Heart Touching Romantic Love Stories (2021 Year Special Sad Story)

Heart Touching Romantic Love Stories: To get the good news to Trevor as soon as possible, Alroa left her office fast and went home. On the way in, she was quite surprised to see a pair of lady shoes outside the door in front of her house.

Alora just didn’t get why there was a pair of lady shoes in front of the door while her husband was at home. She got inside, went to the bedroom to see if Trevor was there. And she saw him lying on the bed. But he wasn’t alone; her best friend Ensley was there as well!

Heart Touching Romantic Love Stories

It didn’t take more than a second for Alora to see the relationship that her husband and Ensley have as there is no other explanation for them being in the bed together. As Alora’s best friend, Ensley often comes to visit. However, she never realized that her husband was in a secret relationship with Ensley.

Trevor was deep asleep at the moment. Seeing Alora, Ensley quickly woke him up. As he was realizing Alora was there standing in front of him, he acted like he didn’t know Ensley was even on his bed.

Addressing Ensley, Trevor said, 

Trevor: What the hell! What are you doing in my bed? And when did you get here?

Ensley: There is no point in hiding it anymore Trevor, we are caught red-handed!

Trevor: What in the heck are you talking about? I don’t get any of that! Why are you in our bedroom, and why were you in there while I was sleeping?

Alora didn’t even say a word. She left the bedroom and took a seat in the living room. Tears were streaming all over her face. She’s trying to wipe it simultaneously.

heart touching romantic love stories
heart touching romantic love stories

A Big Misunderstanding

Trevor came to Alora and sat next to her. She pushed him away immediately.

Trevor: You are getting it all wrong Alroa, it isn’t what you’re thinking it is. I wasn’t feeling so good, and that’s why I came home earlier and took a nap. After waking up, I saw Ensley and you standing in front of the door. I don’t know anything that’s happening right now.

Alora: You don’t have to go on with this drama anymore. If you’ve only said it once, I would’ve left you alone a long time ago. You didn’t have to hurt me like that.

At that point, Ensley entered the room and addressing Alora she said,

Ensley: I know damn well that it was a terrible thing to do, and I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

Trevor: Why are you making things up, Ensley? Why are you doing this to us?

Without giving an answer, Ensley left the house immediately.

On this side, Trevor was trying his heart and soul to make her wife believe that all of that was nothing but a big misunderstanding. He only loves Alora, and there is nothing between him and Ensley. But Alora wasn’t buying it; she was just sitting with dead silence.

She Is Leaving Me

After a while, Alora said to her husband Trevor,

Alora: I’ll send the divorce letter within a few days and I don’t want to see your face any more from now on. I’m leaving now, and please, don’t try to stop me. If you do, I’ll finish myself.

Trevor: If you have a problem staying with me, it is me who’s gonna leave the house. It’s your house, and you are not leaving.

Alora: When there’s another woman who owned my bedroom, it’s not going to take long for her to own my house as well. 

Trevor: Is that our last decision, my beloved wife?

Alora didn’t give an answer. She went inside. After a while, she packed her bags and went to leave the house. At that moment, Trevor was standing in front of the main door. He was in tears! For the first time in life, Alora saw tears in her husband’s eyes.

But that didn’t change her mind. She was leaving while she was also noticing that Trevor was trembling and wasn’t able to keep standing still. He seemed sick. She said,

Alora: What do you want to achieve by acting sick now?

Trevor: You know how good of an actor I am, and I’m showing that talent to my beloved wife.

Alora: I prefer that you don’t call me your wife anymore. We are not going to see each other from now on.

Trevor: If I’m actually guilty, then by God’s name, it’s our last moment together. But if I’m innocent, then we will meet again, and I believe that with my heart.

6 Years Passed By

Alora was roaming in a park. She noticed Trevor was sitting on a bench. Alora went to him and stood there without saying a word. Trevor saw her standing in front of him.

Trevor: I never thought I’m going to see you today!

A small girl came and started cuddling Alora at this moment and said, “Mom, I wanna have an ice cream now.”

Trevor: Is that your daughter?

Alora: Yes.

Trevor: I feel like she looks just like me! The nose, the hair, the skin, everything is identical. What’s her name?

Alora: Aleena.

Trevor: She might look like me, but you’ve named her after you. Who’s her father?

Alora didn’t answer him. Seeing that, Trevor started chatting with the little girl. 

Trevor: Do you want an ice cream? Come with me, let’s see what flavor you like the most!

Trevor held her hand and took her for ice cream. Alora stood still.

Trevor: What flavor do you want Aleena?

Aleena: Vanilla.

Trevor: Oh, I love vanilla as well. We don’t just have identical looks but taste as well. But your mom likes chocolate ice cream though.

Trevor was having a wonderful time chatting with Aleena. They returned to Alora.

My Best Friend Loves My Husband

Trevor: I want to tell you something, Alora. Ensley passed away. Before she died, she told her husband to let me know a few things. Ensley liked me from my college days. But I was in love with you. Then you and I got in a relationship, married each other. Ensley was torn apart. She was seeking revenge. The day you went home earlier, you told Ensley about that. And she had one of the extra keys to our house. She used that to enter my room and saw me sleeping. Then she got in the bed with me, and then you saw us in that state and thought…

Trevor waited for a good while to see if Alora said something or not. But Alora was silent like a stone. Seeing that Trevor decided to leave them. Before that he said,

Trevor: You’ve married, having a wonderful life, and you’ve got such a beautiful daughter Aleena. There is no one happier than me to see all that. I want you to be happy like this all the time. But I’d really like to know who you married. Well, it doesn’t matter that much, give him my best wishes.

I Know You Are Innocent

Trevor left them. When Alora saw Trevor leaving, she couldn’t resist her tears and started crying. 

Aleena: Why are you crying, mum? Who was that uncle? He was very nice to me, he bought me ice cream.

Alora: He is not your uncle, dear. He is your dad. I went home earlier that day because I wanted to tell him that he’s going to be a father soon. Now, he realized that you look just like him, but he wasn’t able to realize that you’re his own daughter. Because he didn’t know that Ensley told me everything as well before she died. I know your father was innocent, and that’s why we met today, dear. Do you want to know why he came here to this park today? 15 years back, this is where we met, on this day, and he came here to celebrate it. Just like I came to do the same thing.

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