Best Romance Novels Of All Time (2021 Year Special Collection)

Best Romance Novels Of All Time: 39 years old Arina is sending the last letter to Braydon through her child today who’s only 20. She’s been writing a letter to Braydon at the end of every month for 8 years now. But this is the last time she’s doing it.

When Dilan was 12 years old, his mom started sending him to Braydon who lives in the city. She also gives him the letters. Sometimes Braydon reads them in front of him, sometimes he laughs out of joy, sometimes he starts to cry. But Dilan doesn’t know why his mom Arina sends the letter to that person, and he doesn’t know what’s written on them.

Best Romance Novels Of All Time

That’s because his mother requested him to never open the letters. He kept his mother’s request, and he didn’t open a single letter in 8 years.

But Dilan turned 20 this month. His mother gave him the letter and said, “This is the last time, you won’t have to deliver any more letters to Braydon after this day.

Dilan started walking on the road and thinking about the letter. He thought that as it was the last time he’s delivering the letter, he must know what’s inside it right now. So, he opened the letter and started to read it. 

He could not hold his tears reading the letter his mother wrote. When he reached Braydon’s place, tears were shredding hard from his eyes, 

Seeing Dilan crying, Braydon got a bit worried. He was feeling a little bit afraid. Why? Even he doesn’t know the answer to that. When Dilan handed over the letter, he got way more worried this time. That’s because the letter wasn’t sealed this time. Dilan handed him an open letter.

Braydon could say that Dilan read the letter. But he couldn’t tell why the boy was crying. However, Braydon didn’t ask any further questions and started to read the letter.

The Letter

“”My dear husband Braydon,

I’m writing to you like every other month. Can you tell, your little boy Dilan is 20 now! Didn’t I tell you about the neighbor’s girl that your boy likes? He proposed to her, and guess what, she loves him too.

However, your boy didn’t tell me anything about it. But I secretly read their letters, and that’s how I got to know all of it.

Can you remember the days when you used to write letters for me when you used to tell me what you feel about me? Although, I was your friend back then, and it was me who proposed to you. You accepted the proposal, and after a while, we got married.

We were quite happy together. But maybe I could not satisfy you properly. And maybe that’s the reason that you secretly got involved in an aff@ir with the housemaid.

Can you remember the days when I caught you both having an intimate time together in the garden?

I listened to every word you said. You were cuddling and kissing her saying, “ You are very gorgeous. And I love gorgeous women. I just can’t stand women with darker skin colors.” Then the housemaid said, “Then why did you marry madam? She isn’t that gorgeous, and she has a dark tone.”

You replied, “Your madam was a very good friend to me, and I didn’t want to lose such a great friend. That’s why I married her.”

And then when I got in front of you, both of you got scared! That housemaid thought I was going to beat her up. She was begging for mercy at my feet and was in tears.

best romance novels of all time
best romance novels of all time

My Wife Caught Me With Housemaid

I told her, “You don’t have to be afraid of me. I won’t do anything bad to you. I won’t even get you out of the house. You will stay there, do all the household work, just like you’ve done so far.”

I told you as well, “I’ve heard everything you said. I even forgive you for what you’ve done. That’s because I’m carrying your baby right now. And I don’t want him to lose his father’s love for any reason. But if you repeat what you’ve done, you’ll lose me forever.”

Days have passed since then. Everything was finally getting back to normal. Dylan was born. When he was only 8 months old, he got really sick. I had to admit him to the hospital. I needed some extra money for him. You went back to our house to get the money. But you forgot to take the key to the locker with you.

My younger brother was with me at the hospital. So, I left Dilan to him and went back home to get the keys to you so that I can make it easy for you. 

But I wasn’t ready for what I was about to see. You and the housemaid were in our bedroom. You both got quite frustrated seeing me.

Even then I didn’t say anything to the housemaid. But only said to you, “You’ve done it again. This time, I can’t forgive you. You have lost me. Yet I won’t let Dilan lose his father’s love. I will stay at my brother’s place, and I’ll write to you every month. When Dilan will turn 12, I’ll send him to you. But you won’t give his father’s identity until I say.”

Second Time She Caught Me

Then I left you. You didn’t try to stop me. Because deep down you knew, I do exactly as I say.

I did everything I said. I gave Dilan his mother’s love, and I didn’t let him lose his father’s love either. He visited you every month. Even though he didn’t know your real identity, you’ve given him his father’s love.

This is the last time that I’m writing to you. I feel Dilan is going to read this letter today. I said to him, “If you read the letter, I will leave you forever.” He never opened it as he feared that he might lose me.

If you see tears in his eyes then you can tell that he has read the letter. And you know that I’ve left you both. Dilan knows as well that I do exactly as I say. If he comes back to stop me, he won’t be able to do so. Because I’m going very far.

Her Final Words

Finally, I want to tell you something. My skin color might be dark, but my love for you is more gorgeous than any woman that you can find in the world. 

It’s hard to live without the one we love. But it’s harder to live with the loved one who che@ts on you.

I’m sure that both of you will read this letter today. So, I’m saying this to you both, goodbye, and take care of yourself. And Dilan, don’t you ever hurt the girl you love, if you do, you’ll end up just like your father. That’s because you fell in love with a girl with dark skin as well.””

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