How to Deal With Lazy Husband? 8+ Effective Tips That Will Work For You

Read our article to find out a few of the easiest and most effective tips on how to deal with lazy husband that you can use right away.

Sometimes having a lazy husband can be the most frustrating thing for a wife. The inactive nature can easily drive you crazy, and not to mention, it’s going to hold you both back from getting things done in life.

But if you are in that situation, you need to take note it’s not the end. There are certain things you can do to make the situation better and that will help you two find a better and happier life together.

How to Deal With Lazy Husband

So, let’s check out a few tips on how to deal with lazy husband so that you two can have a better life.

how to deal with lazy husband
how to deal with lazy husband

(1) Make Him Your Hero

This is one of the most clever ways to get him moving and doing everything for you without being a pushover. If you make him your hero, then there is no other way for him but to live to your expectation.

But it’ll only work if you stay reasonable to this new mindset.

You don’t want to raise your expectation to the ceiling as it’ll immediately throw him off the method. So, be careful while you are using this method on him.

(2) Appreciate The Things He Does

One rule for you; appreciate the tiniest things that he does. It’ll boost his confidence and encourage him to get more tasks done. Not to mention, it’s your duty to appreciate his work as well.

However, you must not come across fake while doing this as it can mess up the whole thing. Be genuine and show real appreciation. And you’ll see that it works like magic.

(3) Avoid Pushing Him for Work

If you want your husband to be productive, you must not push him to do work. That can only make the situation worse, and you really don’t want that.

Men are not receptive to force. If you push him for something he doesn’t like to do, he’s going to get defective about it.

So, any point you want to make will not go through his head. So, it’s important to stay calm in the situation and handle it gently.

Try to convince him to do the work rather than forcing him anything. It might take a while, but over time, he’ll start to adopt the habit of doing the work, which is the ultimate goal anyway.

(4) No Threats!

Whatever you do, don’t threaten your husband to work if he’s being too lazy. That falls to the previously mentioned point, and you must not do it ever.

Threatening him for work might actually damage your relationship with him. So, it’s not worth a shot. Rather, being gentle and persuasive might help you with that.

It’s better not to get angry with your partner and deal with the situation more maturely.

(5) Divide the Work 

A great way to get him doing work is to divide the work between you two. That’ll give him a starting point as well as a finishing point to work with, which is basically a clear direction for him.

So, it’s not just unlimited work, and he can estimate the work by looking at the chunk.

Also, by dividing the work, you are sharing your workload with him as well. So, he’ll be able to look at how much you are doing yourself, which will motivate him to do more as well. It’s an excellent method for you to try.

(6) Work on Your Relationship and Bonding

If your husband is lazy, you might want to work on your relationship. If the bonding between you two is stronger, both of you will have more energy to work and live the best productive life.

But sometimes, he might hold something back on his mind that can really mess up his work life and make him lazy. So, you must sit down with him and have a little conversation.

You might find something that needs some care to fix. 

So, it’s a great idea to spend some time working on your relationship and work on your bondings. That might do the trick, and cure his laziness.

(7) Don’t Redo What He Does

Another thing you must never do is redoing what your husband did. That’s going to work as a big discouraging behavior, and might prevent him to do any more work. It’ll beat up the motivation inside him to work more.

Basically, by redoing his stuff, you are conveying the message that he has not done a good enough job. It’ll make him feel that no matter what he does, it’s not worth it.

You can see how it can make the whole situation worse. So, you must not redo what he did, rather you should encourage him by appreciating his work. That’ll get him pumped up to be more productive as well.

(8) Consider Lowering Your Own Standards

Let’s get real for a bit, sometimes our own expectations get in the way. Your husband might be doing just enough, but for your standard level, you might not be able to see this.

So, it’s very important for you to reconsider your standards and expectation level.

You might be expecting too much from your husband, and you should not put so much pressure on him. So, take a moment to check if what you’re asking from him is above his capability.

Then you should be clear on how you should deal with the situation from there.

To Wrap Up

These were some of the best tips on how to deal with lazy husband that you can follow. As you saw, these are pretty easy on the surface but are enough to handle the situation well.

Using these techniques will help to get the point across to your partner without being a pushover, which is the most critical thing in a relationship.

So, make sure to use some of the tips shown in the article, and they will help you make your life way easier, which is a guarantee.

Writer: Shyran Khan Joy

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