Sad Romance Books With Sad Endings (100% Free Collection Of 2021)

Sad Romance Books With Sad Endings: Police found a corpse of a young girl who was only 21 from a house, and that news was being broadcasted on a few different media channels all over the country. Mariana’s mother Adele was sitting in front of the TV and watching the news. She felt bad for … Read more

Hate Boss Romance Books (2021 Year Special Thriller Collection)

Hate Boss Romance Books: Rebecca was thinking about last night. She didn’t like the way her boss Mark behaved with her. If it was someone else, she might’ve filed a complaint against her boss if that happened. At that time, Rebecca’s co-worker Petter came and said, Peter: Boss called you to his cabin, right now. … Read more

Free Online Romance Books To Read (2021 Year Latest Collection)

Free Online Romance Books To Read: Nikolai just could not accept the fact that he had to marry his own elder brother’s wife! Although his parents already declared that Nikolai had to marry his brother’s wife Nancy, and her family also accepted that proposal! Ethan (Nikolai’s elder brother) passed away almost 2 months ago in … Read more

Read Free Romance Novels Online (Best 2021 Year Collection For You)

Read Free Romance Novels Online: Julia and Samuel live together happily even though they don’t have a lot of money to live by. It’s been a year since their marriage.  Samuel works in a factory. Whereas, Julia takes care of some orphan children for some money near their house. With both of them working, they … Read more

Worst Honeymoon Stories (2023 Year Special After Marriage Love Story)

Worst Honeymoon Stories: 3 days earlier, Zoey got married to Corbin. And now, they went on their honeymoon on a sea beach. Suddenly, they saw a man. He was kissing a girl. Such romantic scenes are pretty common on beaches, but there was something about this one. Zoey had a feeling that the man was … Read more

Funny Short Stories With A Twist Ending (2021 Romantic Science Fiction)

Funny Short Stories With A Twist Ending: Last night, Isla broke up with Niko. This time, it’s their 6th break-up in a line. Isla is pretty hot-headed, and she can’t tolerate any other girls even talking to Niko even at his workspace.  However, sometimes it’s crucial for Niko to interact with the female co-workers, but … Read more

Read Romance Novels Online Free (2021 Science Fiction Love Story)

Read Romance Novels Online Free: Eloise and Rylan were walking through a lonely street near their house. Few people travel on this road at night. So, Eloise took Rylan to this place on purpose.  While walking, she was repeatedly looking at Rylan and trying to say something. But she couldn’t say a single word. Elseways, … Read more

Heart Touching Romantic Love Stories (2021 Year Special Sad Story)

Heart Touching Romantic Love Stories: To get the good news to Trevor as soon as possible, Alroa left her office fast and went home. On the way in, she was quite surprised to see a pair of lady shoes outside the door in front of her house. Alora just didn’t get why there was a … Read more

Funny Story To Tell Your Boyfriend (2021 Year Special Love Stories)

Funny Story To Tell Your Boyfriend: Marvin, Dustin, and Lawrance are discussing who’s going to take the love letter to Liana. Among these 3, Lawrance is considered the strongest and most courageous. He goes to the gym daily and has developed quite a physique. On the other hand, Marvin is in love with Liana but … Read more

Cute Stories To Tell Your Crush (Most Romantic Collection For 2021)

Cute Stories To Tell Your Crush: Aleena is leaving the pastry shop with a birthday cake in her hand for a friend, suddenly a boy came and push Aleena. Immediately the box of cake goes out of hand. It doesn’t matter who dropped it, the issue is whether the cake is ok inside the box! … Read more