Free Short Stories To Get You In The Mood (2021 Year Special Collection)

Free Short Stories To Get You In The Mood: Why can’t I sleep with you tonight? It cannot be a punishment for a romantic husband. I can’t sleep at night without your affection. Don’t you know that? Open the door, my dear wife.

My husband Max is standing in front of the door and trying to convince me. Today was our wedding anniversary. He forgot that, so I punished him.

Free Short Stories To Get You In The Mood

Inside the bedroom, I am lying on the bed with the door close. Max, on the other hand, is shouting. Ahh! Is it possible to sleep like this? I open the door and confront Max.

Max: Sorry! It will not happen again. I will remember our wedding anniversary every year. Please forgive me this time.

Me: I didn’t open the door for forgiving you. I can’t sleep because of your shouting. Come into the room. Go to bed and lie down.

Max: My sweetheart! Love you so much.

He Wanna Sleep With Me

Max quickly enters the room, then goes to bed. I also go and sit next to Max.

Max approaches and hugs me. I push him away from me.

Me: I allowed you to sleep in the bed, not to hug me. You can’t touch my body tonight. This is your punishment.

Max: You’ll be by my side, but I can’t touch you! I was better off outside the room.

Me: Then I’ll get you out of this room again?

Max: No, no. It’s better to sleep in the same bed without sleeping alone in the drawing-room.

Me: What if you are by my side? You can’t touch me. I will not give you any chance. How can you forget our 1st anniversary! You are just an unromantic husband.

Max: I will spend the night looking at your attractive body without touching it.

Me: Then do that. Huh.

free short stories to get you in the mood
free short stories to get you in the mood

His Eyes Touching Me

Then I lay down. On the other side, Max is staring at me without blinking his eyes. He is looking at me as if his eyes are touching my whole body.

He has been watching me like this for 30 minutes. It seems that he can easily spend the whole night without touching me.

What will be the benefit! The punishment will not be complete if it continues like this.

Quickly I have to do something so that he can’t keep himself away from me. He may not know, I am suffering more than him.

If he doesn’t touch me, I won’t be able to sleep. I have become accustomed to sleeping with my head on his chest.

I Need His Affection

Slowly I am taking off my dress to make him more aroused. He is very surprised to see me do it. Maybe I am going to be successful.

Yes! I did it! This time he could not restrain himself.

He comes to me, hugs me, and starts kissing me. I keep trying to get him away. But in no way. The farther I push him, the harder he hugs me.

This is what I wanted. I allowed him to sleep in the bed to get love and affection from him. But he does not understand that. But I do not want to express my weakness to him.

Me: What’s going on? It was not the deal. It was said that you would lie next to me but would not touch me.

Max: You had clothes on your body when the deal was done. Now it is not, so that deal will not be effective now.

Me: Huh. You are taking the opportunity.

Max: How can I hold myself when you are giving me the opportunity?

Me: I have expected that you will remember this lovely day. Just a “happy anniversary” speech was enough to make me happy. You haven’t said anything yet.

Max: There’s a gift for you under your pillow. Open it and see.

Me: Really! You remembered, today is our special day! So why did you pretend to forget? You’re so bad!

My Gift

Then I put my hand under the pillow and notice that there was actually a gift box. Feeling so excited that I can’t explain it in words. I open the gift box.

Me: Wow! Those earrings! I wanted to buy it but I hadn’t enough money. Where did you get it! Absolutely looking like those earrings.

Max: I bought it on that day. I thought 1 week later our wedding anniversary was coming. I will give you a surprise gift.

Me: But at that time, you said, you don’t have money!

Max: Yes. But do you remember? After returning home, I went out again.

Me: Yes! Yes! You said you have an important task.

Max: Buying wedding anniversary gifts for you is definitely an important task for me.

Me: Sorry my dear husband. I punished you without realizing it. But your affection is more valuable than this gift. Even if I say, you will not stop loving me, touching me. Is that clear my dear?

Max: 100% clear!

Me: Love you so much.

Max: Love you to my queen. Can I touch you now?

Me: My chest is attached to your chest. Still, you feel like you haven’t touched me?

Max: Ha ha ha.

Happy Married Life

There is no need to describe what will happen next. Sometimes I feel like I am getting more than I expected. Actually, love is the most valuable in every married life.

Of course, I need expensive gifts from my husband but that expensive gifts are kisses, hugs, affection, etc. These are so expensive that you can’t afford to buy them in the market.

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