Cute Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Boyfriend (2021 Year Special Collection)

Cute Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Boyfriend: Nora and Jaxon are both classmates but not friends, one is the enemy of the other. There is not a day that they do not quarrel. Yes, there is, no quarrel between them on the day the school is closed, because the two of them do not meet.

Today they are fighting like every day, the reason for today’s quarrel is, Jaxon called Nora a ghost. He said that Nora looks like a ghost because of her makeup.

Cute Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Boyfriend

There’s a school event today, the new building of the school will be inaugurated, hence this event was organized by the school authorities.

That’s why everyone came to school dressed so beautifully, as everyone does at parties.

Like everyone else, Nora came to school dressed in beautiful clothes. Upon entering the classroom, Jaxon notices Nora said that she has come to school dressed as a ghost.

cute bedtime stories to tell your boyfriend
cute bedtime stories to tell your boyfriend

My crush called me ghost

Nora: I bought the outfit with my own money. Why are you having problems because of it, why you called me ghost?

Jaxon: I have a mouth, I can say whatever I want, so I said, why are you having trouble with that?

Nora: I will not tolerate any bad words on the day of today’s event.

Jaxon: Your dress-up looks like a ghost, so I called you a ghost. If you don’t believe it, ask others. Thomas, how does she look?

Thomas: Pretty…

Jaxon: What! Sorry, Thomas, I have to say that your choice is very poor, you don’t have any common sense about girls dress.

Friends supporting my enemy (actually crush)

Leo: I don’t understand why you said that she looks like a ghost. Actually, she is looking very pretty and maybe one of the attractive girls in this classroom.

Jaxon: Is Nora your girlfriend?

Leo: No!

Jaxon: Do you wanna be Nora’s boyfriend?

Leo: Of course not, I already have a girlfriend…

Jaxon: Then stop praising her. How can you guys praise my enemy, being my friend?

Thomas: Let’s go, Leo, let them fight, they can’t live without it.

Nora: Did you guys call me a quarrelsome girl?

Thomas: No, my dear sister! Continue with Jaxon, I am not interested to debate with you.

Then the others left the classroom and Nora and Jaxon continued. Everyone started talking, there are so many quarrels between them, but they don’t stop talking to each other for one day, it’s very strange.

My enemy crying for me

Jaxon’s day is going badly today, when he went out after a hard debate with Nora, he slipped and broke his head. His foot slipped as he stepped on the banana peel.

Seeing Jaxon unconscious, Nora could no longer hold herself up and started crying for him. Jaxon was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, accompanied by Nora.

Doctors are treating Jaxon, they say there is no reason to worry, he will recover soon. Yet Nora’s cries do not stop. A nurse came and sat next to Nora to comfort her.

Nurse: Don’t worry, he will be all right, we will take good care of him. (The nurse wipe away her tears)

Nora: I saw him unconscious for the first time today. He was not talking, he was silent, he was bleeding. I am trying to forget that scene but I can’t.

Nurse: Don’t worry my dear, he will be alright soon, sleeping now. You’ve been here all day, have you eaten anything?

Nora: I don’t want to eat anything now, not feeling well.

Nurse: I brought food from my house for Jaxon and also for myself. You’ll have dinner with me, come on.

Nora: Thanks, but I don’t want to have dinner now. When will Jaxon regain consciousness?

Nurse: It seems to be midnight, not sure.

Nora: Until then I will wait and I will go home as soon as he regains consciousness.

Nurse: It’s already 1 am, all of your friends have gone, how you will go home at midnight?

Nora: My driver is waiting with the car, I informed my parents that one of my friends was sick, so it would be too late to return home.

My enemy (crush) loves me

Nurse: If you don’t mind, can I ask you something personal?

Nora: Yes, please.

Nurse: You are Jaxon’s girlfriend, am I right?

Nora: (Feeling shy and smiling a little) I love him, but he doesn’t like me, even she called me a ghost. He said I look like a ghost, he quarrels with me every day.

Nurse: Your name is Nora, and your father is businessman Rafael, right?

Nora: How do you know my name, and do you know my father?

Nurse: No, my dear, I don’t know your father, even I have seen you for the first time today. But I have already seen a lot of pictures of yours.

Nora: My pictures!

Nurse: Yes…

She wanna hide her love

In the middle of their conversation, another nurse comes and says Jaxon’s consciousness is back. Both nurses quickly go inside. Meanwhile, Nora is very happy.

After some time the nurse comes to Nora again.

Nurse: Jaxon is 90% fit now, come inside and meet him.

Nora: No, I don’t want, please don’t let him know that a girl named Nora came here. Bye, now.

Nurse: Nora… Nora… Wait my dear, Nora…

Then Nora goes to her house. The nurse called him several times, but he did not look back, quickly left the hospital.

The nurse enters Jaxon’s cabin and tells him that Nora has gone.

Nurse: I called him many times, but she ran away quickly.

Jaxon: I knew she wouldn’t come, he wants to hide her love like me. Did you told her that you are my elder sister?

Nurse: Of course not, if I said it, I wouldn’t hear from her that she loves you. By the way, did you called her a ghost?

Jaxon: In fact, she was looking very beautiful, all the boys in the school were looking at him again and again. It was not possible for me to endure. So…

Nurse: Both of you are crazy, you may not believe that this girl has been crying for you all day.

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