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Read Free Romance Novels Online: Julia and Samuel live together happily even though they don’t have a lot of money to live by. It’s been a year since their marriage. 

Samuel works in a factory. Whereas, Julia takes care of some orphan children for some money near their house. With both of them working, they don’t have any issue passing the days with ease. However, Julia always wants to be rich.

Read Free Romance Novels Online

Sometimes, she tries to convince Samuel to start a business to earn some extra money. But it doesn’t pay off as they don’t have the capital to start and run a business at that time. Still, they keep seeking opportunities.

One day, while Julia was with the children, a man named Thomas. He was really rich. But his wife passed away recently and he doesn’t have any children as well. That’s why Thomas wants to adopt an orphan, take him to the house, and raise him as his own son.

As Thomas is a businessman, he often has to stay away from his house. And that’s why he wants a lady to take care of the kid when he’s not around. And Thomas picked Julia for that job.

At night, Julia told Samuel about the proposal she got from Thomas. She also said that he could use her earnings to start a business and make good money.

She Has Got A New Job

After hearing all that Samuel started thinking and gave a reply after a while,

Samuel: Look, my beloved wife. I know you want to be rich, and that’s why you want to work for Thomas. You might get a lot of money doing it as well, which he has promised you. But trust me, I know that kind of person quite well. They pay you money, but they take everything from you.

Julia: We don’t have any savings or even any properties. What exactly can he take away from us?

Samuel: Not from us, from you. He will take everything from you, and give you a lot of money. Now, do you want the money?

Julia: Of course, I want that money. I can’t live my life at its fullest with our small earnings. If I work for Thomas I’ll be able to make more money than you. You are just being jealous of that fact.

Samuel: That’s not the case, my dear wife. I am not jealous of you. Okay, you can work for Thomas. But you have to promise me one thing that you won’t lie to me. You will not lie to me at any cost.

Julia: Have I ever lied to you, Samuel?

read free romance novels online
read free romance novels online

Her Unknown Secret

The next day, Samuel went to work at the factory and Julia went to Thomas’ place to look after the kid. The same goes for days.

Nowadays, Julia returns home very late at night. And when she comes home, Samuel has already returned from work for very long. He waits for her so that they could have dinner together.

Days passed. Julia saved up a good amount of money in that period as Thomas gives her a lot of cash every day. Julia told Samuel to start a business with that money, but Samuel just didn’t for some reason.

One night, Samuel returned from work and she saw Julia back at home. He got quite surprised and asked,

Samuel: Did Thomas let you come home earlier today?

Julia: No, I asked for an early leave to give you good news.

Samuel: What good news?

Julia: (Giving Samuel a deep cuddle) I’m going to be a mom very soon.

Samuel: Is that so? That’s quite good news indeed! But does your child’s father know that news as well?

Julia: What do you mean? I’m telling you about the child.

Samuel: Julia, I am your husband, but the child you are carrying is not mine. His father is Thomas, and you know that clearly.

I Am Not Her Child’s Father

After hearing all that, Julia started crying. Samuel said to her,

Samuel: I told you that I would not be able to give you a life where you have financial freedom when we got married. But I also promised that I will be always by your side no matter how hard the situation is for you. I will keep my promise, and your child is going to grow by my name. But you promised me that you won’t lie to me, which you have broken.

Julia: I have messed up very bad!

Samuel: I told you about him. Thomas is actually the owner of our factory. I know him quite well. He has destroyed the lives of many women. I could tell that he didn’t want to adopt any child, he had his eyes upon you. And you’ve given all of yourself to him for money. I could’ve prevented you from going that day!

Julia: (Still weeping) Then why didn’t you stop me? If you’ve done so, I might have been saved from that disaster.

Samuel: If I stopped you that day, you wouldn’t listen to me anyway. Rather, you’d leave me as Thomas proposed to you that he’d marry you.

Money VS Self-Respect

Julia: I’ve made a terrible mistake, Samuel. Please forgive me.

Samuel: What you’ve done, there is no room for an apology for you. That’s because you’ve done it knowing what you’re stepping into. Today, I went to Thomas’ place to deliver him a piece of document from the factory. And there I’ve listened to all of your conversation from a distance. I’ve seen how you begged under his feet to give this child his name. But he refused to do so and threw you out of the house. And then you decided that you’ll make me the child’s father instead like it’s been my child all along. You thought I would not know a thing, but I knew everything from the start.

Julia: You were right. Thomas would give me a lot of money but will take everything from me. Now, I’ve lost everything. My self-respect, love, my husband, my family, everything.

That night Julia dived into a river that’s very deep, and she was never found again. Her husband Samuel agreed to give her child his name. But it’s been proven again that humans can live without money, but can’t live without love and self-respect.

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