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Read Romance Novels Online Free: Eloise and Rylan were walking through a lonely street near their house. Few people travel on this road at night. So, Eloise took Rylan to this place on purpose. 

While walking, she was repeatedly looking at Rylan and trying to say something. But she couldn’t say a single word. Elseways, Rylan was walking straight, not even taking a single glance at Eloise. In such a heavy moment,  Eloise’s cell phone started ringing. It was Alicia who called her. 

Read Romance Novels Online Free

Eloise: Hello, why have you called me? 

Alicia: Are you with Rylan, now? 

Eloise: Yeah, Rylan and me are walking on the street. 

Alicia: I’m saying for your good damn. You are making a big mistake, Eloise. What you are trying to do can never be possible. Why don’t you understand a simple word that Rylan and you… 

Eloise: Alicia, please, I don’t want to listen to these words now. 

Alicia: I’ve nothing more to say. See you tomorrow at the office. Hopefully, you’ll come to the office on time. 

Saying that Alicia cut the phone call. 

After putting her cell phone on the bag when Eloise looked up she noticed some boys standing before them. As those boys seemed bad to Eloise, she wanted to return home with Rylan. But those boys stopped them on the way. They started making bad comments on Eloise. At one point, some of them obnoxiously touched Eloise.  At this, Rylan argued with them. 

read romance novels online free
read romance novels online free

Maybe He Has Feelings For Me

Rylan: Leave this place right now or you are gonna get a good lesson. 

One of them hit Rylan and said, “Go back home, baby. Your girlfriend will stay with us tonight. We will take her home next morning.” 

Before he finished his words, a slap fell on his cheek and he lay on the ground. (Yeah, it was Rylan who slapped him.) There was blood coming out of his mouth. His friends started to crack jokes on him by saying, “Have you knocked away in one slap? You are good for nothing shit. Look at me.”

Saying this, when another boy came to Rylan, Rylan slapped him too. The boy shouted, “His hands are like iron pillars. Runaway, guys.” Everyone left the place immediately. 

Eloise: Why did you beat them?

Rylan: They touched you, teased you again and again. I couldn’t take this at all. 

Eloise: (with excitement) Why didn’t you like them to tease me? Why did you beat them? I didn’t even tell you to do so. Then why did you do that? Tell me, Rylan. 

Rylan: This place is not safe for you. Let’s go back home. 

Then, Rylan took Eloise to her apartment. On the entire way, Rylan was holding her hand and looking at her eyes again and again. 

Our Last Night

After returning home, they two sat beside the window. Eloise took a cup of coffee when Rylan was silently sitting by her. 

Rylan: It’s been too late. You should sleep, now. 

Eloise:  Wishing to spend the whole night sitting next to you. Not willing to sleep tonight. 

Rylan: (……) 

We Are In The Same Bed

Rylan took the coffee mug from her hand and put it on the table. Then, he took Eloise to her bed and covered her with a blanket. 

Eloise: Will you grant one last wish? 

Rylan: Tell me your wish, ELOISE. 

Eloise:  Will you sleep with me tonight, on this bed? 

Rylan: Sure. Why not?! 

Saying that he lay down on the bed. 

Eloise: I would never permit a boy to lie next to me on my bed if it was not you. 

Rylan: Then, why are you allowing me? 

Eloise: If you could realize that, I would be the happiest one.  

Eloise then kissed Rylan and closed her eyes hugging him. When she woke up in the morning, she found Rylan packing her office bag. 

My Last Morning With Him

Eloise: I don’t want to go to the office today. Let’s go to any distant place. 

Rylan: Today is a special day in your life. You are going to be promoted today. And, within some days, you will get the greatest national female scientist award.

Eloise: But I don’t want all these and what I really want can be mine. 

Rylan: What do you want? 

Eloise: You. I want you. 

Rylan didn’t reply. He went out of the room with Eloise’s bag.

Getting ready for the office, Eloise went out and saw that Rylan was sitting in the driving seat. Going in front of the car, she told Rylan, “Are You driving today?”  

Rylan: I think you want to go somewhere else without going to the office today, don’t you? So, I’ll drive today. 

Eloise: But you didn’t drive before. 

Rylan: Don’t worry. I know how to drive, no accident will happen. 

Eloise: I would be so happy if there was an accident. I really don’t want to do office today. 

Rylan: Get into the car, Eloise. 

He Is Driving For The First Time

Sitting in the car, Eloise kissed Rylan. Then, Rylan drove the car to the office.

Eloise got out of the car and saw everyone outside the office waiting for him. The president and the Chief of the Army were also there to receive her. Everyone was happy except her friend Alicia. 

Some army officers caught Rylan after he got out of the car. Eloise started crying on that. She ran to Rylan and requested officials not to take him with them. She begged to let him stay with her. 

Alicia was also crying with Eloise. She went to Eloise and tried to relax her. The Chief of Army came to Eloise and told her, “Alicia has told me everything. If it was possible we would let him stay with you. But why don’t you understand Rylan is a robot? I can’t get how you fell for a robot.” 

Last Moment

Eloise: (crying) In this one year, I never felt that Rylan was not a human. He did a lot of things that can make him worthy of being compared with a normal man. 

Army Chief: Eloise, you have invented Rylan, and today I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him driving the car. Perhaps, he is the first robot who can flawlessly drive a car. But it’s not possible to believe that he has feelings for you and he loves you. 

Eloise: Yesterday, he saved me from some bad boys. I didn’t tell him to do that. He did it on his own. Even he has driven me to the office today so that I can not go anywhere. I didn’t tell him to do all these. 

Army Chief: You know well that we have passed one week more than his expiry date. If we don’t destroy him today, there will be an accident any time from his internal damage. 

Eloise: But! 

Army Chief: Let us do our job. 

Army officials were taking Rylan to destroy him. About one year and seven days before, Eloise invented a robot called Rylan. Before that, She gave her 5 years to invent him. 

She forgot that Rylan was a robot and unknowingly fell in love with him.

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