Sad Stories To Make You Cry (Special Collection Updated In 2021)

Sad Stories To Make You Cry: Dexter took his girlfriend Lilianna shopping for their marriage. Their friend Franklin is waiting for them in front of the shopping mall. He’s going to pay the bills for their shopping today. They are childhood friends. Franklin is the richest among them. Dexter always likes to spend Franklin’s money … Read more

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Best Love Stories To Read: One day, all of a sudden, Jolene told her boyfriend Albert that she wants to break up with him. Albert thought that she was pulling a pr@nk on him. But when it was more than a week and she didn’t call him or texted him, Albert knew that it was … Read more

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Free Online Books To Read Romance: Hector always sees a girl standing on the highway on the way back from his office. The fact that such a gorgeous young girl stands on the road alone at the same time during the night every day got him quite curious.  But he just could not gather enough … Read more

Free Novels Read Online Romance (2021 Year Special Collection)

Free Novels Read Online Romance: Renee bumped into someone while trying to push herself out of the office after a meeting. The papers she was holding fell off of her hands. She said sorry to him and started gathering the papers. The man asked for apologies and started helping her to collect the papers as … Read more

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Best Contemporary Romance Novels: Paxton is planning to go to a beautiful beach with Avianna. He’s planning to bring 3 of his friends with him as well. Avianna isn’t up for this plan as she wants to spend time alone with her boyfriend far from any distractions. Paxton initially planned for that. But last time … Read more

Arranged Marriage Romance Books (Free 2021 Year Special Collection)

Arranged Marriage Romance Books: Savannah has been waiting for Waylon in her bedroom for quite a while now. Maybe he was spending time with his friends back at the party. But the party was over as far as she was concerned. After some time, Waylon entered the bedroom and lied down on the sofa without … Read more

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Free Online Romance Novels To Read Now: Ryan got 92 marks on the Physics exam. That made his teacher very happy, even happier than Ryan’s own parents. However, he could not figure out the fact that, the boy who could not cross the 40 mark range in the exam, how he improved to 92! Actually, … Read more

Romance Books That Make You Cry (2021 Year Special Sad Story)

Romance Books That Make You Cry: On their way back to school, Julia asked Evan to come to her bedroom around 1 at night. Evan got speechless hearing that from her. Julia is one of the most beautiful girls in the whole village, and her father is the richest person there as well. Whereas, Evan’s … Read more

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Sad Romance Books With Sad Endings: Police found a corpse of a young girl who was only 21 from a house, and that news was being broadcasted on a few different media channels all over the country. Mariana’s mother Adele was sitting in front of the TV and watching the news. She felt bad for … Read more