Romantic Bedtime Stories For Boyfriend (New Collection of 2021)

Romantic Bedtime Stories For Boyfriend: Recently a young actress has admitted to the college. When a young, unmarried, beautiful, popular celebrity is admitted to a college, handsome and rich boys start doing crazy things to get her as a girlfriend.

Maybe you have noticed these types of things in your school or college life. Her name is Joey, recently she worked in a popular film and that was her first film.

Romantic Bedtime Stories For Boyfriend

The son of many famous people is studying in this college. In the meantime, 4 boys have proposed to Joey, although she has not accepted anyone. One in four was the son of one of the richest men in the country.

Joey and one of his friends Emily are watching a football match on the college field and talking to each other.

romantic bedtime stories for boyfriend
romantic bedtime stories for boyfriend

Popular actress loves ordinary classmate

Emily: Do you want to be single all your life? If not, why are you rejecting boys who are perfect for you? Do you like someone or waiting for someone else?

Joey: Waiting for someone else who has already won my heart.

Emily: Owo! It’s going to be viral that someone has stolen the most beautiful young actress’s heart. But who is he! Obviously, he will be handsome, rich, famous, all the girls are crazy to get him…

Joey: No, He’s an ordinary boy, doesn’t have an expensive car, and doesn’t live in a luxurious house.

Emily: Interesting! Let me introduce him one day, I want to see if that boy is really ordinary or extraordinary.

The boy I love is here

Joey: You know him, and he is in this college, even he is very near to us.

Emily: Joey! Are you joking with me, how can I know the guy you love because we haven’t met in so many years, we used to go to the same school many years ago.

Emily is saying these words and is looking at every boy around with sharp eyes. Because she knows what Joey said is true, she’s her childhood girlfriend, she knows a lot of her habits.

When Joey speaks her mind, or gets too much hurt, she holds one hand with another hand tightly. A while ago when Joey was saying that the boy she loves is here, she was holding his one hand with another hand.

Who can be her lover boy?

But the funny thing is that while saying the words Joey was looking at the field. Some of the boys in our class were playing football on the field, does Joey like any of them who are playing football!

At that moment, another boy came in front of Joey, knelt down, and offer roses. Joey politely says to the boy, “Sorry.”

Joey is leaving now, and is repeatedly looking back at the boys on the field, who are playing football. Emily notices this, and she’s sure that the boy Joey love is in this field.

Emily noticed one thing, almost all of her classmates playing on the field looked at Joey at least once. But a boy never looked at Joey, it seemed that the boy did not want to look at her in any way.

There is a mystery, and to find that mystery Emily goes to meet the boy himself who never looked at Joey. But the boy avoids Emily and left the playground.

A love story of an actress

Joey will tell the story of her life at an event tonight. This is going to be something like this for the first time, so all his fans are eagerly waiting for the show to start.

As the show begins, Joey starts to tell his life story. When she was asked about her boyfriend, she replied that she has a boyfriend. The relationship began when she was only 13 years old.

Then his family moved to another country. He changed the country, but did not change the boy she loved. She still loves the boy she used to love.

She came to this country only for that boy. Joey is also asked many more questions about her boyfriend, but she avoids all of these questions smartly.

Female celebrity walking alone on the road at night

After the show, she is walking alone on the street. There is no one else with her, she told her driver to drive home, she will walk home alone.

Joey suddenly stands on the street. Standing silent, a few minutes later she says,

Joey: Can I walk with you for a while James?

James: I never thought you would notice me.

Joey: The guy I spent 5 years with is walking behind me, I can feel him.

The two of them start to walk together. James looks at Joey again and again, but says nothing. So Joey starts,

Joey: How much you enjoyed these 3 years?

James: 3 years 13 days.

Joey: I have been here for 13 days, I saw how you have spent these 13 days, so there is no need to ask about 13 days.

She just needs love

James: You wanted to be an actress, so you left this country, you left me. Why are you here now? You have become popular in a very short time, a beautiful future awaits you.

Joey: (Shouting) I did not leave you, my family left this country so I was forced to go with them.

James: Then you became an actress, now many people in the world know you.

Joey: I know you don’t like actresses, you think that after a few months their boyfriend changes, their marriage doesn’t last long, they are bad. But I left everything and came to you.

James: There is no point in saying these things now. Tell me a truth, you have everything as a successful actress, then why have you come back to me?

Joey: To get true love. When I went to see you at the playground yesterday, you saw a boy proposed to me, you were so angry at me that you never looked at me once.

James: He proposed to you because he loves you, Let me tell you that his father is a film producer.

Kissing my boyfriend after 3 years

Joey: What is my fault if a boy suddenly comes in front of me and propose?

James: Did I ever say it was your fault?

Joey: Then why didn’t you looked at me? Why did you hurt me even though it was not my fault? Everyone was looking at me except you. But I wanted only you to look at me.

(James is silent.)

Joey: Maybe you heard that I told in the show that I left my acting carrier and wanna lead a simple life. If you think this bad actress, bad girl, bad girlfriend, “Joey” can be your life partner, then I will stay here, otherwise…

James: Otherwise?

Joey: Otherwise I will hold you and kiss you for 10 minutes. Then will ask you again, do you love me or not.

James: You want to rule over me like before.

Joey: As always.

Then Joey hugs James and starts kissing. They have been kissing each other for about 30 minutes. Kissing each other after 3 years.

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