Free Online Romance Novels To Read Now (New Collection Of 2021)

Free Online Romance Novels To Read Now: Ryan got 92 marks on the Physics exam. That made his teacher very happy, even happier than Ryan’s own parents. However, he could not figure out the fact that, the boy who could not cross the 40 mark range in the exam, how he improved to 92!

Actually, Ryan did all that to impress Luna. He loves Luna. But she’s a pretty bright student. And that’s why he had to work hard to impress her.

Everybody in the class got quite surprised hearing about Ryan’s results. And yes, Luna is impressed by that, making all that hard work of his a success.

Free Online Romance Novels To Read Now

On the way home, Ryan met Luna and her friend Sarah.

Sarah: You got the best marks in Physics in the whole class this time. We want to study with you as there are only 3 months left for our final exam. Would you mind us joining you in group study sessions?

Ryan: (After thinking about it for a second) No, actually, I like to study alone.

He was actually scared of the fact Luna might catch that he’s not good at physics at all if they study together.

Luna: Please, don’t say no. I got only 67 marks in physics this time. Sarah got 56! If we can study with you, it would be really helpful for us.

Ryan: Okay, fine. I’ll join in the group study.

My Crush Wanna Group Study With Me

After that Luna and Sarah went home excited. But Ryan, on the other hand, got very worried. Only he knows how he got that 92 marks in the exam.

He’s thinking about the group study sessions sitting on the field. How he’s going to get out of that mess! At that time, the gatekeeper told him that his Physics teacher Professor Nolan wants to have a few words with him.

But why did Professor Nolan call for him! That got him worried. He entered the professor’s cabin and stood still silently.

Professor Nolan: What’s the secret of you getting 92 marks on the last exam!

Ryan didn’t say anything and kept standing silently.

Professor Nolan: (Shouted at Ryan) Answer me. I want answers.

Ryan is pretty bad at anger management. The way the professor behaved with him got him very aggressive. He said,

Ryan: I stole the question papers from your house. You insult me in front of the class every single day. This time, you are the one who’s getting insulted. You said that a student like me can never cross the 90 marks range.

Professor Nolan: (With a smile) What if I place a complaint against you?

Ryan: You need solid proof to do that, and you don’t have any.

Professor: I do have the CCTV footage as my evidence.

free online romance novels to read now
free online romance novels to read now

Professor Knows Everything

Hearing about that Ryan got a bit scared. He navigated professor Nolan’s house very carefully and he was quite sure that there were no security cameras there. But now he’s saying that he has footage!

Ryan: Okay, you can do that. You can destroy my future if you like to. Teachers like you can only ruin the future of the students like us. You can never help a student grow. I don’t get good marks in physics because you are not able to teach me properly. I don’t understand your lectures. However, I don’t think that I will get to study in this school anymore. Or you might not let me study in any school. But I’ll have no regret about anything as I told you what’s on my mind. I’m proud of my courage. Everyone in the class hates you, and they are too afraid to say anything about you. But I did, and I’m proud of it.

After saying all that, Ryan left Professor Nolan’s cabin.

He started regretting saying all that to his teacher on the way. Everyone in the whole school will know what he did. And Professor Nolan will surely file a complaint against him saying that he stole the papers from the professor’s house. That will get him punished. Moreover, Luna will hate him for that.

Thinking about all that Ryan got stuck in his head. He didn’t notice Professor Nolan’s car in front of him. From inside, the professor called Ryan and said,

He Wanna Help Me

Professor Nolan: You will come to my cabin with all of your physics books if you want to get more than 90 marks in the exam without stealing the question papers.

Then professor Nolan left for his destination. Ryan was so excited after hearing that. He decided that he’s going to study very hard and that way he can show off to Luna in their group study sessions.

The next day, Ryan went to professor Nolan’s cabin. Typically, he looks pretty rough after school hours. Hairs messed up, a few bottoms left open, etc. But today Ryan is all tidy. Seeing him that way, professor Nolan went to him, messed up his hair, and said,

Professor Nolan: I don’t want to change the old Ryan. I just want him to see his true potential that’s been hidden for all that time. Ryan doesn’t know what he’s capable of. However, you said that I can’t teach physics, and that’s why you don’t like this subject. Is there any other reason why you hate physics so much?

Ryan: SIr, I always feel like studying physics is just not practical and won’t get me anywhere in life.

Professor Nolan: That’s a very big misconception of yours. Let’s go on a ride today then. I’ll tell you about the uses of Physics in real life.

Ryan: In your car!

Professor: Yeah, why not?. Let’s go.

Hanging Out With My Professor

Then Ryan and Professor Nolan had a wonderful time riding the car. They stopped by for food near a restaurant, and they even played football together on the field! Professor Nolan didn’t only teach Ryan about the uses of Physics in real life but also impressed him thoroughly. For instance, why the football pulls back to the earth after he hits it up, which is gravity.

Ryan’s studies continued like this. The boy who wrote, “I hate physics” in the textbook, spends most of his time researching new things about physics and reading physics books.

He also does group study sessions with Luna and Sarah. Ryan is a hero to them as he explains everything wonderfully which even professor Nolan might not be able to do.

The final exams approached. This time a big surprise was waiting for everybody in the school. Ryan got more than 90 marks on all the subjects. But he got a perfect 100 on physics! No one ever got full 100 marks on physics in school.

There Was A Secret

Ryan was happy beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. He rushed to professor Nolan’s house to tell him about his stunning results. But a photograph caught his attention all of a sudden. There were 4 people in that photo. Professor, his wife, Luna, and a boy.

Professor Nolan: Are you surprised seeing that photograph, Ryan? Yes, Luna is my daughter. I didn’t catch you stealing my question papers, but Luna did. Do you remember? When you grabbed the papers, you kissed them and said, “I love you a lot, Luna. I’m doing this only for you. I’ll get the highest marks in physics this time and I will impress you.” My daughter told me that you stole the question papers. But she requested me not to file any complaint against you but to help you. And that’s what I tried to do. I didn’t want you to do the same as her brother.

Ryan: Who was the boy, then?

Professor Nolan: He is no more among us. He’s my son. He stole some money from my pocket to buy her girlfriend a gift. I insulted him and treated him very poorly for that. He could not bear the shame. So, he left us all.

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