Cute Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Crush (2021 Year Special Collection)

Cute Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Crush: Jack is waiting on the side of the road because right now a girl will go this way. Every day he waits for the girl to take a look.

The funny thing is he doesn’t know the name of the girl for whom he waits everyday. Even Jack doesn’t know why he waits every day for that girl.

Some of Jack’s friends asked him about it, the reply was strange. “I don’t love the girl but I like to watch her.”

Cute Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Crush

We know that love is blind and maybe Jack is another example of this. Whatever, this has been going on for many days and Jack’s friends have assumed that Jack loves the girl.

Although Jack denies it all the time. He always says that he doesn’t want to make love, but he can’t stay without seeing the girl. He only wants to see the girl at a glance, nothing more.

cute bedtime stories to tell your crush
cute bedtime stories to tell your crush

The girl is not coming

Everything was going well, but for some days, the girl did not come this way. Jack waits almost all day to see the girl but goes back every day without seeing her.

News has already reached Jack’s friends that the girl is no longer in the neighborhood. Her parents moved to another place and one of Jack’s friend know the address.

Actually, the girl was Jack’s friend’s neighbor that’s why Jack’s friend’s parents had a good relationship with the girl’s parents.

Her new address

Jack is dancing happily after getting the girl’s current address but still, he doesn’t admit that he loves the girl.

When Jack’s friends ask him why he is so upset not to see the girl, Jack gives the same answer as before, “I just like to see her, nothing else.”

Now Jack is persuading his parents to shift to the place where the girl lives. When his parents asked him why he wanted to go to that area, he replied that he wanted to enroll in a school there.

He is searching for his love

Eventually, Jack’s parents came to the girl’s area but Jack left his old friends, with whom he used to go to school every day, have fun.

New home, new school, and he has no friends here, since he is new here, no one here to have fun with. When Jack hid on the side of the road to see the girl, his friends stayed with him and helped him.

But there is no one here, he is feeling very alone. Moreover, he has not yet met the girl for whom he has come here. This is because he has become more and more frustrated.

Their first meetup

Jack is returning home upset after school. He is walking towards his house with his head down. So he is not noticing anyone around.

But the girl walked in front of him, he did not notice. Suddenly he notices that someone is calling to him from behind.

Girl: Jack! Jack! Wait… Jack!

When Jack looks back to see that the girl is coming to him, he can’t believe himself, is it happening in reality or dreaming!

Girl: Are you crazy Jack! I passed in front of you, you didn’t notice me, I even called you, you didn’t respond.

Jack: Are you really standing in front of me now?

Girl: No, you are dreaming, ok?

Jack: That’s right, it must be a dream.

Girl: Sorry! I was sick, so I couldn’t get out of the house for a while, I didn’t come to school, so I couldn’t meet you.

Jack: Your voice is so cute, as in the dream.

First Touch

(The girl pinched Jack.)

Girl: This is not your dream and I am here for you. I know you have shifted here for me.

Jack: What! How do you know I have come to this area and for you!

Girl: Do you think you are too smart, think of yourself as a detective? Every day you wait for a girl on the street and the girl doesn’t understand, is that what you mean?

Jack: Sorry…

Girl: What sorry? Why did you tell your friends that you don’t love me just wanna see me, why?

Jack: I am really not understanding how you know everything.

Girl: Do you think your friends figured out my address on their own? No! I told them, and I told them to keep it a secret because you don’t love me, you just want to see.

Jack: Just wanna see you every day.

Girl: Seen? Then, I leave.

Power of real love

(The girl is leaving, so Jack grabs her hand tightly.)

Jack: Please, will you be with me a little more time? I see you after many days. So many days I realized that I can’t live without seeing you. If it’s called love, I’ve fallen in love with you long ago.

Girl: Do you know my name? You don’t know me, don’t know my home address, don’t know my age, so how did you fall in love with me?

Jack: Love is blind.

Girl: But you are not, I waited for a long time, but you never came in front of me, you didn’t want to talk to me, you just looked at me from a distance.

Jack stands silently, his love has been caught.

Girl: Nova.

Jack: What Nova?

Nove: My name is Nova, you fool.

Jack: Nova! My Nova!

Nova: No! I am not your because you don’t love me.

Jack: Actually I tried to hide my feelings from my friends and from you. I have seen many breakups, a relationship breaks up in less time than it takes to start. So I wanted our relationship not to start, then there would be no fear of breaking up.

Nova: Your love is true, so you are afraid of losing before you get me. And this is why I love you, and I consider myself lucky, true love is rare in this world.

Jack: I want to start our love through marriage. And I will say I Love You on our 25th wedding anniversary.

Nova: Ha ha ha. Your wishes are like yours, but, till then?

Jack: Till then we will see each other from a distance and will keep our love pure.

Nave: As you wish, my crazy lover, I will wait for the day to hear “I Love You” from you.


What is a good bedtime story?

A bedtime story must be short and if you are going to tell your crush then always choose a love story. That’s how you will get a chance to talk about romance.

What do you call your crush over text?

I call my crush Sweet, Cute, Beautiful, Handsome, Smart, etc, but say this directly, say indirectly. Like you can tell a romantic story and tell him/her that he or she is handsome/beautiful like the boy/girl in the story.

How do you narrate a love story?

I always try to narrate a love story with feelings so that the listeners or readers can go deep into it. If you are sending in text format, then you can add some related pictures to make it interesting.

How do you tell an interesting story to a girl?

If possible, you can tell an interesting story over a phone call. It’s the best way because you can express your feeling easily using your voice expression. Otherwise, use online messaging platforms.

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