Romance Books That Make You Cry (2021 Year Special Sad Story)

Romance Books That Make You Cry: On their way back to school, Julia asked Evan to come to her bedroom around 1 at night. Evan got speechless hearing that from her.

Julia is one of the most beautiful girls in the whole village, and her father is the richest person there as well. Whereas, Evan’s father works for him. So, Evan took the proposal as a joke and said,

Evan: Are you going to sleep under the tree from tonight?

Julia: Why would I sleep under a tree when I have my luxurious house?

Evan: I was thinking that you might make a bed under the tree from today. And you want me to protect you from the ghosts that lurk around that time.

Julia: Almost home. Go home now. I’m going to mine. We’ll meet at night.

Romance Books That Make You Cry

Saying that Julia went home. Evan told himself, “Has that girl gone crazy or is she pr@nking me?”

It was around 1.15 at night when someone threw a rock wrapped with paper from Evan’s window. First, he got very frightened. But when he saw the paper, he started to read it. It had writings on, “Meet me in my bedroom in 10 minutes. Or else your father will lose his job tomorrow.”

After reading that Evan left for Julia’s place immediately. But how is he going to get inside avoiding the security guards?

When he was worried about this issue, all of a sudden someone grabbed him by the arms. He shouted for help but Julia slapped him on the face immediately.

Julia: Why are you shouting? Do you want someone to see us? If they do, nothing will happen to me, but you’ll get in trouble for sure. (Grabbing Evan’s arm) Come with me now without saying a word.

First Time In Her Bedroom

Then Julia took him to the backdoor of their house and then they both entered Julia’s bedroom. After that Julia closed the door of their room.

Evan: What is the meaning of all this, Julia?

Julia: Don’t say a word and go to my bed, I’m coming in a second. Today you’ll sleep with me.

Evan: Have you lost your mind? Sleep with you! If someone sees us what will you say?

Julia: Then I’ll say that you entered my room by force.

Evan: What!

Julia: Do you want a slap or are you going to do what I say?

Evan lied down in the bed and was thinking about what Julia wanted to do. Then Julia started stripping her clothes one after one! That got Evan very frustrated.

Evan: What in the world are you doing, Julia! Please stop!

Julia: Can’t you see what I’m doing? Did you think I brought you to my bedroom to just lie down beside you all night?

Evan: What do you want then!

romance books that make you cry
romance books that make you cry

She Is Forcing Me To Sleep With Her

Julia didn’t answer that one. She dived in the bed and started kissing Evan. He tried to stop her but gave up after a few pushes. He could not stop himself from the ever-gorgeous Julia.

That’s how their aff@ir started. They were so crazy in love that they started to travel together very far where nobody knows them so that they can make love. Julia had a lot of money. So, they never had a problem.

10 years passed like this! Julia and Evan spent the whole time like couples. But nobody knew about their aff@ir. Not their family, and even not their friends. Julia planned everything very carefully, which was next to impossible for anyone to find out.

However, they were done with their studies. Evan got a job in the meanwhile. And they were thinking about marrying each other. But what if their family doesn’t approve their proposal!

So, Julia gave a huge amount of money to Evan to buy a house for them far from where they live. If their family doesn’t approve of their relationship, they will leave for the house and live there.

Evan went searching for a house far from their house. But it wasn’t easy to find a house even with all that money. It took almost a whole month for Evan to buy a good house for them. But when he returned, something horrible was waiting for him.

My Girlfriend Married Another Rich Man

Julia got married to a rich family. Hearing that Evan thought that Julia was forced to in that marriage. He rushed to Julia’s house to talk to her father.

After hearing everything from Evan, Julia’s father got very mad and told him to leave the house. He said, “You have lost your mind, Evan. My daughter Julia married that boy willingly. You are lying to me. You and my daughter were in a relationship for 10 years and we didn’t know anything! That’s impossible! I liked you, and that’s why I’m not calling the police.”

Surprisingly, Julia was there. Her husband went to town for business purposes, and she came to her father’s place for a few days. She heard their conversation. 

However, when Evan was returning from Julia’s house, A few men attacked him on the way. He was quite strong and good in a fight. 

Evan got the upper hand on the men. He beat them up and asked who sent them to him. They said it was none other than Julia herself. Evan thought that it was her dad’s plan.

The Saddest Moment

At this moment Julia went there. Seeing her, Evan got happy and said,

Evan: Here is my love. Now I can fight stronger than ever. These men are telling me that you paid them to beat me up. Pathetic liars!

Julia: They are not lying, Evan. And I know that they won’t be able to beat you up. That’s why I’m here.

Evan: (Got very surprised) What do you mean, my love?

Julia: How did you imagine that I’ll spend my life with a poor boy like you? I was just fulfilling my desires at that time. And now I don’t need you anymore. You’ve made a mess in my life. And I can’t let you continue. You have to leave me, forever.

Saying that Julia pulled out a knife from her dress and hit Evan with it. Everything was over with this moment. The girl he loved all these years, the girl who called him to her bedroom by herself, the girl who filled him up with love, she betrayed him.

The report says Evan didn’t die because of excessive bleeding. It was actually a brain stroke that was caused by a strong emotional breakdown. So, Julia didn’t get punished by the laws. Even the worst of the punishments in this world might not be enough to justify her deeds.

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