How To Be A Helpmate To Your Husband? (8+ Valuable Tips For You)

Learn how to be a helpmate to your husband and take your relationship with him to a whole new level. Check out our top tips to do that easily.

Ever felt like being the #1 helpmate to your husband and give him better love and support? That can truly make your relationship with him stronger, and he’s going to be more appreciative of you as well.

How to be a helpmate to your husband

But do you know how to be a helpmate to your husband to start with in the first place? Well, you can’t just start doing random stuff for him as it can even distract him from his work.

To get a better and more strategic approach, let’s check out 8 things you can do to be a true helpmate to your husband.

how to be a helpmate to your husband
how to be a helpmate to your husband

(1) Inspire him to pursue his dreams

Men have to work very hard to provide for their family, and your husband is very likely the same. But they do have some dreams of their own that get buried by the insane workload they put on themselves.

If you can manage to inspire them to pursue their dreams, then they are bound to be appreciative of you.

Just talk to him about his dreams, and what he really likes to do. Then you can easily spark some inspiration inside him, and he might start following his lost dreams once again.

That might not feel like being a helpmate to your soulmate, but it’s actually the most powerful way on the list.

(2) Clean up his mess

If you know your husband, then you should notice that sometimes he makes a mess of a situation. If you can clean that up and handle the situation for him, he’ll be very thankful to you.

That’s because men don’t like to be seen as wrong or come across messed up.

If you can do that for him, that’s going to be a huge help from you to him. So, try to do that as much as you can, and it’s a great way to become his helpmate.

(3) Be his helping hands

If you can help your husband with his work, that’ll be a huge point for you. It’s not like you can always help with his work, but if you can do any of that, feel free to do so.

He’ll definitely appreciate your work and will feel relieved.

Just don’t try to do everything on your own as it might be distracting for him. Also, if you do something you are not comfortable doing, you might actually cause trouble for him.

So, while being mindful of that, try to help him as much as possible in his work.

(4) Listen to him

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your husband is to sit back for a while and have a chat. If he stays busy all the time with his work, he might be holding a lot on the inside that he wants to get out. 

So, sitting with him in a private space and listening to what he has to say can help him relieve the tension that he’s holding back. And if he is having any issue, you two can figure out a solution as well easily.

(5) Keep the house clean

A messy house can destroy most of our productivity, and you must keep it clean if you want your husband to perform his best in life. It’s actually one of the most important things you can do to actually be a helpmate to him.

By keeping your house clean of clutter, you two can also spend better and more mindful time together. Not to mention, a clean space is always the best space to take some rest as well.

So, remember, it’s your job as your husband’s helpmate to keep your house clean and tidy.

(6) Be gentle with him

Knowing what not to do can be as much if not more important than knowing how to be a helpmate to your partner.

One of the most critical things you should keep in check is whether you’re putting too much pressure on him or not. 

You should always treat him gently, and give him room for arrogance. Not to mention, if he’s dealing with some internal breakdowns, don’t hesitate to leave him alone for a bit and allow time to fix the issue.

Never act rude to him, and that should be your #1 priority as a helpmate of your life partner.

(7) Consider lowering your standards and expectations

Let’s get real for a moment; your expectations can really put pressure on your husband. If you want to be a helpmate to your lover, you must keep your living standards and expectations in check. 

That will help to take the unnecessary load off of his head, and he’ll appreciate you for that. However, you should keep in mind that it’s easier said than done.

(8) Help him financially if needed

Lastly, if you want to be a perfect helpmate to your lover, then consider getting a job to help him financially. He’s going to appreciate your help in every way, and it’s your duty as a wife to support him in all possible ways.

And getting a job in this day and age is one of the best ways to support your man and relieve some pressure off of his head.

However, you don’t have to aim for the biggest post or build a super high profitable income stream.

Doing as much as you can be more than enough in this case, and will let him know how much you love and care for him.

To Wrap Up

These were 8 of the best ways on how to be a helpmate to your husband that you should apply to your life. As you saw, these are not that difficult to do.

But if you take your time and put some effort into these, your husband is going to be more affectionate towards you.

As a wife, it’s your duty to support your husband all the time. And using these steps will definitely help you make remarkable progress in this sector. And hopefully, you both will have a wonderful married life together.

Writer: Shyran Khan Joy

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