Forced Arranged Marriage Novels Read Online Free (2021 New Collection)

Forced Arranged Marriage Novels Read Online Free: Ariana is sitting in the bedroom, at that moment, Jordan enters the room and closes the door. Today is their first night after marriage and it is normal for a man to expect love from his wife after marriage. Jordan sits closer to Ariana in hopes of that love.

But Ariana is behaving strangely, maybe getting embarrassed. Jordan takes his wife’s hand but she removes her hand like that she doesn’t want that her husband touches her.

Forced Arranged Marriage Novels Read Online Free

Ariana: I’m sorry, I can’t be your wife, also I cannot give you what a wife gives to her husband.

Jordan: You’re trying to fool me, aren’t you?

Ariana: I’m not joking with you and I have a boyfriend. I can’t give anyone the dignity of my husband without him.

Jordan: Then why did you marry me and why you were agreed to do it?

Ariana: Your father and my father are friends, at the same time they are business partners. Your father proposed our marriage to my father. My father immediately agreed, he did not wanted to know my opinion. But later when he found out that I have a boyfriend, he forced me to marry you. My father’s business relationship with your father could be bad if I don’t get married. So my dad forced me to leave my boyfriend.

Jordan: That has happened to many. Many have left the people they love and married someone else for various reasons. They have been happy, we too can be happy. I have no problem with your ex-boyfriend, I will never bother you with this topic.

forced arranged marriage novels read online free
forced arranged marriage novels read online free

My wife still loves her boyfriend

Ariana: He’s not my ex-boyfriend, you are going to be my ex-husband. He still my boyfriend and I will marry him soon.

Jordan: You may be forgetting that I’m married to you.

Ariana: But I don’t accept this marriage, I was forced. My family doesn’t care about my opinion and that’s why I also don’t care about this marriage. I will not let anyone other than my boyfriend touch my body.

Jordan: You are my wife, I have rights over you.

Ariana: What wife! I don’t consider you as my husband. So how can you have rights over me? And I spent many nights with my boyfriend. We did everything that a husband and wife do, I hope you understood.

Upon hearing this, Jordan becomes very angry. But he doesn’t want to hurt his parents, so he keeps his words a secret. But he continues to blame his father for it.

Since Ariana is not accepting Jordan, he does not want to force her. He left the room and did not come back all night.

In the morning, Ariana makes tea for Jordan’s parents and takes the teapot and breakfast to the yard. They are praising the tea made by their son’s wife.

But not seeing Jordan, they asked if he was still asleep. Ariana replies that he is not at home, maybe went out for a morning walk.

Although Ariana herself is very worried because Jordan was not in the room all night. Since their parents don’t know where he is, that means he was out of the house all night.

Frightened, she calling Jordan again and again but he is not receiving the phone. Suddenly she remembers that Jordan’s mobile is in their bedroom. He did not take his mobile phone with him when he left the room at night.

He is avoiding me

At that moment Ariana notices that Jordan is sitting with her parents enjoying tea and having breakfast. She ran there.

Ariana: I have an urgent matter to talk with you. Will you come in, please?

Jordan: Coming later.

Jordan’s Mother: Why later? Go now.

Jordan’s parents insist Jordan go in with Ariana to talk with her.

Ariana: What kind of rudeness is that? Where have you been all night?

Jordan: You have no right to know where I was last night.

Ariana: Of course I have, now I am your wife, I have the right to know where you are going, what you are doing.

Jordan: Haha.

Ariana: Why are you smiling, did I said anything funny, Mr. Jordan?

Jordan: To whom you do not want to give the dignity of a husband, you are asking him for the dignity of a wife. This is very ridiculous, Miss Ariana.

Ariana lost to herself. She didn’t really accept Jordan as her husband. So how does she expect wife rights from him?

Jordan left the room and go back to the breakfast table with his parents. Ariana looks out the window of the room, Jordan is smiling with his parents, having breakfast.

She wants to join them but she did not accept Jordan and Jordan also told her she couldn’t expect him to be his wife. But Ariana is very curious about where Jordan was at night.

Why does my wife want to know everything?

Jordan comes back to his bedroom after dinner after returning from the office at night. He is Leaving some paperwork of the office and going out again. At that moment Ariana stops him.

Ariana: Where are you going now?

Jordan: Outside.

Ariana: Where out?

Jordan: I think I don’t need to tell you that.

Ariana: You have to say, I’m still your wife, you have to say where you go every night.

At that time Ariana’s mobile starts ringing. The mobile was in front of Jordan, he hands the mobile to Ariana and says,

Jordan: Someone named William is calling you, is this your boyfriend?

Ariana: Yes.

Jordan: Okay, then talk to your future husband, I’m going out.

Ariana: You can’t go out like that without telling me, Jordan, Jordan …

I dislike my boyfriend

Jordan is gone, meanwhile, Ariana’s mobile is still ringing, she is very angry.

Ariana: Hello, Mrs. Jordan speaking.

William: Mrs. Jordan! What are you talking about baby? You said you would run to me if you had the chance.

Ariana: If you call me again, I will file a complaint in your name to the police. Do you understand?

William: Are you okay baby?

Ariana: Who is your baby? You are now my ex-boyfriend. On the day of the wedding, when I called you many times, you did not receive it. You just want to enjoy me. I’ve got to know stupid boys like you. If you try to contact me after today, I will report it directly to the police.

Is she loves me?

Saying this, Ariana put down the phone. She herself does not know what she is doing, why she is doing it. She’s only thinking about Jordan now, every night he goes out.

In fact, if someone neglects Ariana, she can’t tolerate it. She thought Jordan would forcefully assert his rights. But the funny thing is Jordan hasn’t touched Ariana yet.

Ariana is a very pretty girl. Where all the boys are crazy to get her, her husband doesn’t care, she can’t take it lightly. Although she wanted to run away and stay with her boyfriend. But now she does not want to, she doesn’t even know why she’s attracted to Jordan.

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