Arranged Marriage Romance Books (Free 2021 Year Special Collection)

Arranged Marriage Romance Books: Savannah has been waiting for Waylon in her bedroom for quite a while now. Maybe he was spending time with his friends back at the party. But the party was over as far as she was concerned.

After some time, Waylon entered the bedroom and lied down on the sofa without saying a word to Savannah. And Savannah started to go through everything that happened today in her head.

Today Savannah and Waylon got married. The marriage wasn’t any conventional marriage. Savannah should’ve married Waylon’s elder brother.

But Waylon’s brother could not tell his father that he loves someone else. So, today at his marriage, he is missing. Maybe he married the girl he loved by now. But what happened to Savannah!

Waylon’s dad told him to marry her to save her dignity. And that’s why they got married today.

Arranged Marriage Romance Books

In the morning, a light water splash interrupted Waylon’s sleep. He opened his eyes and saw that his newlywed wife was trying to dry her hair. And that got a small splash of water on his face.

He got quite annoyed at first, but in a second he saw how beautiful Savannah was! He told himself, “How gorgeous she is! The makeup was only doing her injustice yesterday. Why would someone put makeup on if it only reduces her beauty?”

Savannah saw that Waylon got up from sleep and was looking with an annoying face towards her. She understood that the reason was none other than the water from her hair. So, she apologized for that and went a bit far to continue drying her hair.

Then Waylon got up from the bed as usual and went to get prepared for the office. But he didn’t say a single word to Savannah before he left. 

Waylon’s mother noticed that. She said to Savannah, “My son won’t stay that hard on you for long. You can be assured that he doesn’t have any aff@irs like his elder brother. But I don’t get why you haven’t tried to get close to him in the meanwhile. I saw love for you in his eyes. When you start to notice that as well, then you two will develop the strongest bond.”

Hearing that Savannah started thinking about earlier. Waylon was looking at him with a very annoyed face, but he didn’t say anything to her. It was a bit weird that if a person interrupts someone in his sleep, he surely says something. But Waylon just straight up ignored her. It’s said that after someone wakes up his heart functions, not his brain.

Unexpected Bath Moment

Waylon came back from the office very mad at Savannah. He entered the house searching for her and was looking for her everywhere. He was not clear in his head and something unexpected happened as he entered the bathroom where Savannah was taking a shower. She was shocked to see Waylon and she wasn’t wearing anything at that time. It was a very unexpected event for both of them.

He stared at Savannah for a few seconds, and then he got out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. Savannah quickly came to him after wearing a robe and asked,

Savannah: You look tense, what happened?

Waylon: A lot has happened. I married you yesterday, and you are meeting your boyfriend today. How can you expect me to tolerate this!

Savannah: Boyfriend!

Waylon: Don’t act like you don’t know anything. I have snapped a few photos of you together with my phone. (Bringing out the mobile and showing Savannah the photos of her and a boy) Who is that boy?

arranged marriage romance books
arranged marriage romance books

My 101 Number Husband

Savannah: That’s my 100th husband.

Waylon: Then who am I to you!

Savannah: You are my 101th husband.

Waylon: (Shouted) Don’t joke around with me now! I will tell dad and mom about your aff@ir right now.

Saying that Waylon got out of the room and went to his parents to show them the evidence he captured. Savannah kept standing there wearing the robe. She got hurt by Waylon’s behavior and she could not resist the tears.

After a couple of minutes, Waylon returned. But this time he was calm. He entered the room and sat beside Savannah.

Waylon: You could’ve at least said it once that he was your younger brother.

Savannah: No, he’s my 100th husband. You got it all wrong.

Waylon: (Wiping out the tears from Savannah’s cheeks) I misbehaved and misjudged you, and that was not the best of me. I was on the way to my office, and I saw you and a boy hugging. That got in my head. After all, you are my wife now. It’s hard for me to digest that at the moment.

He Wants Me

Savannah: I’m very happy to know that you see me as your wife. (Fixing the robe on her body) Want to join me in the shower?

Waylon: Who? Me! Of course not.

Savannah: Then why did you shut the door of our room?

Waylon: I’m opening all the doors right now. I closed it to talk to you.

But Waylon didn’t open any door and sat on the bed. In the meantime, Savannah finished taking the bath. She wore a gorgeous dress and came to Waylon. 

Waylon got up and went for a shower. When he returned, he saw that Savannah wasn’t there. He got outside the room to search for her. Then he sees her brother and her standing together.

Actually, as Waylon’s elder brother didn’t marry Savannah, her parents sent new gifts for Waylon.

And actually, they were having a conversation about the gifts when Waylon saw the whole interaction. Savannah gave his younger brother a hug at the end, and that’s what got Waylon mad.

However, she introduced him to her younger brother. Then they had dinner and a lot of fun together. (Her brother was not present at the marriage. He was quite sad hearing that her sister’s groom left.)

First Time Sleeping Together

It was pretty late in the night when Waylon and Savannah got back in their room. He lied down on the sofa again just like the previous day. Savannah was on the bed.

Waylon was looking at Savannah weirdly. She said,

Savannah: Are you sad because you didn’t get to bathe with me?

Waylon: No way!

Savannah: Then why are you sad?

Waylon didn’t say anything back. He kept staring at his wife for a while. Then said,

Waylon: We are married couples, right?

Savannah: What do you think?

Waylon: Then maybe we should sleep together?

Savannah: Mother was right. You are trying to hide your feelings for me.

Waylon: (Lied down beside Savannah gently) Mum told you that!

Savannah didn’t answer. She hugged Waylon, feeling peace in her mind finally. She could not think that everything will turn out this beautiful.

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