How to Set up a Romantic Bedroom for Him? Get Some Splendid Ideas

How to Set up a Romantic Bedroom for Him: Jennie and Jason exchanged vows about two years before. The first two years after their marriage was like a dreamy moment for them. But now, Jason stays pretty exhausted due to his start-up business.

For this reason, they can’t enjoy their shared moments exactly the way they used to. So, Jennie is thinking if she could set up a romantic bedroom for Jason. 

Like Jennie, you may often wish to surprise your partner or sparkle your romance by planning such a lovely bedroom. More impressively, you don’t even need any special day for that. But how to set up a romantic bedroom for him may come as a big deal for you, in that case. 

How to Set up a Romantic Bedroom for Him

However, you don’t need to worry anymore. Because you are going to get some exceptional ideas to decorate pretty romantic weather in the bedroom. So, without talking more let’s have a look over the following discussion. 

7 Excellent Ways to Decorate a Romantic Bedroom

There are some differences between a regular bedroom and a romantic one with special decorations. A romantic bedroom…

  • makes your partner feel special
  • spark up the romance 
  • add some excitements 
  • gives the feelings of fulfillment 

As you see how important it is for any happy and healthy relationship. So, you must try to have such an experience at least once a week. Alright, let’s get to our today’s discussion on how to set up a romantic bedroom for him. 

how to set up a romantic bedroom for him
how to set up a romantic bedroom for him

(1) Attractive and Cozy Bedding 

Bedding is the most significant decor of any bedroom. A perfectly decorated bed has the power to attract anyone. Similarly, an untidy bed can turn off anyone’s mood. So, when you are setting up a bedroom for your partner, you need to take it more seriously.  

There are some things that you should decide before selecting a perfect bedspread. 

(1) Fabrics of the Bedspread:  The bedspreads of silk or satin fabrics are pretty soft. So, your partner will get more comfort when he lands on the bed. Besides, it gives a s*xy feel for the night which will keep your partner stuck in the bed with you.

However, if you can’t afford the silk or satin bedspreads, you can go for a sateen that gives the same comfort and luxurious look at a lower cost.

(2) Color of Bedspreads:  Not every color can create a romantic environment in the bed. Some colors may distract your partner as well. So, you must be selective while choosing the bed sheets’ color. Colors such as pearl, gold, bronze, white, red, blue are some of the most trusted colors you can select for your bed. 

(2) Place Some Pillows on the Bed 

To enhance the attraction, you need to place some decorative pillows on your lovely bed. For that, you may collect some pumped, pancake, or frisbee-like pillows.

However, the color of the pillow should be chosen keeping in mind the color and texture of the bedsheets.

It will keep up the consistency and your bed will look more appealing. However, you may choose the combination of the white bedspread and red pillows for your next bedroom decoration.

(3) Spread Rose Petals on the Bedroom 

The red rose is considered as the symbol of love and almost all the lovely couples propose to each other by giving these red roses. So, why not use these lovely flowers for the decoration of your romantic bedroom? 

In fact, it will create an intimate and warm atmosphere in your bed.  So, spread the rose petals on your bed and the floor of the bedroom. You can even scatter a few on the stairs and across the way from the main door. 

Alternative Idea:  You can go for a red rose bedspread other than using rose petals on your bed. 

(4) Arrange Soft-Romantic Lighting 

Soft lighting drives away all the stress and creates a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. So, when you plan to decorate your bedroom for your partner, try to arrange soft lighting to spice up the romance in both of you. To do this decoration, you can use your bedside lamps or buy some candles.

However, you can even get some decorating lamps if you have enough budget. Then, place the candles creatively in all the corners of your bedroom to have the best reflection. 

Additional Suggestion:  Use white-round shaped candles for this dressing. 

(5) Decorate Your Bedroom’s Walls with Photos 

Since the date you two met each other, you might have clicked many photographs of your shared moments. You may use those photos to decorate your bedroom.

In this, your partner will feel special and understand the deepness of your love. Moreover, both of you will get the chance to refresh your memories. 

Additional Suggestion: You may buy a lovely present for your beloved person. 

(6) Dress Your Windows with Attractive Curtains

Window curtains enhance the beauty of the bedroom even more. Besides, it protects all kinds of noises from penetrating the room. As a result, you can enjoy an undisrupted romantic moment with your significant one.

So, use any plush, alluring, and dark curtains for the decoration of your romantic bedroom. 

Additional Suggestion: Set up a mirror in the bedroom to get an eye-soothing reflection of the candle lights. 

(7) Spray the Favourite Fragrance of Your Partner 

Fragrances are an inevitable part of any romantic atmosphere. It can exert magical effects on the mind of people.

So, spray any lovely fragrance on the pillows, bedspread, and all other corners of the room to create more intimacy.

In that case, you may also choose your partner’s favorite perfume. If you want, you can also arrange some scented tea lights which will serve a double purpose. 

Additional Suggestion:  Remove all the clutters from your bedroom and give it a neat and clean look. 

Final Thoughts

You just went through some directions over how to set up a romantic bedroom for him. As you see, you don’t even have to spend much money on these decorations. Rather, you can enjoy a perfect date night in your bedroom with your desired person.

Remember, life is a dynamic process. There you will face a lot of things every day. You just have to learn from these everyday happenings and apply the derived lessons for the betterment of your relationship. This is how you can enjoy a long-lasting married life.

Writer: Nayeema Akter

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