Funny Story To Tell Your Boyfriend (2021 Year Special Love Stories)

Funny Story To Tell Your Boyfriend: Marvin, Dustin, and Lawrance are discussing who’s going to take the love letter to Liana. Among these 3, Lawrance is considered the strongest and most courageous. He goes to the gym daily and has developed quite a physique.

On the other hand, Marvin is in love with Liana but doesn’t have the guts to approach her, let alone write a letter for her. Whereas Dustin is an expert when it comes to crafting the most beautiful letters, and so, he has written a letter on behalf of Marvin.

Funny Story To Tell Your Boyfriend

Now, Lawrence is on the move to take his letter to Liana. But they are having a discussion about how, when, and what to say before approaching her in person.

Lawrence: It’s an easy job, mate. Whenever Liana leaves the classroom, I myself will take the letter to her on behalf of Marvin. She’s going to fall for Marvin and will become his girlfriend if she reads that letter Dustin wrote even once. 

Marvin: You think you will simply give her the letter and she’ll accept the proposal? You might think it is easy, but I find that next to impossible to take that letter to Liana, let alone her becoming my Girlfriend!

Dustin: Don’t you have any faith in my work? Liana is one of the simple, calm, and shy girls. Besides, she doesn’t have any boyfriend. So, there is nothing in between you two, and that’s why we want this to work out so badly.

Lawrence: The matter she doesn’t have a boyfriend actually doesn’t matter that much. But the love at first sight phenomenon of our Marvin is the important bit here. Besides, we all have girlfriends except for Marvin. We can’t just let that roll for longer! How long is he going to stay like that? Liana isn’t in a relationship, Marvin likes her, and we are going to get them together, that’s it!

funny story to tell your boyfriend
funny story to tell your boyfriend

My Crush

Marvin: I love Liana and there is no doubt about that but I didn’t want to get in a relationship with her, nor do I want to at this moment.

Dustin: What exactly do you want then? Will you love Liana and have a relationship with some other woman? Is that what you want, Marvin?

Lawrance: Hahaha

Marvin: I don’t want to get involved in a relationship with anyone, and these are nothing but a hassle to me. First few months, you get close to each other, make a bond. Then starts all kinds of mess, and ends with a break-up.

Dustin: Mess? Don’t say that, mate. It reminds me of my girlfriend. I don’t think anybody is a bigger troublemaker than her.

Lawrence: So, you’re saying that there is less trouble between you and your 3rd girlfriend now? I just saw you two having a fight and shouting at each other in the canteen that day!

Dustin: It’s just a typical case in a modern relationship. You just saw one end of the coin, dude. We were fine by that night! Tell me one thing, you have such a magnificent physique, why do all the girls beat you up then?

Lawrance: And who exactly beat me up?

My Friend’s Secret Video

Dustin: Who! Can’t you remember your own girlfriend giving you a few hardcore slaps last night?

Lawrance: But you weren’t even there! How come you know all that?

Dustin: My presence doesn’t matter much here. My girlfriend saw you two behind the nightclub and shot a beautiful little footage of your woman slapping you hardcore. She showed me last night. I don’t think it will take more than an hour for this video to spread out and make you famous around here. Or infamous should I say!

Lawrence: You really don’t want to do that, mate. I have a reputation here, and you should understand a bit. Why don’t you just tell your girlfriend to delete the video instead? God knows who else has witnessed this hot mess!

Dustin: Nah! She ain’t gonna show it to nobody. I took care of it. It’s rather a way to get you to do whatever I say. You see, I can’t win you over a fight. You’ve got quite the fists. The video, however, can come in handy though.

Marvin: Would you guys stop now? I’m leaving for home.

Dustin: Seriously? After a while, your girlfriend is going to leave the class, and we are planning to execute our brilliant mission, and you are leaving!

Marvin: Liana is not my girlfriend yet, and it’s not decided that she ever will be. And thanks to your “Letter” mission, I didn’t even attend my class.

Lawrence: What we did was for you and Lana. Once you two get together, hold hands, or kiss, you’ll remember this day. You’ll remember us making it happen.

The bell rang; the class was over. Lawrence and Dustin are getting prepared, and Marvin, on the other hand, is getting obnoxious by the minute. Everybody is getting out of the classroom one by one as Marvin glues his gaze upon the door. Liana finally got out of the class with one of her friends. Seeing that, the heartbeat of poor Marvin started racing. 

Interesting Love Letter

Lawrance quickly took the love letter from Dustin and approached Liana.

Lawrence: Can we have a quick chat for a minute? I have something to say, Liana.

Liana bade bye to her friend and said,

Liana: Yes, what do you want? 

Giving the letter to her hand,

Lawrence: Marvin told me to give it to you.

Taking the letter, Liana went through it once. On the other side of the board, Dustin was almost celebrating and told Marvin,

Dustin: See! What did I tell you before? She’s going to make you her boyfriend just by reading my magical letter once.

Marvin: She read it, but didn’t say anything yet.

Dustin: Just wait for a while. After she’s done with this letter, I’m sure that she’s going to approach you, give you a big hug, and say, “I love you too, Marvin.” And then…

Marvin: Would you please stop, pal? Wait, why is Liana taking Lawrance inside the classroom?

Dustin saw Liana and Lawrance getting inside of the classroom and closing the door behind them.

Dustin: I think there is a big misunderstanding here. Liana must’ve thought the letter was from Lawrance. Why wouldn’t he say it was on behalf of you?

Marvin: It was clearly a mistake trusting in your brilliant plans.

The Angry Girl

After a while, Liana came out of the classroom. She gave Marvin a not-so-good look and left immediately. Dustin and Marvin both ran to the classroom and saw Lawrance kinda rolling on the floor. He seems in pain like someone just hit him. His face turned blood red. They quickly sat him on a bench.

Dustin: I don’t get it! Why is your face red like that? Is that all lipstick marks from Liana? Don’t you have a girlfriend? Then why would you have to extend your desires towards Marvin’s love?

Lawrence: Please, shut up! I did not know that she learned martial arts! Didn’t even leave a spot on my body that’s not in pain. I thought she was a calm and peaceful girl, but she’s completely the opposite of that.

Dustin: I already knew that you are not going to cut it. What’s the point in wasting your time in the gym all day if you have to get beaten by a simple girl? 

Lawrence: Oh, the pain!

Marvin was very disappointed and left the classroom, behind him were Dustin and Lawrence.

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