Goodbye Letter To Husband Before Divorce – 7+ Collections For You

We know that you are passing a hard time in your life and at last you are going to write a goodbye letter to husband before divorce. Here you will get some unique separation letter collection that can make someone cry.

Goodbye Letter To Husband Before Divorce

The types of letters to say goodbye to your life partner can be many. Maybe you wanna blame him because he is busy with his work or he loves another woman or co-worker.

Otherwise, he can’t fulfill your needs or maybe you are keeping a secret relationship with another man. So you wanna leave him and now writing a saddest letter.

goodbye letter to husband before divorce
goodbye letter to husband before divorce

(1) Blame on him

I wanted to make our married life last longer till death but you are totally careless about this relationship. You know well why I am saying that.

I think it’s high time to tell you that you have lost me and also our lovely relationship. I can’t continue with someone who can’t give his wife a proper status.

Sorry to say that I want a divorce so that you can enjoy your life. Now you are free and you can do anything you want, I will not bother you anymore. Have a nice life without me.

Have a happy life.

You Name

(2) He is keeping a secret relationship

Maybe you don’t know that I have spent a lot of time with you and that’s why I can understand what is going on in your mind. Yes! I know you love her.

I think you have given my place to her without knowing me. She is very lucky that he has got a man like you. I hope you will spend a happy and peaceful life with her.

Don’t worry about me, I will be ok. You know that I love you and I can’t level without you but it’s not possible for me to accept another woman in my place. Only one can be your queen, I am giving my place to your new dream girl, your new queen.

Love you, Bye.

Here Your Name

(3) You love another man

I don’t deserve your love because I have given my heart to another man. Yes, I love someone else and you may know him.

This time, I have no words to say sorry but I can’t live with you anymore. Please forgive me for doing this, I am leaving you.

You are a nice man but I can’t continue relationships with 2 men at the same time. I know you will be so angry after reading this but I am helpless.

I have decided to leave you because there is another man in my heart and mind. Please try to understand, please forget me, find a perfect life partner for you.

Forgive me, please.

Write Name Here

(4) I will come back again

I’m not moving away from your life. You are taking me away from your life. This is not my decision, you want to live alone.

I don’t know why you have taken this type of decision. Maybe there was a lack of love from my side and that’s why you can live without me.

I couldn’t keep our relationship alive. Now everything is in your hands. If you think you can bring me back into your life, there is still time. We are not divorced yet.

If you welcome me, I will come back again in your life. I know you will. Until then, goodbye.

Have a nice time without me.

Write Your Name Here

(5) He has no time for you

Was I your wife? No! I wasn’t. You are so busy that you don’t have any time for me. Even at night also! Then how can I be your wife when you don’t wanna spend a single minute with me?

You have time for your friends, even you go out every night for the party. But don’t wanna take me with you. You are leading life like a single man, not like a married man.

Ok! Fine! I am leaving, now live your bachelor life peacefully. You will never see my shadow in your life.

I will not forgive you, take care.

Write Here You Name

(6) Take care of my children

I have spent many years with you and we have kids. They are the flowers of our love. At one time you just loved me.

But the love has gone. Maybe there is another woman in my place or maybe I am not attractive to get you attraction. I don’t know why you don’t care about me but I am pretty sure that now you don’t love me.

Please take care of our kids, they love you so much and I don’t want to take away their father’s love from them. That’s why I decided to leave you with our children.

Take care of them, have a nice life.

Your Name Write Here

(7) We decided together

Together we decided to be separate. I think it’s going to be my last message to you because after that you will not be able to contact me.

At last, I’m leaving empty-handed. I don’t know what will be after the separation but it’s going to be because I have already got the divorce paper from you.

You signed it, signed the paper, did it.

Welcome to your new life.

Write Your Name Here


That was our collection of sample separation letter to husband. It’s not easy to write a letter to husband to end marriage. Here you will also find goodbye letter to cheating husband so that you can share your feelings.

Most of the wife wanna know how to make someone cry in a goodbye letter so that they can write a saddest goodbye letter to boyfriend.

If you are interested to send a letter to my uncaring husband or a letter to husband who hurt you then it’s will be one of the best collections for you.

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