Love After Arranged Marriage Stories (Latest Collection Of 2021)

Love After Arranged Marriage Stories: Ariana goes to the office with lunch for Jordan and sees him talking to a female colleague in his cabin. The two of them were sitting side by side in the chair laughing and talking and looking at something on the laptop.

Ariana gets very angry when she sees the girl. She goes in front of the girl, grabs her hand, and pulls her from the chair. She says to his husband’s colleague,

Love After Arranged Marriage Stories

Ariana: Do you come to work in the office or come to laugh and enjoy time with the boss?

Jordan: What’s going on? You can’t talk to her like that, she is a very respectable lady in this office. Why are you here?

Ariana: Do you have a problem with me coming? I didn’t know that these things happen during office hours.

Female Coworker: Jordan, I’m going to my cabin now, try to cool down your wife’s anger, my boy.

Jordan: All right aunt. However, I am very sorry for my wife’s behavior, she shouldn’t have treated you like that.

Female Coworker: It’s ok, my son, don’t take it seriously. You know your aunt and I am a woman too, I would have done the same if I had been in your wife’s place.

Then the Female Coworker smile a little and left Jordan’s cabin.

Ariana got a huge shock when she heard that her husband called that woman aunt.

Ariana: Aunt!

Jordan: Yes, she’s my aunt, belongs to my mother’s blood relationship, only and one cousin sister of my own mother. Also, mother of 2 sons, both are older than me.

Ariana: Your aunt! She looks like a very young girl and it’s hard to determine that she has 2 sons older than you!

Jordan: She takes great care of his skin and does beauty treatments regularly.

Ariana: How old is she?

Jordan: Perhaps 45+.

Ariana: What! She looks like a 20-25 year old girl.

love after arranged marriage stories
love after arranged marriage stories

Feeling guilty for my behavior

Jordan: Why are you here, to insult me?

Ariana: I have brought lunch for you.

Jordan: But I won’t eat the lunch you brought.

Ariana: Why?

Jordan: Because you’re a stranger to me and I don’t take food from a stranger.

Ariana: I am your wife.

Jordan: You said you wouldn’t give me the status of your husband. And even said that you will marry your boyfriend soon.

Ariana: But …

Jordan: Please Ariana, this is my workplace, don’t bother here.

With that Jordan got out of his cabin. Ariana has nothing to say. She is guilty, she did not accept Jordan herself, nor did she acknowledge him as her husband.

She even said that Jordan should not touch her body. Jordan did just that, today is the 5th day of their marriage, yet he has not touched Ariana.

Ariana has looked at Jordan’s laptop with curiosity. She sees some pictures of her and Jordan’s wedding there. She now understands what Jordan was watching and laughing with that Female Coworker aunt.

Everyone in the office knows Ariana, but Ariana doesn’t know anyone. Ariana met everyone on the wedding day, but she was oblivious.

Because her father forced her to marry, so she could not accept the marriage. And that’s why she didn’t let Jordan close to him, and he had no enthusiasm for the wedding.

Well-wisher auntie

Everyone in the office is showing respect to Ariana. She is looking for the Female Coworker with whom he has misbehaved a while ago. An office worker showed him the Coworker’s cabin.

She politely asks permission to go inside his cabin.

Ariana: Can I come in, aunt?

Female Coworker: Of course, my daughter. Come on, have a sit.

Ariana: Sorry, I misbehaved with you without knowing who you are.

Female Coworker: I am your relative, you are my Jordan’s wife. I love Jordan more than my two sons, and you. Now you should sit down with Jordan and have lunch together.

Ariana: He’s gone, I knew he wouldn’t eat the food I brought, I cooked for him today.

Female Coworker: Jordan told me everything about you. You may not know that he heard what you said to your boyfriend last night.

Ariana: Did he hear?

Female Coworker: Yes, he heard. And he loves you very much.

Ariana: Not at all, every night I wait for him. I know I made a mistake, my father forced me to marry him so I was very angry. I settled all my anger on Jordan. But I never want to leave him, I want to be with him forever. He hasn’t touched me yet because I tied him up. He does not stay home at night.

Female Coworker: I know where Jordan goes at night. I can tell you but in one condition. Don’t tell Jordan that I told you this.

Ariana: Of course I won’t say. Please tell, what’s the story behind this.

First romantic conversation after marriage

At night Jordan returns home and goes out as usual after dinner. Today Ariana didn’t stop him from going out so Jordan thinks Ariana might have given up. She won’t stop him anymore, maybe she’ll leave him too soon.

Shortly after Jordan left the house, Ariana also goes out.

Jordan is sitting on the bank of the river. From behind, Ariana addresses him and says,

Ariana: Then this is the place where my husband spends the night.

Jordan heard the voice and realize it is Ariana. He says without looking back,

Jordan: What did you think?

Ariana: I thought

Jordan: Thought that your husband is spending the night with other girls, didn’t you?

Ariana: Yes, so.

Jordan: I’m not like you. I know how to respect someone I married. I will not give my wife’s rights to any other girl.

She wanna come closer to me

Ariana sits down next to Jordan.

Ariana: Your wife is not as bad as you think she is. After marriage, no man touched her except her husband. Your wife also knows how to respect her husband. Your wife has not given her husband’s rights to anyone else yet.

Jordan: Thank you, for not letting anyone else touch my wife.

Ariana: Can’t I be forgiven?

Jordan: You may not know, I had a girlfriend, I loved her very much. I was alone after she left me. Then I married the girl my father has chosen. I thought I would be happy to love that girl for the rest of my life. But happiness is not my destiny, that girl had decided before she came into my life that she would leave me.

Ariana: That girl hasn’t left you yet, she is sitting next to you. You could have taken that girl for yourself if you wanted but you didn’t even try that.

Jordan: That girl said she wouldn’t let anyone but her boyfriend touch her body.

Ariana: And now that girl is begging you for love but you’re pushing him away.

Jordan: How do you know I’m here? Followed me?

Ariana: Maybe that’s what I did.

Jordan: Let’s go home, it is not safe for you to stay here at night.

My wife wants affection all night

Ariana: I will go home on one condition.

Jordan: What condition?

Ariana: If you promise me you will touch on every part of your wife from head to toe with your lips.

Jordan: No one has given me such a condition before.

Ariana: You didn’t have a wife before, now you have one.

Jordan: So what will happen to your boyfriend?

Ariana: Can’t you keep me happy, can’t love me all night? If the love of the husband is enough, then what is the need of other men?

Jordan: You’re crazy, let’s go home.

Ariana: Do you agree to my terms?

Jordan: You won’t get a chance to sleep tonight.

Ariana: I understand, my dear angry husband.

Ariana hugs Jordan and kisses him on the lips.

Jordan: Enough, for now, we’ll go home and start the rest. Today you will realize how crazy your husband is.

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