Funny Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend Over Text (2021 Year Collection)

Funny Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend Over Text: Alana is serving the passengers in different ways on the plane. Someone needs coffee, someone wants to set the seat comfortably. As an air hostess, she has to do these things every day.

She noticed one of the passengers on the plane, he is very upset, a little distracted. Normally Alana goes to that passenger to find out if he has any problems, because an air hostess is instructed so that all passengers to be happy with their service.

Funny Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend Over Text

Alana: Can I help you in any way, sir, do you need anything?

Stranger: Yes…

Alana: I can arrange a comfortable head pillow for you, so that you can sleep comfortably, or you can order delicious food from the menu.

Stranger: Can you arrange a girlfriend for me?

Alana: What!

Stranger: Girlfriend.

funny stories to tell your girlfriend over text
funny stories to tell your girlfriend over text

Passenger needs a girlfriend

The other passengers sitting around start laughing when they hear that the stranger is asking for a girlfriend from the air hostess. Alana replies nicely, controlling her smile,

Alana: Sorry sir, we don’t provide girlfriend service here.

Hearing Alana’s answer, the passengers of the plane started laughing loudly. Seeing everyone laughing, the other air hostess comes to find out what has happened. Another air hostess Gigi asks her,

Gigi: Is there any problem here Alana, why everyone laughing like this?

Alana: This man needs a girlfriend but sorry to say that there is no girl on the plane who is ready to be his girlfriend.

Gigi: Who told you no one available, I will do it for him, what’s your name, sir?

Stranger: Louis…

Gigi: I can be your girlfriend on this trip but there is a condition, you have to do everything keeping a distance of 1 meter from me.

Air hostess wants to be passenger’s girlfriend

Other passengers are enjoying this conversation.

Louis: Obviously you are pretty, but if a beautiful girl like your co-worker agrees, then it can be awesome.

Gigi: You know how to reject girls smartly. Alana… maybe this guy wants you as your girlfriend.

Alana: But the airline company is not giving me a salary for serving myself as a girlfriend to passengers.

Louis: I will do it, I can share half of my salary to you to be my girlfriend.

Gigi: What an exclusive offer you are getting from this crazy guy!

Alana: I am not interested, anything else sir?

Louis: No thank you.

Louis then sits quietly, though all the passengers on the plane continue to discuss him. Other air hostesses, including Gigi, have been talking a lot about him, but Alana has shown no interest.

At the end of the journey, the plane reaches its destination, then Louis gets off the plane and goes to his destination.

Searching for girlfriend in the park

No flights are taking off or landing at the airport due to bad weather, so Alana, Gigi, and other air hostesses decided to go out tonight, as they have no work, they are spending their leisure time at the hotel.

After walking around they go inside a park. Coincidentally, they see Louis there. After seeing him everyone goes to meet him with great enthusiasm but Alana is standing away.

Gigi: Hello Mr. Louis, are you searching for a girlfriend here?

Louis: Oh! Hello, you all here!

Gigi: Spending our free time, and enjoying this night, tell me about you, have you found a girlfriend? I can be your girlfriend if you want.

Louis: Ha ha, but sorry, can I know your name?

Gigi: Sure! I am Gigi, (then Gigi starts to introduce other co-workers with her)

Louis: Nice you meet you all again, but where is she?

Gigi: Who? Your crush?

Everyone is laughing, as well as having a lot of fun with Louis. Louis mingles with everyone and talking like that they are old friends.

My crush air hostess

He notices that Alana is standing far away, he wants to go to Alana and talk to her, but if she doesn’t like it, that’s why Louis is not showing courage.

Gigi: I think Louis looking at that girl standing far away, again and again. (Pointing Alana)

Louis: Not actually…

Gigi: Wait, wait, I have a plan, I bought a gift for Alana, since you want to talk to her, you take this gift box to her, then say that you bought it for her.

Louis: Her name is Alana?

Gigi: What a deep love, you are fall in love without knowing the name!

Everyone is laughing but Louis is feeling shy.

Gigi: Ok, take this gift to her, you will get a chance to talk to her.

Louis: Sure?

Gigi: Yes! 100% sure, take it and go…

Louis goes to Alana with Gigi’s gift box, but another air hostess Yolanda asks,

Yolanda: Is there anything inside the gift box or is it empty?

Gigi: Of course there is something, but it’s not suitable as a gift for a stranger girl.

Yolanda: What’s inside!

Gigi: You can see it, when Alana will open the box. Follow me, everyone.

Giving a bra as a gift to my crush

Following Gigi, everyone gets close to Louis and Alana, but away from them, as if they don’t realize that everyone was watching their activities.

Louis: Hello, Alana…

Alana: Are you following me, We’re here, you’re here too, it can’t be a coincidence.

Louis: Truly speaking, I was searching for someone here, then I saw all of you here.

Alana: Searching for what, Girlfriend?

Louis: No, my brother.

Alana: I know you are lying.

Louis: Take this. (handed the gift to Alana)

Alana: What is it and why you are giving it to me?

Louis: It’s for you.

Alana: Why I will take a gift from a guy I don’t know?

Louis: This is our second meet, so, please.

Alana: What’s inside, It’s so lite, are you going to make me fool with the empty gift box?

Now Louis is worried because Gigi gave him this gift box, he doesn’t know what’s in it, It also can be empty!

Alana opens the gift box, it’s a Bra! There would be a Bra inside the gift box, Louis couldn’t have imagined it.

Everyone, including Gigi, burst out laughing.

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