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Free Online Books To Read Romance: Hector always sees a girl standing on the highway on the way back from his office. The fact that such a gorgeous young girl stands on the road alone at the same time during the night every day got him quite curious. 

But he just could not gather enough courage to approach this girl that he doesn’t even know. He just crosses her daily. Sometimes he and the girl share a quick gaze on each other. 

It was the 26th day of Hector seeing this strange girl standing on the highway. He decided that today he’s going to approach her and have a conversion.  But when he went, he saw that a man was talking with her.

So, he changed his plan to talk to her and started walking past the girl. After passing her and making a good distance, he turned back. The girl waved “hi” at him. Hector got excited and waved back at her. Then he went back to his home.

He could not sleep that night. The thought of the girl was bugging him again and again. He was waiting for the morning and planning to talk to her the next day. As she waved at him first, he’s not that nervous anymore.

Free Online Books To Read Romance

The next day, Hector saw the girl as usual while returning from the office. But this time he approached the girl.

Hector: Hello, I see you every day standing here. I’d like to get to know you better.

Libia: Hi, I’m Livia. What’s your name?

Hector: My name is Hector. If you don’t mind, would you like to join me for a cup of coffee?

Livia accepted this proposal and they both went to a nearby coffee shop. They both were having a cup of coffee but they were not speaking a word to one another. They didn’t say a word as they were going to the coffee shop in the first place.

The bill arrived. Livia rushed and paid the bill before Hector and said,

Livia: We can have coffee together or go out somewhere every day if you want. But on a condition. I’ll pay for the bills. If you don’t agree to this, then I’m not going to go with you anywhere. I’m leaving for today, see you tomorrow.

After saying that, she left. Hector didn’t leave; he was thinking about everything that just happened. On their first day, she placed a condition upon him that he can go out with her but she’s going to pay for everything.

In most cases, boys pay for the bills. But Livia is different. And she talked with Hector like they’ve been together for a long time.

However, Hector was super happy. He approached Livia. Not only that, he went to have a coffee with her. He knows that he’s falling for Livia. But Hector doesn’t want to express the love right away. Also, the question remains why Livia keeps standing beside the highway every day. 

free online books to read romance
free online books to read romance

Our Second Meetup

The next day, Hector saw Livia on the way back.

Livia: Did you just leave your office early today?

Hector: How did you know that I left the office early?

Livia: I saw you everyday for weeks. You leave your office at the same time every day, but today you left early.

Hector: You noticed that!

Livia: Yes, how can one not see that? You used to walk past me every day and never talked to me. But I did understand that you wanted to talk to me. I caught you looking at me from a distance quite a few times.

Hector: It looks like you know everything about it then.

Livia: Do you want to go out today?

Hector: Sure. Where do you want to go?

Livia: There’s a park nearby. Let’s go there.

Then they left for the park and had a lot of fun there. They had street food, rode on a roller coaster, and did so much exciting stuff. After that, they sat on a bench to have a chat. Hector started talking about himself and told her about his life.

My Past Life

He told her about how his parents died at an early age and he grew up in his aunt’s house. His aunt loved him a lot, but his uncle wasn’t so fond of him. He even used to punish him for no reason. But now, everything is a lot better. He’s doing a job and making a decent amount of money.

After a while, Hector went to say how he feels about Livia. He gave her a rose. But she refused the rose and said,

Livia: I’ll take this flower. I’ll stay with you for the rest of my life. But first, I want to show you something. It might change your mind about me completely. But if you still want to stay with me after that, then I don’t have a problem with that. You might not know that I also love you a lot. But I want to tell you about myself first.

Then Livia took Hector to the Highway where she typically keeps standing.

Livia: Please go and stand at a distance. Don’t come near me if I don’t say so.

Hector was quite surprised and a bit curious as well. But he followed her directions. After a good while, he was getting pretty impatient with the situation as nothing was happening. Suddenly, a car stopped by Livia and a man walked out of the car. He started saying something to her.

After a while, he gave Livia some money. She kept the money in her handbag and went to the car with the unknown person. After a while, she stepped out of the car. Her dress, hair, and lipstick were all messed up. 

Hector understood why she stands here every night. He was broken, realizing that and went home in tears running as fast as he could.

I Really Love Her

The next day, Hector saw Livia standing on the highway. She was standing with her head down. Maybe she was too embarrassed to face Hector.

Hector went to her and gave her the rose that he wanted to give her yesterday.

Hector: I’m ready to live with you knowing who you are. I want you to have this rose. But this time, I’m giving you a condition. You have to leave this path. You have to leave it for the rest of your life.

Livia: (Started crying and hugged Hector) I never wanted to come to this path. I lost my parents when I was a kid as well. Then I grew up at my aunt’s house just like you did. But she was very rude to me. And her son tortured me for a long time. One day, my aunt sold me to a person. And he forced me on this path. I was forced into it. I want to have a normal life, I want to love someone. I want to live.

Hector could refuse to continue with Livia after knowing what she does for a living. But he decided to accept her as she is and give her a second chance, a better life.

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