Romantic Arranged Marriage Wedding Night Stories (2021 Year Collection)

Romantic Arranged Marriage Wedding Night Stories: Today Selena and Zayn got married. Maybe there have been very few marriages like theirs in this era, because they have not met each other before marriage. They first meet on the wedding day.

Actually, Selena’s ex-boyfriend has left her, and Zayn’s ex-wife married her friend. Their lover hurt them, so they have lost faith in love now.

Romantic Arranged Marriage Wedding Night Stories

For 1 year they lived alone. Their family members decide to find a new life partner for them. Then Selena’s family finds Zayn and Zayn’s family finds Selena.

Then today they got married, they are now married couple. At the end of the wedding ceremony, they are both very tired. Zayn enters his room and sees Selena. Selena is still in her wedding dress, visiting the new room very well.

romantic arranged marriage wedding night stories
romantic arranged marriage wedding night stories

Bride will change wedding dress

Zayn: Like the bedroom?

Selena: Yes, very big, very beautiful.

Zayn: Thank you, you change your clothes. There has your nightgown in the cupboard.

Selena took a dress out of the cupboard. She stands silently and looks at Zayn again and again.

Zayn: Do you want to tell me something?

Selena: I’ll change clothes.

Zayn: Yes, of course. Please. You may be having a lot of discomfort with the wedding dress. You will feel lighter when you change clothes.

Selena: Shall I change clothes in front of you?

Zayn: Very sorry, I’m waiting outside.

She needs help to open clothes

Saying this Zayn walked out of the room. He is waiting outside, a few minutes later Selena is calling him from inside the room. Zayn thinks Selena’s clothes have changed so she calls Zayn to go into the room.

But entering the room, Zayn is embarrassed. Selena has no clothes on her body. She is repeatedly trying to open her bra, but can’t.

Selena: Please help me a little. This bra is not opening, help me to open it.

Zayn went in front of Selena slowly with one foot by one foot. He is looking away as much as possible and opening her bra. So long as Selena had a bra on her body, not now. Zayn is a man, there is a girl standing in front of him in such position, he can’t control his eyes.

Selena is feeling shy. Although Zayn is now her husband, it is also true that today she saw Zayn for the first time in her life. She would feel shy to have any other girl in her place.

Zayn watching, maybe trying to move her eyes away, but not being able to, as if he no longer has control over him. After a while, he realizes that Selena is getting embarrassed, he hurried out of the room.

He is thinking about that moment

A few minutes later Selena comes out of the room, to Zayn.

Selena: You can go inside now, and thanks for helping me.

Zayn: What help?

Selena: Nothing. (Smiling a little)

Saying this, Selena runs into the room and when Zayn remembers that she had helped Selena open her bra a while ago, he is also feeling embarrassed too.

In fact, he had been in another world for so long, thinking of Selena. Selena’s physique was so attractive that he is still thinking about that moment.

Talking about ex-boyfriend

Both are now sitting in bed. Selena thinks she needs to start talking to Zayn, because they’ve been sitting quietly for a long time.

Selena: You can ask me if you have any questions. We met for the first time today, although we are now husband and wife, you can still ask questions if you want to know more about me.

Zayn: Can I ask you a question about your past if you don’t mind?

Selena: Yes, of course, you have the right to know everything.

Zayn: Not from the right, I want to ask a question as a friend.

Selena: Nice to know you want to be my friend.

Zayn: You are so beautiful, yet why did your ex-boyfriend leave you and start a relationship with your friend?

Selena: Who says I’m beautiful? My boyfriend left me and fell in love with my friend because my friend is more beautiful than me.

About his ex-wife

Zayn: I know your friend, she is not more beautiful than you. You are much more attractive than her.

Selena: How do you know I’m attractive?

Zayn: I saw you.

Selena: What did you saw?

Zayn: No, I mean. Sorry, I saw you while helping you.

Selena: Haha. You are very shy. But how do you know I’m more attractive than my friend? Did you saw her everything too?

Zayn: Yes.

Selena: What do you mean! Are you kidding me?

Zayn: Your friend is my ex-wife.

Selena: How is that possible, I knew she was unmarried!

Zayn: She was not unmarried, we were married about 3 years ago. After 1 year of marriage, I told her to think about having a child. But she said, she wants to finish graduation, then will think of having a baby.

Selena: It seems strange. My boyfriend left with your wife, and I am with my boyfriend’s girlfriend’s husband.

Zayn: Fate has brought me together. You can ask if you want to know anything about me.

First bedtime with wife

Selena: There’s nothing more to know. I went knowing everything. You were my friend’s husband.

Zayn: Nothing more to know?

Selena: (came very close to Zayn and says) I’m not leaving you, I will be with you forever. If I need to know something, I will have plenty of time to find out.

Selena: (comes very close to Zayn and says) I’m not leaving you, I will be with you forever. If I need to know something, I’ll have plenty of time for this.

Seeing Selena too close to him, Zayn loses control. He is so close to Selena that he can even hear the sound of her breathing.

Zayn: You’re so beautiful, you are more beautiful than I can imagine.

Selena: Did you imagine me?

Zayn: I did it many times.

Selena: You had the right to see me, so I didn’t stop you. Don’t I have the right to get your affection? I’m suffering from a lack of affection, fill me up.

Then Zayn grabs Selena and starts kissing her on the lips. There is no need to describe what happened next.

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