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Best Love Stories To Read: One day, all of a sudden, Jolene told her boyfriend Albert that she wants to break up with him. Albert thought that she was pulling a pr@nk on him. But when it was more than a week and she didn’t call him or texted him, Albert knew that it was not a joke.

He tried to reach her a lot. But her cell phone was switched off. Also, she deactivated all her social media accounts as well. So, there was no way for him to reach Jolene. 

2 years passed after that. Albert is now an owner of a successful business. He even got an award for young entrepreneur of the year. His father Thomas was very happy with his son’s success. He’s quite sure that Albert will be capable of handling his family business when he passes away. 

Best Love Stories To Read

Thomas: Today there’s an interview where some people will come to join as your personal assistant. You must be there.

Albert: Father, I can handle my own work just fine. I don’t need any personal assistant.

Thomas: Why can’t you understand that the business has expanded quite a lot. And it’s not the best use of your energy to keep track of everything as it’ll hinder your progress with your business. But a personal assistant can easily help you with this issue and keep you organized for good.

Albert: But father…

Thomas: My dear boy, I’m still alive. And as long as I’m alive, I’m the real owner of this company. You must follow what I say. I’ve decided that you are going to get a personal assistant. If you don’t want to obey my order, I will take your mother with me and leave the house. Do you understand me?

Albert: Why do you always bl@ckmail me by saying that you’ll leave with my mother? You know I can’t live with her. It’s wrong that you force me into doing stuff that way.

Thomas: You are quite intelligent. No wonder you’re the best young entrepreneur of the year. I’ll be leaving for the conference room now. The interview will start as soon as you arrive. They are waiting for you there. I want you to go there within 10 minutes. 

Alber: You’ve planned everything from the beginning.

Thomas: You have 10 minutes. I’m leaving, you better get going as well.

I Don’t Need Personal Assistant

After saying that, Thomas left. Albert said to himself, “Who needs a foe if someone has such a father?”

As his father told him, Albert went to the conference room. He started taking the interview of girls one after another sitting with his father. They interviewed 11 girls, but Thomas didn’t like even one of them.

Albert: Are you searching for a personal assistant for me or a bride whom I’m going to marry?

Thomas: Why do you think that I’m looking for a bride for you?

Albert: It’s been 11 girls till now, no boy came in the interview. And you’re also asking each of them if they have boyfriends or not, what their parents do, and if they have any siblings. I don’t recall you asking them anything work-related

Thomas: You’re not going to understand it now. You simply don’t have the experience that I have.

Albert: !!!

Thomas: Who’s next? Please come inside.

Then a beautiful young lady came inside. Albert was looking at her with shock, then he got angry all of a sudden. For the rest of the interview he didn’t even look at her, he kept looking elsewhere.

Thomas: You are quite pretty. Is your mother as beautiful as you? What’s your name my dear child?

best love stories to read
best love stories to read

Father Have Chosen My Ex-Girlfriend

(Hearing his father ask such questions, Alber got more angry. He got up from his chair and went to stand next to the exterior view glass of the conference room.

Jolene: My name is Jolene.

Thomas: Your name is as pretty as you. But you didn’t say whether your mother is as beautiful as you.

Jolene didn’t answer that. She kept her head down and smiled ever so slightly.

Thomas: I can tell by your smile that your mother is as gorgeous as you. However, I liked you a lot. You can join as my son’s personal assistant in the home from tomorrow. 

Albert: (Got shocked hearing that from the distance) Personal assistant in the home?

Thomas: Oh! My bad. You’re going to join the office. Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me? We have the best coffee around here in our office. Also, we’ll take a good look at the whole office. Come with me my dear child.

Then Jolene went out with Albert’s father from the conference room. He got quite angry seeing his ex-girlfriend in the first place. And now he’s father appointed her as his personal assistant! Not only that, they went for a coffee!

First Day With Ex-GF In My Office

The next day, Jolene joined the office as Albert’s assistant. Thomas ordered her to stay with his son Albert all the time. On the other hand, Albert could not tell his father that she was his ex-girlfriend. She broke up with him 2 years earlier without any reason.

But Albert planned that she’s going to make Jolene regret by giving her too much workload. He’ll keep her under so much pressure that she will eventually quit the job. Just as planned, he poured some drinking water on the paperwork and sent Jolene on the rooftop to dry these out in the sunlight.

Standing for more than an hour, Jolene finally dried out the papers perfectly. But the harsh sunlight made her gorgeous skin go red.

The next day, Albert went to visit a property for business purposes. Jolene was with him. After he was done talking to the land owner, he got up in his car. But he didn’t let Jolene in and left for office. It was very hard for her to get back to the office. The place was quite far from the town and the transportation wasn’t that good there.

He kept doing these things to Jolene, but she kept coming to the office every day. She wasn’t quitting the job.

Albert went on a meeting with an important client the next day. Jolene went there with him. On his way back, Albert pushed Jolene into a Swimming pool. Jolene’s clothes got completely wet.

My Plan Failed

Jolene: I know you’ve done it intentionally. It’s wrong, Albert. I’m fully soaked in the water now.

Albert: How dare you call me by my name! Call me sir.

Jolene: Sorry, sir, It won’t happen again. Can I go home for a minute? My dress is all wet, I need to change it.

Albert: Of course not! I can’t let you leave for even a minute. There is so much work in the office and you need to help with that.

Jolene: I have to go to the office in these wet clothes!

Albert: I don’t want to hear anything else. Hop on the car, we’re leaving for the office right away.

Then Jolene went with Albert in wet clothes to the office. She was helping him in the cabin with his work. She was still wearing wet clothes. Albert turned down the Air Conditioner temperature and made it super cold.

She carried on with her work like that for the rest of the day. But during the evening, she started feeling bad. Albert noticed that but didn’t change the temperature or helped her.

Suddenly, Jolene fell unconscious to the ground. This time Albert ran to her and grabbed her to the hospital as fast as possible.

Seeing him worried, the doctor said that there was nothing to worry about. She’ll recover very fast. It was a fever she has for keeping the wet clothes on and working under a freezing temperature. Also, she might’ve fasted for the day as well. So, a warm meal and hot temperature inside the house will recover her in no time.

She Is In My Bedroom

Then Albert took Jolene to his own house. His parents were smiling seeing that he carried Jolene home. She was still unconscious and unaware of what happened.

Thomas: (Addressing his wife) This is our son Albert! I knew that our son didn’t like Jolene. He made her stand on the roof for hours, left her where there was no transportation, and even pushed her to a swimming pool.

Albert’s mom smiled after hearing all that.

Albert: Father, please. Jolene is sick now. Please let me go inside. Would you tell someone to bring her a warm bowl of soup?

Thomas: Okay, I’m ordering it right away. You take her inside. Be careful and don’t drop her.

Then Albert took her to his room and laid her down on his bed. He sat beside her. Jolene got conscious after a while.

Jolene: (Said with a soft voice) What are you doing here?

Albert: It’s my place, where else do you want me to be? You’re in my room now.

Jolene: Why did you bring me here?

Albert: You are quite sick now Jolene. We’ll talk about it later.

Jolene: I’d like to die now, Albert. I can’t tolerate any of your torture on a daily basis anymore.

Albert: Then why don’t you quit the job?

Jolene: Is it going to make you happy if I quit this job?

Albert: No. But why did you leave me like that?

Jolene: Uncle Thomas told me that you wasted all of your time with me and didn’t do anything else. So, he said that…

The Secret Revealed

At this moment, Albert’s father Thomas entered the room with a warm bowl of soup.

Thomas: I told Jolene to break up with you. And I made her your assistant. But I never thought that you’ll torture her like this.

Hearing that, Albert understood that Jolene didn’t leave him for one bit. She still loves him like the first day.

Tears start to fall from his eyes. He was wrong all along. He grabbed Jolene in his arms and hugged her. 

Thomas: Are you going to do everything in front of your father?

That got Jolene blushing and she hid her face under the pillow immediately.

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