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Free Novels Read Online Romance: Renee bumped into someone while trying to push herself out of the office after a meeting. The papers she was holding fell off of her hands. She said sorry to him and started gathering the papers. The man asked for apologies and started helping her to collect the papers as well.

Suddenly, Renee notices that the man is none other than her ex-boyfriend Jayden. She didn’t notice in a hurry that the person she bumped into was Jayden, and even he didn’t notice until then.

Jayden: Hey Renee. You are here! What a coincidence. We met after a good while now.

Renee: It’s been 4 years.

Jayden: No. it has been 4 years, 3 months and 9 days to be more precise. 

Renee: Wow! You keep a count! As far as I remember, you can’t even keep count of my birthday. Now you’re giving me the exact date and time of our breakup!

Jayden: Let’s not mention that. Tell me, what are you doing here? Are you doing any job here? Your previous workspace isn’t in this town.

Renee: No, it’s the same job. I didn’t get a new one. But our company opened a new office here. I’ve come to attend a meeting here.

Jayden: Are you saying you haven’t visited this city before? I’ve been here for almost 3 years now. Let me show you some of the places around here. Care to join me?

Free Novels Read Online Romance

Renee agreed to his proposal. He then went to get his car from the parking lot. Renee opened a small pocket mirror from her pocket and applied lipstick on the lips.

Nobody can tell that they broke up 4 years ago. Typically, people can’t even stand their ex, let alone have a conversation. But they are so different.

They went to so many places inside the city and spend the whole time together. Also, they had food from some of the best restaurants and both of them were pretty full. So, they decided to sit somewhere to have a little chat.

There was a river nearby. They went to the riverside and sat there. Jaiden lied down some paper towels on the ground so that Renne’s clothes don’t get dirty while sitting, just like he used to do when they were together.

Renee: I ate all these favorite foods of mine after a long time. Maybe I ate all of my favorite ones in a day for the first time. I won’t forget this day in my life.

Jayden: Have you got married?

Renee: (After keeping silent for a moment) Gabriel and I am married for about a year now. What about you?

Jayden: No, I haven’t married yet. But I do have a girlfriend.

Renee: Is your girlfriend very pretty?

Jayden: Well, yes, of course. But don’t worry, nobody is more gorgeous than you are.

free novels read online romance
free novels read online romance

Talking With Ex-Girlfriend

Renee’s husband called her at that moment,

Gabriel: Where are you? Is the meeting over? When’s your flight?

Renee: Oh, it’ll take just 10 minutes. I’ll move to the airport in 10 minutes. 

Gabriel: Okay. Take care now.

Renee: Bye.

She kept her cellphone in her bag. She’s a bit embarrassed by the fact that she lied to her husband in front of Jayden.

Jayden: You used to never lie.

Renee: I could not live without seeing you for a long time. I could not do a lot of things back then, which I do now. However, tell me more about your girlfriend. How you guys are doing together?

Jayden: My girlfriend is right here with me. Why don’t you ask her yourself?

My Ex-Girlfriend Lied To Her Husband

Renee kept staring at Jayden with a slightly angry gaze.

Jayden: No, don’t worry. I didn’t mean you. (Showing the car at a distance) That’s my girlfriend. It’s one of the most expensive cars out there in the world. Whenever I feel gloomy, I take her for a ride. And I spend my vacations going on long drives. (Whispering to Renee’s ears) Let me tell you a secret. I have a lot of girlfriends.

Renee: Have you invested in my company?

Jayden: Do you think I have the money to invest in your company? What are you saying?

Renee: Don’t lie to me now. You are the 6th richest person in the country right now. You think that the whole media knows this fact, and somehow I don’t know anything about it? You invested in my company and told my boss to give me a good post in the office. Not only that, but you also gave Gabriel a new job after he lost his job. 

Jayden: Oh, you know everything.

She Also Loves Me

Renee: (Pulled Jayden close to her grabbing his tie) Why do you love me so much to this day? When I was your girlfriend, you che@ted on me and spent the night with many girls. I could not tolerate that. That’s why I broke up with you. And now, I’m not a part of your life anymore. Then why are you living like this?

Jayden: After our breakup, I understood that all the other girls loved me for my money. Only you loved me truly. Papa passed away the next week we broke up. And I had to take all the responsibilities of the business. Everyone thinks of me as a successful person now. But I know that there is not a single person who’s a bigger loser than me. I love you more than anything. And I just can’t live without you now.

Then they both started crying on one another’s shoulder. They touched each other after a long time. Jayden wanted to kiss Renee but she stopped him.

Renee: I don’t want to che@t on Gabriel.

Jayden: Sorry.

Renee: I have to leave now.

Jayden: I don’t want your husband to suspect anything of that. You know that you’ve lost your flight. Come with me on the helicopter. That’s the only way you can reach the airport in time.

Renee: I don’t want to use your helicopter.

Jayden: Just take it as my last request. You’ve told Gabriel that you’re going to be at the airport in time. Now, if you don’t go in time, he might suspect you.

Her Last Request

Renee: Okay fine. I’ll keep your request if you keep mine.

Jayden: What’s your request?

Renee: Vanessa is a good girl, and she loves you a lot. Marry her.

Jayden: How do you know Vanessa!

Renee: Your mum is quite sick. She wants to see her son’s bride before she passes away. Please do it for your mother.

Jayden: You talk with my mum?

Renee: Almost every day.

Jayden: Okay. I’ll keep your request. You should leave now. My people will take you to the airport immediately. There’s the helicopter.

Renee: Aren’t you coming with me to the airport?

Jayden: No, you take care of yourself. Goodbye.

Then Jayden left Renee and went to his car. A few people came to take her to the airport and requested her to enter a car. Renee got in the car. Jayden was staring at the car as it started. All of a sudden he saw Renee got out of the car and ran towards him. She hugged him and started crying.

Renee: I love you a lot as well. I had to marry Gabriel because my parents made me do it.

Then Renee went to kiss Jayden. But this time Jayden stopped her.

Jayden: If we kiss now, Gabriel won’t see. But his child that you’re carrying will.

Renee: How did you know that I’m pregnant!

Jayden: The way you knew about Vanessa.

Then they both went on their ways. But their love is forever kept inside their heart.

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