How to get your ex husband to leave you alone? 8+ Important Tips

Read our article to find out how to get your ex husband to leave you alone and get free from all these negative shackles that are holding you back.

Divorce can be a difficult phase of life for both you and your ex-husband. It’s not easy to let go sometimes, and that can lead to all sorts of issues.

How to get your ex husband to leave you alone

If your ex-husband is not leaving you alone, then you should know that you’re not alone. It’s a common issue, and you can do a few things to ease up the situation a little bit.

Not to mention, it’s detrimental to moving forward in your life, and you must take steps towards freedom from these shackles of the past.

So, let’s check out a few tips on how to get your ex husband to leave you alone.

how to get your ex husband to leave you alone
how to get your ex husband to leave you alone

(1) Know the difference between love and drama

For most people, leaving their partner is not easy, and they just can’t get out of the attachment. However, once the relationship turns toxic, it’s better to stay away from each other, and it becomes drama more than love. 

You must know love is not why your ex-husband is coming to you, but it’s actually the attachment which is nothing but a drama. And there is nothing long-term to it.

Once he gets satisfied, he’s going to leave you again. By knowing this fact, you can now stop getting weak towards him, and let go of the whole negative emotion loop.

(2) Set boundaries

Boundaries are supercritical at the beginning of separation to keep your ex-husband away from you. You must set walls to limit the interaction between you two for keeping the situation under control.

Remember, if you interact with your ex-husband too much, he’s going to get used to the interaction and will be coming back more constantly. 

So, you must cut off the conversations and all sorts of interaction with your ex-husband if you really want him to leave. Setting up critical boundaries is one of the most important things to do at that stage.

However, if you two are already interacting for a while now, you should take it slow with the boundaries. 

(3) Expect him to come back

Most people think that it’s just too much if their ex-husband keeps coming back to them. But it’s actually a quite normal thing for most cases, and you can expect the same thing as well.

So, if you feel like he’s coming back again and again to see you, don’t be alarmed so quickly.

Rather, you should build up boundaries with him slowly, which will help to manage the whole thing more healthily. Not to mention, it’s also way less painful for both of you as well.

(4) Ignore him completely

After a while, it’ll come to a stage where you want to start ignoring him completely. That’s because any interaction at that point would spark emotions that can cause additional drama, which is really unnecessary. 

So, no matter how hard it seems, you have to start ignoring him completely if he’s not leaving you alone yet.

That’ll be a crucial step for you to send a message to him that you want to split the path between you two from now on.

(5) Safety is a priority

At any point, if you feel like you are risking your safety, you must consider informing the nearest police station. It’s important to prioritize safety over everything else.

And you should take note that there are a lot of cases of accidents happening in this scenario. 

So, it’s definitely not worth taking a risk for, and you should not overlook it by any means. If you sense anything wrong, don’t take risks and seek out help from the police.

(6) Be bold and tell him to leave

Sometimes all you’ve got to do is be bold and tell him to leave you alone. That alone might work, and he might actually do that if you ask him that way.

Just make sure not to come across aggressive as it might hurt his feelings. 

Just be polite and have a direct conversation with him about what you want. That should be enough to make him realize what he needs to do. And hopefully, he will adapt to that as well.

(7) Check your own behavior towards him

If your ex-husband is not leaving you alone and constantly coming back, maybe it’s time to see whether you have any issue or not with your own behavior.

Sometimes you can be attracting him subconsciously without even realizing it, which creates all sorts of issues. 

So, take a moment to see whether you are allowing him to come back to your life constantly or not. That’ll give you an insight if you need to adjust your own behavior, which might solve the issue for you.

(8) Schedule meetups

This is the final situation where you or your ex-husband is not yet prepared to stop interacting completely. That happens when one person doesn’t want to leave, which creates a huge issue.

However, to solve that issue, you need to take baby steps first. And scheduling meetups with your ex-husband is the best baby step that you can take here.

Scheduling your interactions will slowly but surely help to deal with the situation. And if your ex-husband is not willing to let you go, then this can be a great way to deal with the situation.

It’s super effective, and it gets the job done without hurting either one of you, which is amazing as well.

To Wrap Up

These were some of the tips on how to get your ex husband to leave you alone that are super effective. As you saw, some of them might be a bit tricky to execute.

However, you must act brave and have the courage to take the steps necessary to move forward in life.

And if you risk your safety, then don’t hesitate to ask for help from the police. The drama is not worth risking your life for, and you definitely don’t want to overlook the chances.

Writer: Shyran Khan Joy

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