How to Ignore Husband Who Ignores You? 5+ Proven Ways For You

Want to learn a few effective methods on how to ignore husband who ignores you? Check out our article to find out some great strategies.

Marriage life is full of ups and downs. And it’s definitely one of the common scenarios where the partner starts to ignore you.

If your husband is ignoring you for some reason, you should know that you are not alone. However, sometimes ignoring him back can be an effective way to solve this issue.

How to Ignore Husband Who Ignores You

But the real question is, “How to ignore husband who ignores you without making the situation worse?” Let’s check out a few methods to do that, and by the end of the article, you’ll have a few effective strategies that you can use.

My decisionRight or Wrong?
I will stop taking care of him when I am ignoring him.Of course not!
I will not sleep with him in the same bed.Bad decision.
I will indirectly show more affection to him.Good idea!
I will not allow him even after he tries to come closer to me.Don’t do this!
Can I go out with him to the party when a am ignoring him?Yes.
Should I continue avoiding my husband for a long time?No.
how to ignore husband who ignores you

As we discussed, ignoring back your husband can help bring attention to you, which is undoubtedly a quick and easy fix.

Down below, we’ll discuss some of the most effective methods to do it, and the following techniques work super well.

how to ignore husband who ignores you
how to ignore husband who ignores you

(1) Ignore His Mood Swings

Whenever your man has a mood swing, this is the time he’s most vulnerable. In other words, this is when he seeks your attention the most. 

So, if you use this time to ignore him, that’s going to have the best effects. If he has a bad mood, it’s better to disengage at the moment without interacting with him too much.

However, you should also consider the reason for his mood swing as well. Sometimes, it’s just hard work that’s causing all that issue.

So, before you judge him hard, be sure to check the situation that he’s in, and work your way from there.

If you do it correctly, he’ll stop ignoring you from then on, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to do it in a healthy way.

(2) Go Bed Angry

This is another powerful technique that’ll bring his attention to you pretty fast. For that, you have to go to bed angry.

As this is the place you’re most intimate with each other, your anger will definitely hit him harder. And this way he’ll start to see that him ignoring you is causing all that issue.

If he starts to argue with you, it’ll be wise to turn him down for the moment. That way, it’ll still stay pretty intense, which will make the whole thing more effective.

And if you do it right, he’ll start to give you more attention from the next day, which is a guarantee.

(3) Start Communicating Indirectly

This is a more passive approach to the whole thing, but it definitely sends the message well. To do this correctly, you should start to cut the conversation between you two.

If he asks something, just answer that with yes or no. Then leave the spot and get busy with something else. Be sure not to make eye contact to make it more effective.

That’ll tell your partner that something is up and he should not ignore you like that. So, if you don’t want to get extreme and use the previous methods, this is a more subtle way to ignore him.

(4) Stay Away from Him for a While

Although it’s not something you can use over and over, it’s a very strong way to make him give all his attention to you. You just have to go to someplace for a few days, and that’ll do the trick.

Your absence will make him miss you, and to an extent where he’s going to start thinking about how he’s been treating you lately. This will solve the issue from the root, and you two should be great after using this method.

(5) Give Him Space

This is the best way to go, and it’s much healthier for your relationship in long term as well. In this case, you should understand that a lot of issues can mess up your husband’s mood, and he might be ignoring you for that reason.

You see, it’s not his fault, and he’s not ignoring you intentionally. Keeping it in mind, you should respect his personal space and give him some time to get himself together.

That way, he’ll love you more than ever when he pulls himself together.

That should be your go-to mindset if you want to maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your husband. And that’s the end goal of using all these techniques anyway.

Additional Tips

Now that you know a few methods of ignoring your husband, it’s time to go over some essential tips. These will help to bring balance in your marriage life rather than bringing some temporary attention.

  • If you sense there’s something he’s not telling you, don’t hesitate to have a little talk with him. This will help to clear things out for both of you, and you won’t need to use any gimmicks to get his attention.
  • Be sure not to ignore him for more than a couple of days. That’ll just make things worse between you two, and you don’t want that to happen.
  • If you use some of the techniques, be sure not to overdo any of them. That’ll just cause more frustration, and it’ll do no good for any of you. If you feel like nothing is working, it’s more likely that something is wrong.
  • Don’t shy out from seeking professional help. Sometimes a few counseling sessions will help to heal up anything between you two, and it’s definitely worthwhile investing your time and money in it.

To Wrap Up

As you went through all the segments on how to ignore husband who ignores you, you should have a few techniques up your sleeve by now.

You see if your partner is ignoring you without any particular reason, it’s not a crime to ignore him back. Just don’t do this to a point where it starts to make the issue bigger.

If you follow some of the strategies that we talked about, you should have no issue getting his attention just like in the old times.

Hopefully, this article will help you live happily with your husband.

Writer: Shyran Khan Joy

Related Q&A (Question And Answer)

(1) My husband ignores my calls and texts

Answer: If you think you did something wrong then apologize to your husband and don’t hesitate to say sorry.

On the other hand, if your husband behaving like this not because of your fault, then 2 things can happen. Maybe he is busy for some reason or he really wanna avoid you.

  • Don’t start avoiding him without knowing the reason.
  • Ask him directly why he is behaving like this.
  • You can start ignoring him a little if you don’t get an appropriate answer from your husband.
(2) What to do when your husband ignores you after a fight?

Answer: Before giving the answer, we have to know who started fighting. If your husband is the reason behind this then we recommend you solve this problem from your side first.

If you can’t solve the problem even after trying many times, then you can start ignoring your husband because he has started the fight.

But if you were the person who has started fighting at first then you have to keep trying to convince your husband by making him happy.

We hope you can easily make your husband happy in the bed. Just one night is enough for this. Am I right?

  • Try to do something he likes.
  • Decorate your bedroom and cook delicious food for him.
  • As a wife, you have the whole night to make your life partner happy in the bed.
  • Don’t say anything which will make him angry.
(3) Reasons why a husband ignores his wife

Answer: There can be 2 reasons behind this. (1) You have done something wrong. (2) Your husband is doing something wrong.

If you think you did something which makes your husband angry and that’s why he is avoiding you then you should apologize to him.

Otherwise, your life partner is losing interest in you, or he is secretly connected with another woman.

  • Maybe you are not giving priority to him.
  • Something you have done that has makes him angry.
  • He is losing interest in you.
  • Now you are not attractive as before.
  • Provably he loves another woman.
(4) What does it mean if your husband ignores you?

Answer: If your husband avoiding you suddenly then it can be your husband in a problem or he is angry with you.

But, if your life partner is continuously ignoring you then the situation can be critical because the chances increase that your husband likes another woman and she is in a secret relationship with her.

  • He can ignore you if his day has not gone well.
  • Maybe he is in a problem that he can’t share with you.
  • Probably he heard something wrong about you.
  • You have done anything that your husband doesn’t like.
  • Third-person can be the reason if your husband keeping a secret relationship with another woman or co-worker.

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