Funny Short Stories With A Twist Ending (2021 Romantic Science Fiction)

Funny Short Stories With A Twist Ending: Last night, Isla broke up with Niko. This time, it’s their 6th break-up in a line. Isla is pretty hot-headed, and she can’t tolerate any other girls even talking to Niko even at his workspace. 

However, sometimes it’s crucial for Niko to interact with the female co-workers, but his girlfriend doesn’t take it very well. They both are engineers, and they work in the same office as well.

Funny Short Stories With A Twist Ending

One day earlier, Niko told Isla that he’s going to take her to dinner. But at that moment, he got busy with some work and got late. Seeing that, Isla went to his cabin to find out when he’ll be able to finish his work.

But when she arrived there, she saw Niko laughing while chatting with his co-worker Genesis. That got to her, which is basically the main reason for their breakup. Niko was just having a conversation with Genesis about work-related stuff, but even knowing that Isla had enough of it.

However, today there is a special meeting at the office. Everyone is told to be present there in time. Isla was sitting there on a desk. Niko came and sat beside her. Isla immediately took off of her chair and went for another one.

Everyone in the room was laughing at her knowing they break up every few days. It was apparent that they’d broken up again, and the entire room was gossiping about it.

funny short stories with a twist ending
funny short stories with a twist ending

New Lady In Our Office

At this moment, the CEO entered the meeting room. Beside her was a new lady. All men in the room were staring at her without blinking. And the women were jealous of her marvelous beauty. She had incomparable beauty, and everyone in the room could see that.

Introducing her, the CEO said, “She is Skylar. She got appointed to our office today. She’ll be working as Niko’s personal secretary.” Hearing that Isla got mad. She asked the CEO,

Isla: Why is Skylar going to be Niko’s personal secretary? If someone joins the office, he/she works with me for the first month. That’s how it went usually.

CEO: It is different for Skylar’s case. I’ll let you guys know the further updates within a week. Until then work as I’ve mentioned. 

Then the CEO left for his cabin. Skylar sat beside Niko’s empty chair, from which Isla got up a while back! Seeing them sitting next to each other, Isla got very angry and left the meeting room.

Niko was noticing everything that was happening. After Isla left, the whole room full of people was r0asting him. They asked him if he and Isla had broken up again and how long it will last this time.

My Boyfriend’s New Personal Secretary

After the work hour, everyone was going home. While Isla left the office, she saw Niko and Skylar sitting next to each other, chatting, and having a burst of laughter. Even, Niko was twitching her fingers and joking around about something. That is something Isla has the right to be angry about. But as they’ve broken up, she can’t say anything here. So, she left for home mad.

Usually, after finishing work, Isla hangs out with Niko and does shopping or leaves for home after dinner. But as they’ve broken up, nothing is going as it should be. She’s standing in front of the office, maybe waiting for Niko to show up.

After a while, Niko left the office and went home. He didn’t notice that Isla was standing there. If he did, he might have tried to calm her down and make things go normal again. That broke her heart even more.

Once Niko left, Isla was standing down the road under the office. She was actually waiting for Skylar as she wanted to tell her to stay away from Niko. Only she is his girlfriend, and there is the only complication between them for a short while.

It was almost midnight and Isla gave up waiting for Skylar as she didn’t see her coming out of the office. Isla thought that she might have missed her passing by and so, she left for home.

6 days passed by just like that. Isla tried very hard to talk to Skylar, but she just could not get the right opportunity to do that. That’s because she always sticks with Niko during office hours. But after that, she never saw her leaving office, which was quite strange. That got Isla wondering if Skylar spends the night in the office!

Boyfriend Kissing His Personal Secretary

It was the 7th day Skylar had joined the office. It was also Niko and Isla’s 7th day of breakup. The CEO told the whole group that he’s going to tell them more about Skylar. Isla also decided that she’s going to talk to Skylar no matter what and tell her that she is his girlfriend. Also, she’s going to get Niko in the line as well. They seem to always stick together, and all of their co-workers think that they are in a relationship.

Thinking about all that Isla entered the office room. She was not ready to see what’s in front of her. She saw Niko and Skylar were cuddling each other and kissing! Everybody was surprised seeing all that. The CEO was cheering them up saying, “Amazing, go on, great job!”

At this moment, Isla had enough. She ran towards them and pushed Skylar away from Niko. Skylar lost balance and ended up on the ground. Isla wasn’t done with her. She attached her and started punching her in the face!

I Was Wrong

After 7 or 8 punches, she saw that Skylar’s face was cracking but there was no blood! Isla’s hand was bleeding from the punches! She saw a motor, lights, wirings, and so much more inside Skylar’s face!

Niko immediately took Isla, sat her on a chair, and grabbed a piece of cloth to tie for stopping the bleeding. On the other side, the CEO was screaming, “On my lord! What have you done, Isla? My 3 million worth robot! You ruined the face of my robot!”

Skylar isn’t any human, she’s a robot!

The CEO started explaining, “Skylar is a very special robot. I and Niko tried to see if anyone can tell if she’s a robot if we don’t tell anyone. And no one could tell, which is pretty clear thanks to Isla!” 

Isla apologized to the CEO and started crying. At this point, Niko gave her a hug and quickly left the office for treatment of his love’s bleeding hand.

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