Hate Boss Romance Books (2021 Year Special Thriller Collection)

Hate Boss Romance Books: Rebecca was thinking about last night. She didn’t like the way her boss Mark behaved with her. If it was someone else, she might’ve filed a complaint against her boss if that happened.

At that time, Rebecca’s co-worker Petter came and said,

Peter: Boss called you to his cabin, right now.

Rebecca: Do you know anything about why he called me there?

Peter: Nah, I don’t know anything about it. But I think it’s about the upcoming meeting that we’re going to have today in the evening.

Hate Boss Romance Books

After their conversation, Peter left. And Rebecca started walking towards her boss’s cabin thinking about last night in her mind. Arriving at the door, she knocked,

Rebecca: May I please come inside, boss?

Mark: Of course, Rebecca, come inside.

Rebecca: Peter said you called for me.

Mark: Yep, today we are having a very important meeting in the evening and you must be a part of it.

Rebecca: So, when will the meeting be held? After the office hours?

Mark: Yes, we do have some work to finish in the working hours. And so, the meeting is after that period.

Rebecca: But today I have to go back to my home early. I won’t be able to stay and attend the meeting.

Mark: Do you want to ignore the meeting because of my poor behavior last night?

Rebecca: Last night? Was there any meeting last night? It was a party.

Mark didn’t say anything back to her. He was staring down at his laptop. So, Rebecca returned to her desk and tried to focus on her work. But she just could not focus.

She wasn’t able to forget what happened last night even after all the time. She got very annoyed at herself. Everything seemed dark and gloomy. Suddenly, she heard Mark calling him.

A Gift From My Boss

She got quite annoyed this time. She saw him standing in front of her and asked,

Rebecca: Do you want anything, sir?

Mark: Yes.

Rebecca: What do you want?

Mark: I want you.

Rebecca: What!

Mark: I was just kidding with you. I bought you a party dress. Here, take it.

Rebecca: But I don’t need it right now, thanks.

Mark: I know you don’t need it. But take it as a gift from me. Wear it at the evening meeting.

Mark left the dress on her desk. Rebecca got very mad at him and said to herself,

Rebecca: I was just trying to forget about all that and get along with my work. He just had to make it worse. Now, I’m forced to wear that at the meeting. I am really going to lose it today.

At that moment, Rebecca’s friend Kelly called her as she was supposed to go out with her last night. She didn’t as last night she was…

Kelly: You promised me back then.

Rebecca: Trust me, Kelly. I didn’t have any other way.

Kelly: Where were you last night?

Rebecca: I don’t know anything.

Kelly: What do you mean! I called you a thousand times last night, but you didn’t pick up the phone.

Rebecca: I want to have a chat with you now.

Kelley: What happened, Rebecca? Is everything alright? Did anything bad happen last night?

Rebecca: I can’t tell you everything over the phone. Can you please visit me at the coffee shop beside our office? You live nearby.

Kelly: Sure thing. I’m leaving for the coffee shop right away.

hate boss romance books
hate boss romance books

I Was Not Dreaming Last Night

Then Rebecca and Kelly met at the coffee shop. Rebecca sat there silently. She was thinking about last night, and she wasn’t saying a word.

Kelly: (Got annoyed) Are you going to tell me anything at all or should I just leave?

Rebecca then started explaining everything to Kelly,

“Yesterday I went to a place with my boss. He told me that an important client will meet us there. But when I got there, I saw that it was a party. He said that the party was arranged as the clients gathered in the place.

I saw a lot of my previous clients there that I know already. I talked with everyone, and after that, I asked my boss when the meeting would start. He told me not to rush and enjoy the party. I’ve gone to a lot of meetings where pirates were held with my boss.

I was chatting with everyone with a glass of juice in my hand. My boss was busy with something, I didn’t notice anything by that time. Suddenly, I started to feel a little sick. I was very sleepy by then. And then, I don’t remember anything from that point.

My Boss Changed My Clothes

I woke up in my own bed. Got a bit surprised how I even got there. Also, I got shocked when I saw that my dress was there on the floor, and I was wearing a different dress.

Does that mean my boss did anything wrong with me back then? But the room was all so tidy, and I was in my own bed. How did I even get here!

I rushed to the main doorstep. But the door was locked from the inside. So, if someone was there with me, he’s still there. Yet, there was no one with me. It’s a small place, and there is no place to hide.”

After hearing all that Kelly got very angry and said,

Kelly: Let’s charge your boss in the police station. Let’s go with me.

Rebecca: But we don’t have any sort of proof about what happened. The police will ask for proof.

Kelly: It takes only one hour to get a medical report. Come with me to the hospital now.

Rebecca: Don’t you think I’ve done it already? I did that in the morning. The report said everything is normal, and nothing like that happened to me last night.

Kelly: How’s that even possible? Do you really think that he changed your dress and left you on your bed? Haha. Were you dreaming last night?

Rebecca: I know you are not able to trust all of this.

Kelly: Haha. Why won’t I trust you! You were all alone in your house. The main door was shut. Maybe your boss is a ghost after all. Or you must be dreaming.

He Knows About The Secret Mark Of My Body

Rebecca: I am telling you everything as it was. I can clearly recall that I was with my boss last night, and I woke up in my bed this morning. And I was wearing different clothes.

Kelly: Got it.

Rebecca: What?

Kelly: You really had a dream. Haha.

After that, Kelly returned to her home, and Rebecca went to her office. She was thinking if all of it was really a dream. Thinking about all that, she arrived at her cabin, and she saw her boss Mark sitting on her chair.

Rebecca: Sir, do you need anything?

Mark: What’s the mark on your chest, Rebecca?

Hearing that Rebecca got chills down her spine. The mark is not visible from the outside, and only those who have seen her body could’ve told that. But how did Mark know about that then! And if he did change her dress back then how come the door was locked from the inside?

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