Best Contemporary Romance Novels (Latest Collection Of 2021)

Best Contemporary Romance Novels: Paxton is planning to go to a beautiful beach with Avianna. He’s planning to bring 3 of his friends with him as well. Avianna isn’t up for this plan as she wants to spend time alone with her boyfriend far from any distractions.

Paxton initially planned for that. But last time they went to a beach, some of the locals did make some trouble. 

So, this time, he’s planning it with Leonel, Edwin, and Dakota. With 3 of his friends, nobody will mess with the group. 

That was the plan. They took off for the secluded beach in Edwin’s car. The place was not crowded at all. They saw only 5 people beside them on the whole beach. 

They started having fun on the beach together. However, it didn’t last that long. Avinanna took off all of a sudden and went away from them. Paxton rushed to her to ask her what was wrong,

Best Contemporary Romance Novels

Paxton: What’s the matter dear? Why are you leaving us so early? Let’s dive into the ocean together. It’s super fun.

Avianna: I told you earlier not to bring your friends with you. I don’t like their behavior. 

Paxton: Don’t you remember what happened last time? We got into a mess in a similar place. They are here for that reason. Nobody will mess with us if we are in a group.

Avianna: Why can’t you understand what I’m saying? I think I’m the reason for all that trouble on this beach. Maybe we should’ve stayed at home and enjoyed ourselves. My mom and dad went out tonight.

Paxton: I just don’t get why you’re so mad at my friends. They are fine.

Avianna: I didn’t do it for no reason. Your beloved friend Dakota touched me inappropriately a few times on our way here.

Paxton: Dakota? When? I didn’t see anything!

Avanna: In the car; you were sitting on the right side of me and Dakota was on the left. He touched me inappropriately from time to time when you were looking elsewhere. You didn’t see him.

Paxton: Maybe it was a mistake. You know the roads weren’t that good on our way here. That might’ve caused him to accidentally touch you.

Avianna: I thought so as well. But when I was on the ocean with you, they all were touching me whenever they got the chance for it. My belly, chest, back, they didn’t leave any part untouched. What more do you want to know about them?

Paxton: Maybe you are right. I saw you pushing them away after they get close to you. I thought they were te@sing you by being playful.

My Friends’ Wrong Behavior With My Girlfriend

Avianna: Leave it be. I don’t want to go to the ocean anymore. Let’s sit somewhere where there are no people around.

Then they went near the hills and started kissing. All of a sudden, his friends came. Paxton and Avianna got very annoyed seeing them.

Paxton: Leave us alone for some moments, please. We’re having an intim@te time together.

Dakota: We also want to have intim@te time with her. We want to share a cuddle and kisses with her.

Paxton: Mind your language! I thought you all were my good friends! I’ll teach you a lesson.

Edwin: Let us teach you how to do proper romance with a lady.

Then they started beating Paxton. Avianna tried to stop them but they beat her as well. After a while, 2 of them tied up Paxton with a tree while the other one was holding down Avianna. 

Then Dakota, Leonel, and Edwin started forcing and torturing her in the worst way possible. She could not bear the pain and fell unconscious. But they didn’t stop.

Everything was happening in front of Paxton. He was witnessing her girlfriend getting forced by 3 of his close friends. But he couldn’t do anything about it. After a while, he fell unconscious as well. The beating was pretty brutal for him as well.

best contemporary romance novels
best contemporary romance novels

They Forced My Girlfriend

When Avianna opened her eyes, she discovered herself lying in the hospital. Standing beside her were her parents. They told her that she and Paxton got attacked by goons beside the hill. Leonel, Edison, and Dakota saved them both and brought them to the hospital. Avianna’s father got very angry with her as she went there without informing him.

After their health condition got a little better, Avina and Paxton got released from the hospital. Everything started to get back to normal slowly. But Avianna and Paxton didn’t say what exactly happened back there at the beach to their parents. They were scared to tell them everything.

It was almost 4 months after the accident. Avianna’s mother noticed some change in her daughter’s body and rushed to a pregnancy test. The test showed she was pregnant.

When Avianna’s father heard that, he was sure that it was Paxton’s child that his daughter was carrying. As he loves her daughter more than anything in the world, he decided to program an engagement between Alvianna and Paxton. And once they are done with their studies, they can get married. 

Paxton’s mother didn’t have anything to say but yes. Most of the neighbors heard that Paxton’s girlfriend got pregnant.

Everything was going fine until Paxton himself rejected to marry Avianna. He said that the baby wasn’t his. Then he revealed what exactly happened back at the beach with his parents. 

It didn’t take very long for the story to spread. Everybody was commenting about Avianna in the wrong way. Her father just could not bear all that. He passed away shortly after a heart attack.

After hearing the incident, even Paxton’s mother doesn’t want her son to marry Avianna. So, she moved with her whole family to another place.

He Rejected My Baby

Avianna’s mother filed a charge against Dakota, Edwin, and Leonel in the police station. But they said it wasn’t possible to get them behind the bars as they’re from rich families. Also, Avianna’s mom didn’t have any evidence at that moment as well.

But the real proof is still the baby that Avianna is carrying. If the baby gets born, and the DNA test suggests that Dakota, Edwin, or Leonel is his biological father, then the police can do something about it.

Avianna was like a living dead at that point. She doesn’t even know the identity of her child’s father. Maybe it’s the worst thing that can happen to a woman.

Finally, the time arrived, and Avianna brought her daughter to this world. But after a single hour, the baby died! Her DNA was collected.

When the test was done, it suggested that neither Dakota, Edwin, or Leonel had a matching DNA, and so they’re not the father of this child. But the biological father of this child was found. It was Paxton!

Note: Most of the girls in our society go out with their boyfriends without informing their partners. And the relationship they share with their boyfriends is nothing less than a couple that’s married. But the girls drown in their emotional river so blindly that they forget when there’s real trouble, their boyfriends will not be there beside them.

Avianna also didn’t want to go out on the trip with Paxton’s friends. But for his mistake, Avianna’s whole life got destroyed. And, he is beyond reach at the end of the day!

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