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Free Online Romance Books To Read: Nikolai just could not accept the fact that he had to marry his own elder brother’s wife! Although his parents already declared that Nikolai had to marry his brother’s wife Nancy, and her family also accepted that proposal!

Ethan (Nikolai’s elder brother) passed away almost 2 months ago in a submarine accident. Such cases are quite dangerous as the family can’t get the corpse, which is truly a matter of tragedy. Mere mortal human beings have next to no power over the deep and dark infinite blue sea.

Free Online Romance Books To Read

Nancy and Ethan were married for almost 2 years at that time. They also have a baby, her name is Leah. And she is the reason Nikolai has to marry Nancy today.

And, Nancy is only 26 at the time! She can’t just live her life alone; she must marry someone to live the rest of her beautiful life. Not only that, her daughter Leah is only 7 months old. She just learned how to call “Daddy”. It’s not been a full month but she already lost her father.

Nikolai adores Leah like his own daughter. It’s quite normal for him. And that makes sense if Nancy and Nikolai get married, he should have no problem raising Leah like his own daughter. He’s not going to act like a stepfather to the daughter of her own brother. 

Leah was the main reason Ethan’s parents decided that Nikolai and Nancy get married. They really don’t want Nancy to marry someone else. That might take Leah away from them, or worse, away from her own mother.

Finally, they got married at last. For 2 years he was his own brother’s wife, who now became Nikolai’s wife. It was quite difficult to get adjusted to that situation, and what made it harder was the fact that Nikolai was 4 years younger than Nancy. Most men don’t want their wives to be older than him.

However, they dressed up Nancy like a bride and sent her to Nikolai’s room. She was sitting on the bed with silence. Nikolai was trying to sing a lullaby to make Leah go to sleep as he entered the room where he saw Nancy sitting on the bed.

Married To Elder Brother’s Wife

Leah fell asleep on Nikolai’s lap, and he went to lie her down on the swinging bed. Nancy got up from the bed, went to her daughter, and gave her a kiss on the forehead. She went near Nikolai after that and stood for a while. Then, 

Nancy: I know you were forced to marry me, and you are probably thinking how I got convinced to marry you right now. Actually, I couldn’t think of anything besides Leah at that moment. I didn’t want her to miss out on her father’s love.

Nikolai: What’s done has been done already, no need to bring the past back now. I will be her father forever, and she will not know that her father left the earth. However, it’s already pretty late at night, you go get some sleep now.

Nancy: Won’t you sleep?

Nikolai: I’m not feeling like it.

Nancy: If you decided that you won’t be able to treat an older woman as your wife, then I won’t force you. Don’t think that you can’t live your life freely just because you’re married to me. If you want to marry someone else, you can go for it.

Nikolai: Let’s leave it be now.

Then Nancy lied down on the bed. After a while, Nikolai also lied down on the side of the bed. After that, everything was going as normal. Nikolai goes to the college every day, Nancy does all the household work, and Leah was growing day by day! Her grandparents are very happy to spend time with her.

free online romance books to read
free online romance books to read

A Young Girl Loves My Second Husband

A whole year passed by just like that. Leah grew almost a year and seven months by now. She’s going to sleep with her grandparents today. Maybe that’s how it’s going to be from today. Nikolai got busy with some work after dinner. He’s done with his studies and got a job. After he finished his work, he entered the bedroom and saw Nancy was crying beside the balcony. She was holding Nikolai’s cell phone.

To inspect the reason for her crying, Nikolai grabbed the phone from her hand. Seeing him all of a sudden, Nancy got quite shocked. She wiped the tears with a rush and said with a smiling face,

Nancy: Are you done with your work? Let me turn off the lights now.

Nikolai checked his cell phone and saw one of her co-workers had sent him a proposal. That has hurt Nancy, and she was crying because of that.

Nikolai: Did you think that your husband will leave you for another woman?

Nancy: Husband! I don’t have a husband, I’m a widow.

Nikolai: Then who am I to you?

The First Time My Wife Hugged Me

Nancy: (Grabbed Nikolai by the collars and pulled him very close) Who are you to me? You gave shelter to my daughter, gave love to her. Then who to me should you be called?

Nikolai: Only Leah? Didn’t I give you anything? Didn’t I give you the love and respect of my wife?

Nancy: Do you understand what love and respect as a wife mean? Do we have anything that a husband and wife should have? You sleep in a corner, and I sleep on the opposite corner of the bed. Have you even touched me for once? Now you’ve managed a beautiful girl who’s proposing to you.

Nikolai: If someone proposes to me over the phone, that’s clearly not my fault. I didn’t reply, and why would I love other women when I have my wife?

Nancy: Did you ever make love to your wife then?

Nikolai: Here, I’m doing it right now. I’m close to you now.

Hearing that from Nikolai, Nancy got bluffed and went to bed. 

The next day, Nikolai got back from his office, Nancy and Leah welcomed him like every day. Leah was excited because she told her father to bring her chocolate. And seeing the chocolate, she got very happy, gave her father a kiss on the cheeks, and ran to her grandparents with the chocolates in her hands.

Nancy was going to follow Leah, but Nikolai stopped her. He got inside his bag and grabbed a rose for Nancy. 

After giving it to her, he went inside. This was the first time that Nikolai gave her flowers; she was very happy, and so she wanted to say something. But Nikolai already went inside.

First Romance With Second Husband

Right after dinner, Leah went to sleep with her grandparents and Nancy went to her bedroom. After a while, Nikolai came,

Nancy: Those flowers were so gorgeous. Thank you.

Nikolai: Although my daughter is younger than you, she’s smarter.

Nancy: What? Why are you saying that?

Nikolai: Nah, I meant, I gave her a chocolate and she gave me a kiss in return. But I gave her mother roses, but she hasn’t given me anything in return yet.

Nancy: So, you want her mom to kiss you as well?

Nikolai: For chocolate, a kiss is okay. But for roses, only kisses will not do. 

Nancy got close to Nikolai and gave him a warm cuddle. She kissed him quite a lot, and she was crying tears.

She was not sad by any means, but happy actually, she waited so many days for Nikolai’s love, and today, she’s finally got that love.

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