Cute Stories To Tell Your Crush (Most Romantic Collection For 2021)

Cute Stories To Tell Your Crush: Aleena is leaving the pastry shop with a birthday cake in her hand for a friend, suddenly a boy came and push Aleena.

Immediately the box of cake goes out of hand. It doesn’t matter who dropped it, the issue is whether the cake is ok inside the box!

Cute Stories To Tell Your Crush

She opens the box and sees that the cake inside has turned into pudding. It is not possible to celebrate a friend’s birthday with this cake.

When she looks angrily at the boy. The boy apologizes and says sorry. This time she becomes very angry, not because the boy dropped the cake, but because the boy is looking at her at a glance.

Since he is a stranger, she says nothing to the boy and goes inside the pastry shop again to order a new cake. She noticed from inside the shop that the boy is still standing outside.

She is feeling very uncomfortable, the boy bumped her, ruined her cake by dropping it, not only that, the boy is still staring at her.

From inside the shop, she notices that some boys come and take the boy away. Maybe those are his friends. The boy wanted to stay but his friends forcibly took him away from here.

Aleena is feeling somewhat relieved now. A stranger boy was looking at her again and again, she doesn’t like it.

cute stories to tell your crush
cute stories to tell your crush

That stranger at my friend’s birthday party

She ordered a new cake and come to Naomi’s house with that cake. Today is Naomi’s birthday, everyone is having a lot of fun at the birthday party. Aleena, Naomi, and her other friends are enjoying.

Suddenly Aleena notices that there is also the boy who was responsible for the cake incident. She pointe to the boy and ask Naomi,

Aleena: Who is this boy? Is he your friend, I haven’t seen him with you before.

Naomi: Oh, he’s my cousin. Her family has shifted here., the house next to ours is theirs. Have you met him before?

Aleena: Know him very well, irresponsible.

Naomi: Did you say anything, Aleena?

Aleena: No, nothing, I haven’t seen this boy before, so I asked.

He wanna know my name

Then Naomi, Aleena, and her friend are enjoying the party. Aleena’s father calling, so she goes to a lonely place to talk to her father. After talking, she looks back and sees the boy standing in front of him.

Boy: I’m sorry, I was actually racing with my friends, then accidentally bumped you. If you want, I can pay for your spoiled cake.

Aleena: I have enough money with me, thank you.

Boy: May I know your name?

Aleena: What will happen if you know the name?

Boy: I like to make friends with pretty girls like you.

Aleena: But I don’t like to take anyone other than my classmate as my friend.

Saying this Aleena is going inside to join the party with everyone. The boy addresses him from behind, saying,

Boy: I’m Gavin. Hope to see you again.

Although Aleena pretends not to listen, actually she hears what Gavin is saying to her. After a while, Aleena notices that everyone is at the party, but Gavin is not. She asks her friend Naomi,

I don’t know why I am searching for him

Aleena: I can’t see your cousin Gavin. Where did he go?

Naomi: Yeah, I can’t see him too. But how did you know his name is Gavin?

Aleena: You told me that he is your cousin Gavin. Have you forgot!

Naomi: Oh! Yes! I told you about him.

Actually, Naomi didn’t say anything to her, Gavin said himself. But Aleena hides it for some unknown reason. Now she doesn’t wanna share anything with Naomi.

The boy is waiting for me in my college

Next morning, Aleena is going to the college and sees Gavin standing in front of the main gate of the college. When Gavin sees Aleena, he comes to talk to her.

Gavin: I didn’t know your name last night, can I?

Aleena: Have you come to my college to know my name?

Gavin: If I will say, I like you, I want to be your boyfriend, then maybe you will slap me. So I want to start a friendship by asking the name first.

Aleena: But I don’t want to make you my friend.

Gavin: All right. Let’s go to class.

Aleena: Why are you going to class?

Gavin: Because I’m a student at this college now.

Aleena: How is that possible! How did you get into college at this inopportune time?

Gavin: Everything can happen if you have the power.

(Not really because of power, Gavin was admitted to this college before they shift here. Since he was not here, he could not attend classes.)

Aleena: Oh really! How much power you have?

Gavin: You will know how much power I have when I will make you my girlfriend.

Aleena: Continue dreaming, I go to class.

Aleena runs inside the college. Entering the classroom, she sits with Naomi and her other friends. Gavin enters the classroom a little later. Now Aleena realizes that Gavin has actually been admitted to this college and now he is her classmate.

The secret behind that stranger boy

At the end of the class, Naomi tells Aleena that she has something urgent to say. The two of them go to a secluded place in the college.

Naomi: Have you talked to Gavin?

Aleena: Why are you suddenly asking about Gavin?

Naomi: I actually talked to him last night. He said he asked your name, you didn’t answer. So I thought I should tell you everything about him.

Aleena: What’s the secret in your cousin Gavin?

Naomi: Gavin first saw you in a picture you took with me. That’s when he liked you. Then he tells his family to shift here so that he can study in the same college with you. The funny thing is he doesn’t know your name yet. I wanted to say your name. He stopped me and said that he would hear your name from your mouth.

Aleena: Then?

Naomi: Then last night I found out that you talked to Gavin but you didn’t tell him your name.

Aleena: Got it. I’ll talk to him. If I like him, I can make him my boyfriend.

Naomi: Really! I will be very happy, you are my dearest girlfriend. If you are my brother’s wife, no one will be happier than me.

Aleena: Will your brother marry his girlfriend? You have seen, after a while, every boy break up and make another girl his girlfriend.

Naomi: My brother is totally different than everyone else. You will understand that later but I am guessing one thing.

Aleena: What!

Naomi: You like Gavin too.

Aleena does not reply, bows his head, and smiles.

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