Romantic Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend (Updated In 2021)

Romantic Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend: Amelia is sitting in the park upset. She is thinking of her old days and trying to convince herself that she can be happy without Johnny.

Love does not last in everyone’s life, today their 1-year relationship broke down. Johnny was the first boyfriend of her life and today they breakup.

Romantic Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend

Amelia noticed a boy standing at a distance holding a camera. Why does it seem that the boy is taking pictures of her? Is the boy really taking pictures?

You can’t say anything to a boy without being sure, because many people come to the park and take pictures of nature. Maybe the boy is taking pictures of something next to him.

Anyway, Amelia walks out of the park with her bag on her shoulder and goes to her house. Every day she would return home with Johnny from school, today she returns home alone after many days.

romantic bedtime stories for girlfriend
romantic bedtime stories for girlfriend

Again In the park

Today, after school, Amelia goes to the park again and sits in the same place in the park where she was sitting yesterday.

As soon as she looks away, she notices that the same boy standing with the camera in his hand. The boy is taking pictures today also, aiming at her.

Now Amelia is pretty sure the boy is taking pictures of her, because there are no people around her here. So she has decided to ask that boy about it.

The Boy acting like over smart

As she approaches the boy, he is pretending not to notice Amelia. She becomes angry with the boy for such behavior and says,

Amelia: Hello over smart boy! Can I check your camera, please?

Boy: Are you saying something to me?

Amelia: Already I told you that you are acting like over smart, whatever, give me your camera, I will check it.

The boy realizes that Amelia is very angry and handed the camera to Amelia without further ado. Amelia takes the camera in her hand, sees that she is present in all the pictures taken with this camera.

Amelia: You get this camera, when you will show me a picture, in that I am not present.

Boy: Then I will never get this camera, take it.

Our first conversation

Amelia: Name?

Boy: I live next door to you but you never noticed me because you were always busy with Johnny. You don’t even know I’m your classmate, and I don’t wanna disclose my name.

Amelia: Ok Lucas, I don’t need to know your name, but I am taking your camera with me, you will get it tomorrow, so wait till tomorrow.

Lucas: This is our first meeting, but how did you know my name? Amelia? Amelia…

Amelia leaves the park with Lucas’s camera, but Lucas doesn’t follow her, wondering how Amelia knew his name!

After a while, Lucas comes home. All-day long he has been thinking about how Amelia knows that his name is Lucas, but he can not find an answer.

First romantic night

Lucas sits by the window in his room, looking out over Amelia’s room. Amelia’s room can be seen from the window of her room.

When he first came to this house, he saw Amelia through this window. At that moment Amelia stood in front of her window watching the stars in the sky.

After that, Lucas would look out the window of Amelia’s room. Interestingly, there was never a day when Lucas never saw Amelia, and Amelia never had a curtain in her window, so he could easily see Amelia.

Today, as usual, Amelia stands at the window of her room. But today she is not looking at the stars in the sky, she is looking at Lucas.

Maybe she gestured to say “hello” to Lucas, but Lucas looking at Amelia without noticing anything.

The first time Amelia looking at his window, it seems like a dream to him. They spend half of the night looking at each other.

First meetup in school

Today, after school, Amelia is waiting for Lucas in front of the school’s main gate. As Lucas approaches the main gate, he sees Amelia standing with his camera in her hand.

Lucas: Are you waiting for someone here?

Amelia: The one I’m waiting for is asking me who I’m waiting for.

(Lucas is surprised to hear it from Amelia’s, but can’t figure out what to say.)

Lucas: Aren’t you going to the park today?

Amelia: Why? Do you want to take me somewhere other than the park?

Lucas: Coffee?

Amelia: Another day, let’s go to the park, have some talk with you.

Our hidden love

Lucas and Amelia, both sitting in the park. Lucas is distracted, and Amelia looking at captured pictures in Lucas’s camera.

Amelia: Are you thinking about your girlfriend, will she be angry with you if she sees you with me?

Lucas: For your kind information, still I don’t have any girlfriend, but I like a girl.

Amelia: Who is the lucky girl, you love?

Lucas: Not other than you.

Amelia: You may not know that I don’t put curtains on my windows so you can see me. You don’t even know that everyone in our class knows I like you and that’s why I had a breakup with Johnny.

Lucas is sitting quietly, everything seems like a dream to him, sitting with his dream girl today, he is searching in his mind what to reply to Amelia. They have spent a lot of time sitting quietly.

Lucas: Amelia…

Amelia: Yes…

Lucas: Will you be my life partner? I want to get you not only as my girlfriend, but also as my life partner.

Amelia: Will you be with me forever? I don’t want to get close to you just for a while, I want to get close for the rest of my life.

Lucas: Promise, I will, and I will prove myself. Do you know I have decided not to touch you before marriage to prove my love?

Amelia: Ha ha ha. You are really crazy.

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