailments with your love.

Me: I’m very worried Jim! You’re sitting in my bedroom, talking to me, like I’m dreaming. Although it is not a dream. How do you go out?

Jim: I just came here. Now you’re thinking of getting me out of your room! The night is not over yet, there is a lot of time left.

Me: What do you wish to do the rest of the night?

Our Kids

Jim: I want to share my feeling and wanna spend a romantic time with you tonight. Let’s make this night memorable for us so that we can rejoice in remembering this night in the future with our kids.

Me: Kids!

Jim: I mean…

Me: You mean what! Jim, I am not enjoying the time because I am worried about you! How you will go out of this house! I don’t know how you have entered my room but I am sure that our security guard is at the main gate.

Jim: Relax my dear Olivia! Do you know that my father-in-law is repairing this house to welcome me?

Me: Dad repairing it to make it more beautiful, not to welcome you, my crazy lover!

Jim: No! No! You don’t know anything! Let me ask my father-in-law.

(Jim is going somewhere.)

Me: Where are you going!

Jim: To ask your father about this.

Me: What! Are you really crazy!

(I grabbed Jim’s hand and pulls him to the bed.)

Me: Sit quietly. Tell me what do you want and how you have come here?

Jim: You have told me to sit silently. How can I talk to you?

Me: Ahhh! Ok, speak up.

Romantic Plan

Jim: Actually today afternoon, I noticed that your father is repairing the boundary of this house but this is still now incomplete. Anyone can easily enter the house from there. Some workers are taking care of that place but you know what, workers have seen me and you together. They know that you know me well. So I convince them to allow me in the house. I have spent some money on them. That’s why they have given me a chance to meet you.

Me: What a crazy plan you have made!

Jim: Let me answer your other question.

Me: What was my other question? I have forgotten it.

Jim: You asked me what do I want.

Me: You don’t need anything, you have come to see me, you have seen me, now get out from my bedroom, my dear.

Jim: What get out! I need 5 kisses and 2 hugs.

Me: I can’t!

Jim: Then I am going to meet your parents.

Me: Wait!

Kiss And Hug

Then I kiss on his head, nose, 2 eyes, and hugs him.

Me: Love you so much Jim, thank you to make my imagination came true. I have done what you wanted. Please go now and please take care of my crazy boyfriend. Don’t forget to message me after you safely reach your home.

Jim: Ok! Ok! I am going, but don’t forget that 1 more hug and 1 more kiss is pending. I will take it tomorrow.

Me: Huh!

Then Jim kiss my lips and quickly left my room. I am thinking about the romantic moments I have spent with Jim. He is really crazy!

I will remember every second of this night. Still, I am thinking, that was a dream or reality!

When he told me, “our kids”, I felt shy. I was unable to explain that feeling to him. I am feeling satisfied because Jim is thinking about the future of our relationship.

Maybe a lot of boyfriends you have seen around you who just make girlfriends for enjoying life. But Jim is not like them, he is different and that’s why I love him.

Jim has sent me a message, “Your crazy is now at home, relax and sleep peacefully. Love you and good night.”

At last, everything is ok now, but my eyes don’t want to sleep today. My eyes just wanna imagine those lovely moments with Jim. He had come like a prince to fulfill my dream.

It’s My Time

Oh! I have forgotten to reply to Jim’s message, typing it, “You are a thief.”

Jim’s reply, “I didn’t go to your house to steal anything, went to see you.”

My reply, “But one thing was stolen from our house.”

His reply, “What! How it’s possible. I was not involved, believe me!”

Maybe he is worried about it. Ha ha ha.

Message from Jim, “What was stolen from your house? Is that something very expensive?”

My reply, “Yes! The most expensive thing!”

Jim’s reply, “What was that?”

My answer, “My heart, you have stolen my heart.”

Jim’s reply, “You scared me.”

My reply, “Ha ha ha. Love you, good night, you will get your pending kiss and hug tomorrow.”

Jim’s message, “Really! I will wait. close your eyes, I am doing my own also.”

Related Q&A (Question And Answer)

(1) What do you say to your girlfriend at night?

Answer: Most of the time I say some romantic lines to make her feel special. If both of us have enough time then I continue with a lovely story for short time. At last, it’s time to say good night to her.

  • Say romantic lines.
  • Continue with a short story (if you and your GF have time).
  • Don’t forget to say Good Night in a romantic way.
(2) How do you find a good bedtime story?

Answer: First of all, you can search on the internet and don’t forget to include the interest of your girlfriend when you are going to tell her a nighttime story.

  • Include interest when searching on the internet.
  • Take suggestions from them who reads story regularly.
  • Collect some short story books because perfect bedtime stories can’t be lengthy.

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