How to Convince Husband to Have Baby? First / Second / Third / Another

Are you confused about how to convince husband to have baby? Read our article to find out the best way to convince him.

Becoming a parent is the most satisfying and fulfilling sensation in the universe. However, it’s not always the case where both you and your husband agree on having a baby.

That can lead to so many issues, and you definitely don’t want this to cause any problems in your wholesome relationship. It’s not wise to force him to have a kid as it’ll have a negative impact on the whole thing.

How to Convince Husband to Have Baby

To help you in that scenario, let’s go over how to convince husband to have baby so that you both can have the most beautiful child.

My DecisionCorrect or Wrong?
I wanna force my husband.Wrong.
I will tell beautiful stories about our relatives babies to my husband.Correct.
I will invite my husband’s those friends in my house who have babies.Correct.
I will stop birth control without knowing my husband.Wrong.
I will gently explain to my husband the importance of a baby for us.Correct.
I will collect funds if we don’t have enough money to carry expenses for a baby.Correct.
how to convince husband to have baby

(1) Negotiate with Your Husband

The first step in convincing your husband to have a baby is to negotiate with him. With a baby, there will be so many responsibilities and other things that you two have to face.

Let’s check out some of the factors you need to be covering in the negotiation.

how to convince husband to have baby
how to convince husband to have baby

(a) Share the Insecurities and Fears

Having a baby is a bit scary for couples who haven’t have one yet. It comes with a lot of responsibilities, and the shift is so massive, most people feel insecure about it.

So, it’s your job to talk about the insecurities and fears and clear things out. It’ll show that both of you are vulnerable, which will make your husband more receptive to the idea of having a baby.

(b) Talk about the Financial Aspects

Let’s get real for a bit; having a baby can add up to the expenses. And as providers, men get a bit insecure about the financial aspects when it comes to having a child.

However, if you talk to him about the expenses and how to sort them out, he will be more likely to agree to have a baby. Having a plan, in that case, is the best way to convince him to have a child.

(c) Listen to What He Has to Say

You must listen to the man and see what he has to say about the idea of having a baby. That way you can see what’s preventing him from the idea of getting a baby in the first place.

Then you can simply deal with the issue more precisely.

However, if you see that he is not ready to have a baby, and for obvious reasons, you should respect his decisions in that case.

There is no point in forcing him anymore, and you both should wait until the time is right.

(2) Warming Your Husband to the Idea of Children

Sometimes, all you’ve got to do to convince your husband to have a child is to warm him up with future pacing. That means you need to introduce him to him what joy and pleasure a baby can bring to the family.

Most of the time, men are busy doing their job, and they don’t know how good a child can make them feel.

So, it’s your responsibility to tell him about the amazing experience that he can get with a baby.

However, you defiantly want to give him time for that. Integrating the idea of him teaching his kid a favorite activity can help in that case.

And that’s just one idea, and you should come up with your own according to your partner’s personality type.

Be very supportive and show love to him for his decisions. This should be the #1 priority of all your conversations.

(3) Don’t Push Him

You should have a good idea about not forcing any decision on your husband by now. It’s not the best way to deal with it, and you definitely don’t want to do that.

Let’s talk about this in a bit more detail down below.

(a) Avoid Talking About a Baby All the Time

The basic rule of thumb is, you don’t want to talk about a baby every time you two have a conversation. That’ll quickly become super annoying, and you really don’t want to do that.

In that case, you should bring it in the conversation naturally, and if you see he’s annoyed by it, don’t talk about it anymore for that day.

But if he shows genuine interest, you can talk a bit more about it without any hesitation, and maybe try to convince him to have a child as well.

(b) Be Happy with Your Present

If your husband is not ready to have a baby yet, there’s no point in forcing him as it won’t make anyone happy.

In that scenario, you should accept your partner’s decision and still be able to love him and live a happy life with him.

Once you give him time and space, he might reconsider the whole thing over time and decide to have a baby anyway.

So, it’s not worth pushing him over and over, rather, give him time.

(c) Don’t Deliberately Skip on Birth Control

The worst thing you can do is skipping on birth control to have a baby in the family. This will cause very serious issues in your family and the relation with your husband.

It’s definitely not worth cheating him over birth control, and it can even lead to a counter effect. So, he might be further invested in not having a baby, which is the opposite of what you wanted.

So, never deliberately skip birth control and try to influence your husband to have a child.

To Wrap Up

As you went through the article, you now know how to convince husband to have baby. However, it’s crucial to be real and see his point of view as well.

Sometimes, it’s just not the right time to have a baby, and you should respect that decision as well.

However, having a baby can take your marriage life to a whole new level. It’s undoubtedly the happiest thing a couple can dream of.

So, don’t hesitate to use some of the tips we went through to convince your husband to bring a beautiful baby to the family.

Writer: Shyran Khan Joy

Related Q&A (Question And Answer)

(1) How can I persuade my partner to have a baby?

Answer: If you want to be ready for your first child, you must first convince your husband that you will be with him for life.

A man doesn’t want a woman to be the mother of his child who doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life with him.

And if you already have one or more than one child, take care of your husband and child at all times.

At the same time, respect your husband and for some reason do not say anything to your husband that will make him feel that he is not taking proper care of children and you.

  • Take care of him.
  • Let him know that he is special to you.
  • Spend extra time with him.
  • Make his life romantic.
(2) What do you do when you are ready for a baby but your partner isn’t?

Answer: Don’t do anything that will make your husband angry, because it can create distance between you and your life partner.

Be patient, as well as lovingly try to convince your spouse that you want children to make your relationship last longer. It’s a part of the future planning of your family.

  • Don’t pressure him.
  • Give him time to think.
  • Keep patient.
  • Don’t treat him badly.
(3) How long after marriage should you have a baby?

Answer: It has no fixed time. If you want, you can start thinking about the child from the day after marriage, again after 1 year or 10 years. This is the wish of you and your spouse.

But if you want to take someone else’s advice on this matter, we will forbid you. Because no one knows about your condition and your life partner better than you.

So decide of yourself, when you want to welcome a beautiful girl or boy into your family.

If you feel that your spouse will be by your side for the rest of the life, then it is best not to delay.

  • After 1 year is the right time.
  • Discuss with your life partner.
  • Don’t take anyone else’s advice.
(4) What makes a man want to have a baby with you?

Answer: First of all, ask yourself how your relationship with that man is. If the man is not your husband or boyfriend then that man will never agree. And if he agrees, then that man is not good.

If the man is your husband or boyfriend and loves you, then you have to do these things which will make him want to have a baby with you.

  • You have to love him unconditionally.
  • Never say that he is not like your dream boy.
  • Make sure that you will stay with him forever.
  • Don’t forget to set a budget for your upcoming baby.
(5) I want a baby but my husband doesn’t

Answer: There can be 2 reasons, why your husband doesn’t want a baby. Maybe his financial condition is not good or he doesn’t wanna take any responsibilities.

If money is the reason then try to collect some funds from your family members or relatives. You can also save money without knowing your husband by reducing daily expenses.

Otherwise, we will suggest you follow this advice to convince your husband.

  • Tell him beautiful stories about his friend’s baby.
  • Show him some cute videos of his relative’s baby.
  • Don’t force him repeatedly.
  • Take time and politely try to convince him.
  • Respect his decision, but influence him indirectly.

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